Trump Is Already Third Party

On Sunday afternoon I watched Trump’s Saturday night rally at Biloxi, MS. The Biloxi audience, like preceding Trump meetings elsewhere in other States, yet again set a record-breaking attendance of tens of thousands. It is reported to be the biggest ever attendance for a political meeting in Mississippi, and the pictures taken by attendees prove the claim. Not only was the auditorium packed, but an overflow venue next door was also packed and there were people outside who could not get into either place.

Smart-Alecs in Academia, the Mainstream Media and the collaborationist Republican elite, can all make fun of Trump’s regular and repeated use of the words ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ when he first strolls to the microphone and surveys his audience. But what other two words are more appropriate?

The truth is that Trump is breaking attendance records everywhere and we are not yet into the main campaign for the Presidency. All other candidates, apart from the Far Left Socialist Bernie Sanders, are lucky to draw crowds in the hundreds, and Sanders has only appeared before big crowds on a handful of occasions. Poor Jeb Bush, the Anointed One of the Republican elite, is lucky to get a hundred – and half of them are there to sleep or take advantage of some free heating.

The Internationalists of all stripes (and to paraphrase the late Nat Hiken “Only two types have stripes – Corporals and skunks!) who fear The Donald and his supporters, put forward various explanations for his crowds, including that people (empty-heads) want to take a peek at a celebrity; that the same small crowd (Fascists) follows him around the Nation; and that these tens of thousands are people who will not vote when the time comes.

These explanations are so obviously dumb that I will not bother to refute them. They are the product of the desperation and despair of those who not only hate Trump, but hate and fear his followers even more. Like other Trump supporters, I take a careful look at his crowds – at least as far as it is possible since the MSM camera men stubbornly refuse to reveal the incredible size of them. They are mostly White people, but there are a smattering of Blacks and Latinos who are clearly Trumpets and not fearful about being among Whites. There are many women, young and old, and the men and women strike me as being mostly under retirement age. It may be that older people are deterred by the weather and the long lines.

There is a fierce enthusiasm and pent-up emotional energy generated by these thousands which compels me to conclude that if Trump is cheated out of victory, America will be at risk of a civil war. Of course, I am aware that there are many things that might alter the political landscape in the next eight months-terrorism, economic collapse and international war, to name the most obvious. I especially fear that Trump may be assassinated and Obama will impose Martial Law. My point is that these incredible (to use a Trump word) crowds and their emotion represent a geothermal energy that has erupted from the underground of America’s recent political lethargy.

At Biloxi, Trump physically confronted the MSM, repeatedly pointing his finger at the camera-operatives, challenging them to swing the cameras around to reveal the size of the audience. That they would not do this obvious and reasonable thing, even under intense pressure, can only be explained by the theme of this website. We say that the Media Class and its MSM weapon is the source of the profound Revolution America is experiencing and that this Ruling Class hides behind the puppet Democrat Party.

Trump’s confrontation with the Media’s personnel behind the cameras, was not a passing and dismissive moment. He prolonged it and ultimately denounced them in the harshest words, stripping away their claims to be objectively reporting news. For this writer, it was his finest moment so far in his campaign, and evidence that it is radicalizing him. No doubt, when he first entered the campaign he assumed that the MSM would treat him fairly, after all he too was a Media person and a celebrity. He has received an education not only from his followers and their fierce loyalty, but about the reality of a Class war that pits the Media Class, its Far Left allies and International Big Business against the American Nation.

At the beginning of this current primary campaign, there was speculation that Trump would eventually run as a Third Party candidate. Over the Christmas break I had a conversation with a Vietnamese friend who is married to a White (conservative) man. They have long disagreed on politics for she is a determinedly registered Democrat voter. She is socially and economically conservative, though not consciously so, but sees the Democrat Party as the friend of immigrants and the Party that helped her and her family when they first arrived in America. She sees the Republican Party as the expression of a concealed White racial bigotry, vested interests and a force that prevents energetic immigrants from getting on. She has no time for Blacks who exploit welfare and complain about disadvantages, and she resents illegal immigrants who live off her taxes.

Now I know how she is being inconsistent and is wrong, but there are many Democrat voters and union members of all races, who march with her. Here is my anecdotal experience!

She intends to vote for Donald Trump, even though she will vote Democrat at the local level. She supports Trump’s stand against the Muslim invasion, she sees through the MSM campaign against Trump, she does not view Trump, despite his Big Business background and wealth, as an enemy of the economically aspiring, she does not see him as a racist and I am sure she does not really think he is a Republican.

She is right, for Trump is not really a Republican. He stands outside the Party system and is an outsider. His past political shifts from one side to the other and back again, all based on his business calculations, indicate a shallow relationship, at best, with the Republican establishment. This is standing him in good stead and is not an albatross around his neck for the disaffected Republican rank-and-file or Democrat-leaning working people.

Trump really is a Third Party candidate and has emerged, genuinely I believe, as a moderate Nationalist, at a time when the American State is under dire threat. His appeal reaches beyond the grass-roots Republicans and conservatives, to all manner of ordinary people whose self-interest lies in common-sense, non-ideological policies. The strength of his movement is rooted in conservatives and committed Nationalists but his voter appeal will confound our enemies.

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