UK Elections Next Week

The UK’s coalition government led by David Cameron faces the electorate next Thursday. Cameron, leader of the misleadingly-titled Conservative Party, will attempt to hold on to his job as Prime Minister for another four years. After the last election no Party had an overall majority. Cameron’s Conservatives had the most number of seats in the House of Commons and so the Queen invited him to form a government. Desperate for the Office, Cameron reached an agreement with the small Liberal Democrat Party and in combination the two Parties had an overall majority. This enabled Cameron to become Prime Minister and the Lib Dem leader became Deputy Prime Minister. In terms of policies, the two Parties had little in common, but for many politicians (including Cameron), ambition and opportunism trump all else. For the LibDems, a Party whose membership and support has been steadily shrinking over decades, the coalition offered its small band of surviving MP’s an alternative to total irrelevance in the life of the new Parliament. They took it.

It is almost always the case that a junior partner in a coalition bleeds activists on the ground and loses voters, and the LibDems have been no exception to this political rule. To make matters worse, its past niche in British politics as both a Party of protest and one committed to the European Union has been doubly unfortunate. The EU has become increasingly unpopular with the electorate. The rise of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party is owed to this unpopularity. The UKIP has also replaced the LibDems as the respectable Party of protest against the big two. As a consequence of these factors the LibDems may well disappear from Parliament after next Thursday. As local government elections also take place on the same day, the LibDems may also lose many of their shrinking number of local government seats.

Opinion polls indicate that Cameron’s Conservative Party and its rival Labour Party are running neck and neck, each with about a third of the likely voters. The Labour Party is newly- led (since 2010) by a Jewish (modern Marxist), Ed Miliband. Despite owning an economy that appears to be successfully running on low interest rates, Cameron’s Conservatives are not entering this election with strong voter support. Fortunately for him, the Labour Party’s chances of winning an outright majority in Parliament have been torpedoed by the revival in Scotland of the Scottish National Party. Scotland has traditionally been a Labour Party stronghold but the SNP is expected to take all Labour’s seat next week.

Since UKIP’s share of votes in England, according to Opinion Polls, has recently taken a plunge to about 8%, under Britain’s electoral system it will capture few seats. It appears therefore that after the election another coalition government will emerge. The most likely will result from a bargain between Miliband’s Labour Party and the SNP. The SNP is not a genuine Nationalist Party but a Party of the Far Left looking to break from the United Kingdom. This marriage will be an awkward one but as we have seen before the lure of high office creates strange bedfellows among the unprincipled.

Just as in the USA, topics such as race, immigration and Islam are never permitted to be fully and honestly debated, so in the UK the topics of race, immigration and Islam are cunningly suppressed by the combination of Media propaganda, political correctness, anti-free speech hate laws and officially-condoned Leftist thuggery. Consequently, opposition to the EU is one way for voters to express resistance to Third World, indeed all, immigration, for the EU’S laws impose on member States an open-door policy. Hate-speech laws, ruthlessly enforced, have ensured that immigration, race and Islam – actually life and death issues – cannot be openly discussed. British citizens know that they have to be very circumspect about what they say, even among workmates and friends, in case they are denounced by protected groups claiming hurt. As a consequence all but the bravest avoid thinking as well, lest an unguarded comment spell trouble. Consequently, no-one can know for sure the real state of opinion but the Ruling Class knows that those three related topics are the elephant in the room.

When certain pressures are suppressed they emerge in seemingly illogical ways and so it is with British politics. It is the opinion of this website that the failure of the two main Parties each to garner majority support is an expression of popular cynicism, fear and withdrawal from civic life. Many British people do not vote or dare to express an opinion even though their Nation is being over-run by immigrants, their countryside is being concreted over and they will soon be outnumbered by Muslims. The election results will receive much MSM commentary but they may reveal little about the true state of opinion.

American conservatives read the websites of UK newspapers and discover American news that is suppressed by America’s MSM. From this they understandably assume that the UK Media is more honest. The reality is that the UK Media will tell the truth about America but is not honest about certain of their own UK issues.

The only Party in the UK that dares to confront the British people’s most important issues is the British National Party. It is the semi-legal elephant in the room, feared by the legally approved Parties and because of this it is relentlessly condemned and misrepresented by the MSM, hampered by hate laws, constantly and lawlessly persecuted by the police and judiciary and physically victimized by officially sponsored Red thugs. It is almost impossible for the BNP to hold publicly advertized meetings, to raise money, to fight elections and for its members to hold jobs.

Many Americans on the conservative Right will not believe this and are easily prejudiced because they know that the BNP has Leftist economic policies and is constantly accused of anti-Semitism. On this website we do not support BNP economic policies which are semi-Socialist though we think the accusations of anti-Semitism are inaccurate. The BNP, like all Nationalist Parties in Europe, oppose the hidden power of Internationalist Jewish groups that often control the MSM, undermine Christianity and promote a permissive agenda.

American conservatives should not equate the UKIP with the Tea Party for the UKIP is a Party lacking deep roots and a big picture. Neither its leadership nor its membership is prepared for the persecution that will follow any breakthrough electoral success-unlike the BNP which has been battle-hardened and tested by persecution! The outcome of these UK elections will not reverse the Revolution that has stealthily suppressed free speech, imposed draconian laws outlawing the rights of the native people to protect themselves, and opened Britain’s doors to foreign invaders. Our advice to UK voters is to vote BNP in those few places where the Party has a candidate and to hold the nose and vote UKIP where an opportunity presents itself. All other Parties are betraying the British people.

We strongly recommend a visit to for a Fox interview dated January 16th with Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. A Media interviewer attempts to get Sheriff Judd to retreat from a tough law and order statement. Unlike so many on the Right who abjectly apologize when confronted by the MSM, this great guy doubles down. This is exactly the correct response and is a lesson for every conservative. Judd should be running for President!

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