Trump In Norcross. Guns In Roseburg

Last week, two of the Wall Street Journal’s top columnists very confidently predicted the end of Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican Party nomination. Bret Stephens and Daniel Henninger are ideologues and mouthpieces for the Republican Establishment, the portion of Internationalist Big Business that leans Right on economic matters, and those who Nationalists call ‘neo-cons’.

Both are good writers and frequently do a good job revealing the crimes, hypocrisy and bumbling of Obama, Clinton and the Democrats. On some issues they do indeed march with us Counter-revolutionaries. Their persuasive writing skills and insightful columns make them more dangerous for the Conservative and Nationalist cause because their effective attacks on our enemies can make it appear they are on our side. They are not however, for their ultimate goals are diametrically opposed to the American people. They have no investment in the Nation State, Israel being their one exception, and they care little about Conservative values of the traditional family, conservation of agriculture and rural life, national self-sufficiency and the preservation of the past.

When it comes to the crunch, neo-cons are more likely to side with the ‘moderate’ Left than with the true Right. Products of Big City life, money-moving and stock marketing, they have no affection or respect for those who toil with their hands, love the land, cherish traditions and oppose rapid change. It is certain that they especially hate Donald Trump because he was supposed to be one of them and is now a New York renegade. Even more they detest the Americans of the hinterland and the South who are flocking to the Trump banner, for these Wall Street people have nothing in common with common folk.

Lat week, Henninger announced that Trump’s support had peaked, like oil, and every new poll would hasten his exit from the race. Stephens was confident that Trump’s Republican followers were about to come to their senses. The Donald’s place as the front-runner would be filled by Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Fiorina or Christie, candidates whose attractions for the elites include strong links to, and a degree of dependency on, rich sponsors; a willingness to ‘evolve’ and ‘move on’ on social issues; a readiness to use America’s military power to maintain International ‘order’, and ‘flexibility’ on borders and immigration.

This weeks opinion polls will have ruined appetites at Sunday morning breakfast time for these Wall Street neo-cons, for Trump has not only halted his slide in the polls but regained some ground. He once again dominates the Republican field. As if to rub salt into wounds he has drawn huge over-flow crowds of energized supporters in the vastly different landscapes of Las Vegas and Norcross, Georgia.

Trump’s informal and confident relationship when face-to-face with the people is in stark contrast to all other Republican candidates and about as far removed from Hillary Clinton’s humorless and robotic public appearances as chalk and cheese. In Vegas, Trump invited the CNN camera men to scan their cameras over the crowd to show the numbers. They refused to do so. Perhaps they fear showing not only the numbers but the energy and determination of Americans on the march.

Yesterday, Peggy Noonan another of the WSJ’s columnists, was changing her tune on The Donald and his followers and recognizing that he is not a five-minute wonder. She also compared him to Putin, both ’strong men’, and in doing so acknowledged that the latter is a complex personality and motivated by Nationalism. It seems that the Establishment’s commentators are being forced to face a new reality.

Unfortunately, the primaries are still some way off and the election even further into the future. The power of the MSM has yet to be fully mobilized and we should not under-estimate either its drip-drip effect, or its concentrated force when focused in the final weeks. MSM attacks on Trump almost certainly shore up his support among those Counter-revolutionaries who pay close attention to the Internet and Conservative Talk Radio, but they are establishing baseless negativity among those eventual 2016 voters who inhabit Limbaugh’s Rio Linda.

There will be many events that influence attitudes. The European invasion of Muslim Arab and African hordes is helping Trump and those who want complete border control. Though the scenes of chaos are from far away Europe and manipulated by the MSM to show women and children, even empty heads can see a connection to Obama’s welcome mat for Muslims and the awful dangers of Islamic Imperialism here in the USA.

At the same time, mass shootings in schools, colleges, Churches and malls are not good news for Conservatives and Nationalists. They are bad news for those of us who defend the right to bear arms. It was inspiring to learn from the Internet that the people of rural Oregon greeted Obama in Roseburg with hostile Second Amendment signs and guns in holsters. Unfortunately the MSM had the power to hide this demonstration from the American people.

The demonstrations will not influence Obama who is determined to disarm the people and render them defenseless to the marauding ‘sons he never had’, to his newly-arrived Muslim kin, and to the Red Gestapo planned by Leftists for the 2016/17 assumption of complete power.

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