Conservative and Christian Victories

At a time when it seems that the Leftist Revolution in America is unstoppable, yesterday’s election results in Kentucky, Houston, Virginia, Mississippi and Ohio provided evidence that grass-roots Conservatives and Christians have not given up the fight. The results in Kentucky also revealed that the Opinion Polls can be way off the mark, even if they are not ‘fixed’.

In the final days up to Monday, the polls in Kentucky were all predicting that Far Left Democrat Jack Conway would easily win the Governor’s race. Some polls claimed it would be by a wide margin. In the event, Christian Conservative Matt Bevin captured this former Democrat Governorship by 9%.

Bevin is the hero who took up the fight against the Republican Senate Leader (and traitor) Mitch McConnell in the 2014 primary. Bevin could not overcome the Kentucky Party machine and McConnell’s massive war chest but he proved he was a man of principle and not a calculating opportunist. No doubt by challenging McConnell then he put himself on the Republican Elite’s hit list for life but he has bounced back and is now in a position to make life difficult for McConnell in his own backyard.

It is true that there was the usual midterm low turn-out of voters but we can be sure that the Far Left billionaires and perverts spent heavily to prevent a Bevin win, for he is a Christian warrior and a fighter for real marriage. Bevin’s campaign made Obama’s rule and Obamacare central issues, but it is certain that in Kentucky the recent persecution of a Christian registrar did much to mobilize Christian voters and those who are sick of the homosexual domination of America.

In Houston, the fanatical lesbian Mayor Annise Parker was halted in her bid to make Houston another San Francisco. The voters overwhelmingly rejected her fraudulently titled Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have made official and legally-enforced, every unnatural and bizarre sexual activity that the minority perverts can devise. The lesbian Mayor is a fanatical activist for the Revolution and did everything possible in terms of intimidation to prevent this issue coming before the voters. Since the election result she has said “No-one’s rights should be subject to a popular vote”, so we can assume that she will attempt to negate the voters’ decision by resorting to the Federal Courts or a hand-picked homosexual judge. Voters should set their sights on cleaning out Parker and her majority on the city council.

In Virginia, a State that has suffered from creeping invasion by Washington Government employees, Republicans retained control of the Legislature despite massive spending by the billionaires who seek to disarm the American people. The obnoxious Bloomberg, who is as dedicated to rendering law-abiding Americans defenseless as is the evil George Soros, reportedly spent a fortune on the Virginia contests -and lost!

Meanwhile in Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected the legalization of marijuana. All Nationalists should celebrate this result for drug use, particularly among the young, like addiction to perversion and exposure to Pop culture, weakens mind and body, and rots a Nation from within.

An election result in Bridgeport, Conn. was a reminder that urban Blacks and Democrats in general, are indifferent to the corruption of their politicians. Joseph Ganim, a former Mayor of the city, who served 7 years in prison for corruption, was re-elected, beating 6 opponents. Here is clear evidence that Hillary Clinton’s crimes and bare-faced lying will not affect the loyalty of many post-Revolutionary Americans in 2016.

We should not be surprised that a dedicatedly secular Party, capitalizing on the belief that ends justify means, embracing and promoting every deviant behavior, hostile to a Religion that has Ten Commandments, fearing no Judgment Day, legitimizing rioting, looting and arson, and fanning the flames of envy, embraces and rewards their own convicted criminals. Their leader is busy releasing criminals (almost all of then Black) from prison and putting into place a rewards system that must be financed by honest and diligent citizens.

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