Graham Spurns Trump Offer Of Marriage

The big news today was both political and social. The AP headline was ‘Lindsey Graham “I Reject Donald Trump”’. I could not bring myself to read beyond the headline. Poor Donald, a broken-hearted suitor! Mind you, I always thought Donald was getting above his station and that La Lindsey was merely playing with him. Donald will just have to put this rejection behind him and in today’s nu-speak ‘move on and get a life’ back in the gutter where he belongs.

On a more serious note we can say that AP must be desperate in their search for Trump-damaging headlines. The latest Suffolk University/USA Today opinion poll puts Donald in the lead at 17% and Graham’s numbers are below the radar at less than 1% along with Perry, Jindal, Sartorum, Fiorina, Kasick and Pataki. The vapid Bush, whose cause is being promoted on every MSM and Democrat website, is at 14%. Walker is at 8% and Cruz is at 6%. Rubio, despite his ‘crucial’ Latino support is down at 5%, Carson, Paul and Huckabee are at 4% and Christie is languishing at 3%. Perhaps we should ask AP “Who is Lindsay Graham?”

On this website we make no apology for continuing to focus on the Republican primary contest, despite it being very early days. It might be thought that with 16 contenders and maybe more to come it is way too early. so let’s wait for New Hampshire. However we think Trump’s entry, his willingness to run holding a scorching torch, and the palpable anger of the Media Class, its allies and the Republican establishment, may have unintentionally narrowed the field down to two heavyweights and defined the nature of the 2016 election conflict.

The illegal immigration torch, which Trump may have ‘stumbled’ into holding with his accent on crime, has thrown light on the fault line between the Ruling Class and its allies, and the American people. On the surface the issue has been restricted by the MSM to Trump’s ‘smear’ of the Mexican people good reputation, but illegal immigration is a can of worms. The worms (maggots might be a better description) responsible for America’s current wide-open borders have a Revolutionary agenda that includes swamping America’s White population (an agenda the same revolutionary forces are implementing in Europe, Australasia, Canada and the UK), sweeping away Nationhood and Nationality, redistributing wealth beyond the USA, Balkanizing the USA’s cities in order to more easily divide and rule and impose totalitarianism. Oh, and to appease Big Business allies, bring in cheap labor and increase the population to sustain demand.

Is there anyone out there who believes that Bush and his allies wanted to be nailed down to a commitment to open borders and citizenship for 30 million illegals? The Trump ruckus has backfired on the Bush campaign by creating an unwanted major issue. At the same time it has propelled Bush into a lone confrontation with Trump and marginalized all the other candidates. This might change if Trump fails to maintain momentum.

If Trump is smart he will link the illegal immigration issue to the crisis in Health Care, overcrowded prisons, out of control welfare spending and Black unemployment. A the moment he is in a position to control the agenda and be the voice of the anti-Establishment citizens.


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