Chicago To Burlingame and Beyond

On this website we long ago identified the current social and political upheaval, the players and their agenda. We also pointed out that a Revolution is not a peaceful affair and predicted that our ascendant Revolutionary Ruling Class would use force to suppress Counter-Revolutionary opposition if it emerged. The confrontation has begun!

For our new Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, Donald Trump, his Nationalist agenda and his growing army of supporters are their worst nightmare. What looked like a November election that would either bring 8 more years of Democrat government in which to cement the Revolution’s irreversible grip, or a Republican Party collaborationists’ victory that would quietly surrender by degrees, has instead erupted into a Counter-Revolutionary confrontation.

Trump’s exhilarating newly-born Nationalist agenda, setting aside the ideologically stale rear-guard action of the Republican Party’s Conservative Constitutionalists, was simply not foreseen by anyone. It had appeared that the pillars of a Nation State, which Michael Savage calls ‘borders, language and culture’, had been removed from the American political agenda, rightly condemned as reactionary, bigoted and irrelevant – consigned to history by progress.

At first no-one – maybe not even Trump himself – expected full-blown Nationalist fervor to erupt from his call for a return to border control. Few realized that a demand for the return of borders must inevitably lead to a reaffirmation of National integrity. Nor did many realize this would result in a confrontation with the Revolutionary Internationalism of our Ruling Class which requires the sacrifice of American national independence, an abandonment of cultural and racial identity, a redistribution of wealth worldwide, and a new inclusive and new-age morality.

Well, Trump’s Nationalist Movement has taken off. It is Counter-Revolutionary. It has eclipsed the campaign of the Republican Constitutionalists espoused by Ted Cruz, Mark Levin and many others, and enraged the neo-Cons of Republican Internationalism, who on this website we call ‘Collaborators’.

The Ruling Media Class, its Far Left allies, its Big Business Internationalist clients and the foreign populations that have recently been imported to Balkanize America, will not stand idly by and watch Trump’s Nationalist army of Americans march to the White House and the reclamation of America as the exclusive home of the American people.

We ain’t seen nothing yet in the way of street violence and the attempted intimidation of Nationalist voters. Once Trump has cleared Cruz out of the way and is indisputably the Republican candidate, Chicago, Costa Mesa and Burlingame will be seen as minor skirmishes that were merely a flexing of muscles by the officially sanctioned Far Left mobs. July in Cleveland will surpass anything experienced in American political violence, dwarfing the 1960’s Democrat riots. From then until November, Donald Trump will be embattled, for the Obama government has no investment in the democratic process. Hopefully Trump is aware of what is ahead and not looking to the past for preparation. He would do better to look at events in Venezuela!

Nationalists need to be organizing for self-defense and the right to assemble, and prepared for a stealthy crack-down on free speech and Internet access. Obama and his regime have been preparing for the suppression of opposition. Others have been preparing for control of the streets.

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