Trump Throws Down Gauntlet to BLM Mob

In response to Bernie Sanders’ cowardly retreat before a handful of disruptive Black loudmouths, Donald Trump issued a warning that at his meetings there would be no retreat. If necessary Trump implied that he personally would join in physically resisting anyone who invaded his platform. This is ‘The Donald’ that inspires his followers and will attract many more.

On the same day that Trump threw down the gauntlet to the mob, down in Las Vegas Jeb Bush was abandoning his Town Hall meeting to a small mob of Black militants armed with placards, ignorance and loud mouths. It is reported that before his public meeting, Bush met with local BLM activists in an attempt to placate them, no doubt reassuring them that he was as much against police violence and American racial oppression as were they.

We can learn much from this about Bush and Trump as prospective Presidents, but also much about the bigger issue of compromise versus determination in the face of threats. Bush and his followers believe that ‘understanding’, ‘reasonableness’ and a willingness to make concessions will result in some sort of progress. Clearly, as this Vegas episode ultimately showed, meeting with, and compromising with unreasonable people is a recipe for defeat.

We do not yet know what, if any, will be the consequences of Trump’s gauntlet. It is possible that his next public meeting will be invaded by massed rioters transported and funded by the Soros revolutionary network. Will Trump be prepared for the invasion and for the subsequent negative and hysterical reporting of the MSM? Will he take his place in the resistance or will he be painted by the MSM as a man who hides behind paid security guards? It is possible that the gauntlet will be enough to frighten off the mob.

If Trump’s gauntlet is enough to deter the mob or he and his supporters successfully resist a meeting invasion, he will reassure his followers and convince many more that here is the next President who will stand up to bullies both home and abroad.

The BLM mobs have no place in America’s traditional politics. Their slogan is pure emotional propaganda and the extinguished lives they are touting are almost wholly those of small-time criminals who got what was coming to them. Many participants in the mobs are so ignorant and ill-informed that they may not know that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were graduates in crime. Other mob participants may not care, only seeing in violent protest an outlet for their rage and an opportunity for looting, arson and excitement. Those who organize and fund BLM are well aware of the facts but are motivated by the grander agenda of the Revolution that is gripping America.

On this website we have long argued that ‘politics as usual’ is a delusion that those on the Right and those who pay little attention, must abandon. This is a Revolutionary era and the Black mobs that are being funded to forcibly shut down democratic meetings and suppress free speech are part of the larger war on the old traditions. The homosexual attacks on opponents of SSM, the purging of the military, the IRS persecutions, a MSM that marches in lockstep to exclude the truth, and the suborning of Federal and Supreme Court Justices are all evidence that ‘politics as usual’ and the old patriotic Republican/Democrat consensus, is ended.

Jeb Bush is dangerous! We cannot know whether his advocacy of compromise, as revealed yet again in Las Vegas, is motivated by a Big Business money agenda, a consequence of his ideological shortcomings, or simply a weak character, but he should not be allowed near the White House. As President he will not protect borders, free speech and law and order at home and he will never stand up to bullies and enemies abroad. Donald Trump’s gauntlet suggests that even though he may not yet intellectually understand we are in a Revolutionary era, he does understand that ‘politics as usual’ is redundant and he has the character of a fighter.

It is clear from the MSM that Trump remains at the top of the hit-list. Every day the WSJ devotes hit pieces by Media whores. On Wednesday August 12, Reid J. Epstein and Heather Haddon attempted to paint Trump as a miserly hypocrite. In their article “Trump Is Frugal With His Cash” they open with “Donald Trump never skips a chance to remind his audiences of his wealth, but he is proving reluctant to spend his own money on campaign essentials typical of a major presidential candidate”.

The evidence of Trump’s meanness is that he has rejected paid television advertising as unnecessary and each week requires a budget for the next week from his campaign manager. He has bragged that he doesn’t employ pollsters. He has also refused to call wealthy friends for financial support. The reporters also accuse him of dodging town hall meetings.

So far Trump has had more TV exposure than any of his rivals, and for free! We applaud his refusal to hand money to the enemy. And who believes the results of polls commissioned by candidates themselves? Good for him that he hasn’t pressured his friends for money. Trump sounds like a man who is confident in his management of an unorthodox campaign and who does not throw money around. We could do with a man in the White House who doesn’t throw taxpayers’ money around and requires a weekly budget from our employees. If he has got to the top of the polls without paying ‘professionals’, good for him!

On this website we have always maintained that Obama is a psychopath. Bret Stephens, writing in the WSJ on August 12th had this to say about the President. “–the naked condescending disdain with which he treats his opponents. Mr. Obama has the swagger of a man who never seems to have encountered a contrary point of view he respected, or come to grips with the limits of his own intelligence, or figured out that facile arguments tend to be weak ones”. There is much more and we recommend the article.

We have often intellectually parted company with those ‘Far Right’ websites that attribute America’s present sad state to the machinations of international Jewry or the loss of racial purity. Such websites are worth reading and often dig up facts that need to be taken on board but we think that they are too backward looking and are missing a bigger picture.

We attribute America’s (and Europe’s) decline to the power of a Ruling Media Class that, in a coalition with the Far Left, is imposing its own corrupt and revolutionary values on all people. It is able to do so because its power base is the brainwashing MSM through which it controls news and entertainment. Too many White people have willingly embraced this corruption for us to lay all the blame on others. We strongly recommend a visit to the Mark Dice Facebook Here’s his Hillary Clinton Bill of Rights video:

Dice is a master of the casual street interview in which he invites passers-by to support a petition that is outrageously anti-American, anti-democratic and progressive. No doubt we do not see video of those who resist, but plenty of White Americans -especially women- reveal appalling ignorance, shallow thinking and a willingness to embrace mindless change.



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