Cruz, Wisconsin And The Super PACs

In our previous article we attributed Cruz’s emphatic defeat of Trump in the Wisconsin primary to the discomfort some Christian voters feel about Trump’s occasional coarseness, and the endorsement Cruz received from popular Republican Governor Scott Walker.

We have since learned that eight Super PACs, funded by ultra rich Internationalists, spent millions of dollars flooding the Wisconsin airwaves with anti-Trump adverts. Several of these Super PACs are openly campaigning for Cruz and the others represent groups who are willing to pave the way for a Cruz victory in order to defeat Trump and his Nationalist followers.

All the adverts deliberately grossly misrepresented Trump’s policies including assertions that he supports all abortion and supports Obamacare. It seems that Trump is right when he says that Cruz is a liar and quite unprincipled.

Those who visit our website and still support Cruz over Trump should ask themselves why the whole Republican establishment is against the Party’s frontrunner, why the billionaires are eager to promote Ted Cruz and why Obama is now devoting his bully pulpit to attacking only Trump.

Meanwhile there is no let-up in the Wall Street Journal’s attacks on Trump. The newspaper’s Far Left reporters and its ‘conservative’ editorial board and Opinion Writers, have finally found a cause on which they can all unite. It is no surprise that Bret Stephens has devoted himself to Trump‘s defeat, for Stephens is an ‘Israel First’ American and a committed Internationalist. Nor is it surprising that Karl Rove, whose financial career depends on organizing Super PACs for ‘moderate’ Republican losers, is hostile to a candidate who funds himself and who will look for winners for his team.

Holman W. Jenkins Jr. who normally writes the Journal’s Business World column, is another anti-Trump fanatic who casts accuracy to the winds when attacking The Donald. His latest article is pure propaganda and in desperation to please his paymasters he has returned to the theme that Trump has never been serious about seeking the Presidency. His latest claims to be a Trump obituary that is overdue.

His evidence for this nonsense begins with the claim that Trump has put up no money. Never mind that Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, Kasich and all the other drop-outs have only spent other people’s money and never their own. Never mind that Trump has employed a campaign team that has been organizing rallies across the Nation, has been paying all his own transport costs and using his own jet, that he has employed security teams, rented great stadia and forfeited business time.

He then alleges that Trump has used his campaign to “flog his golf courses, product lines and related business interests”. This is an accusation as dishonest as anyone can sink to. It is clear to any observer that Trump has put his business interests in jeopardy in Post-Revolutionary America where the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies use their power to punish local bakers and photographers who offend them. He has also put the lives of himself and his family at much greater risk than any other candidate. I would regard this as the best evidence of all of determination and a selfless purpose.

Another evidence of Trump’s lack of Presidential ambition is that he has not “met the Media’s demand that he fill out an acceptable picture of a president -in-waiting”. “He certainly was willing for voters to award him the office by acclamation, without having to risk his fortune or submit to the usual indignities” Jenkins must be kidding for Trump has suffered indignities like no other candidate in living memory. In what way have Cruz, Kasich, Bush, Clinton, Sanders et al risked their fortunes?

The rest of Jenkins’ miserable, dishonest hit piece is devoted to a defense of a system that may deny Trump the candidacy despite dwarfing every other candidate in Republican votes. According to Jenkins, Trump and Cruz are minority tastes within the Republican Party and therefore deserve to be denied a victory. So any ‘moderate’ picked by a process of behind-the-scenes horse-trading at the Convention will be a ‘majority’ taste? These WSJ scribblers are despicable!

Incidentally, Kasich, who the WSJ would regard as a smart pick has yet to win as many delegates as Marco Rubio, who gave up campaigning two months ago. Poor Ted Cruz has been the target in New York of very disruptive protests. We can only conclude that he has brought this upon himself with the bigoted climate of his meetings!!! Perhaps he should sack his advisors.


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