Cruz Advances

Ted Cruz was the surprise winner in yesterday’s Republican primaries. Although Donald Trump beat him in Louisiana and Kentucky, the margins were surprisingly smaller than polls had predicted. Cruz swept to easy victories in Kansas and Maine and again performed better than the polls. Most observers had expected Trump to win all four contests.

On this website we have supported Trump because we believe that the Nationalism he has ignited- uncompromising opposition to more immigration- is the most pressing issue for those who wish to turn back the Revolutionary agenda fronted by Obama. We also continue to believe that Trump has broader appeal beyond the Republican Party supporters than has Cruz.

Yesterday’s voting suggests that Cruz has regained the Evangelical vote. To put it another way, Trump may have lost it due to a combination of missteps. His coarse spat with Ruby about body parts, hugely magnified by the rich Collaborators’ media onslaught, will have reinforced the picture of him as a shallow Christian. His muddled stance on Planned Parenthood suggests that if he has advisors, they are out of touch with the moral concerns of people who are the backbone of America.

Also his small but much publicized retreat regarding vouchers for the high-skilled, has made him look like a vacillator where once he looked determined.

Finally, the hugely-funded Republican elite’s propaganda campaign of negativity (Get Trumpy!) will have a substantial effect unless he counters it with equal Media spending. This campaign, intended to benefit Ruby, so far seems to have benefited Cruz.

At the moment it is Cruz who has cause to celebrate going forward. Since the opinion polls are rarely wildly wrong, we wonder if Trump’s good polling numbers represent significant support from Americans who have deserted the Republican Party but are Right-leaning. They may not be voting in the primaries but would vote in the general election.

We think Cruz will not garner support beyond the Republican Party and the Evangelical community in a general election, but who knows? We have nothing against Cruz’s commitment to the Constitution or traditional Christian values. Both are in conflict with the Revolution. But he is a late-comer to a tough immigration stance, opposition to Islam and American trade protection. He is also a lifelong professional politician and a lawyer, two skill-sets America has had too much of.

For the rich Party elite and the Wall Street Journal gang, yesterday’s election brought little comfort and much anxiety. Their campaign of smears has not helped Ruby at all. Although they are out to ‘Get Trumpy’ and stifle Nationalism, they are almost as repelled by Christianity and traditional family values. They are fearful of ordinary Americans in the South, the Mid-West, the prairies and the Mountains, and eager to sacrifice them on the alter of multi-racialism, multi-culturalism, open borders, cheap labor and a ‘World’ identity. Probably they will settle for ‘Get Trumpy’ now, ‘Get Cruz’ later and control the Convention.

On the Democrat front, yesterday was not a good day for Clinton and the Party establishment. Sanders, a wheezy, drooling Trotskyite, is revealing that a large segment of the Party is either as crazed as him or desperate to reject the anointed one. It is still our opinion that neither will be the ultimate candidate, but who knows?


  1. “We also continue to believe that Trump has broader appeal beyond the Republican Party supporters than has Cruz.”

    That’s exactly right, and this explains why Trump lost Kansas and Maine. Three of the four states in play for the Republicans were not open primary states. They were closed caucuses. In other words, only registered Republicans were able to vote in those states. Given that Trump is getting YUGE numbers of voters from the ranks of Independents and disgruntled Democrat blue collar whites, it is not really surprising that this would give Cruz an edge in these states by keep those voters at bay. And Kansas is full of fundamentalist Christians who like Cruz. What is really surprising is that Trump won Kentucky in the face of this closed system AND did it in the teeth of KY favorite son Rand Paul’s opposition. Paul stumped heavily for Rubio, I believe. So when you look at Louisiana, which was an open primary state, you see what happened: Trump crushed his rivals. All this has the Establishment quaking in their boots. Ohio, Michigan, and Florida are open primary states that almost all polls show Trump leading by wide margins. This contest will be virtually over by the end of March…maybe sooner.

    • Your post made me feel a little better. Maine going for Cruz was really puzzling, and Kansas going for him so madly was irritating.

      I hope Trump learned a few valuable lessons from his recent missteps.

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