Trump in Iowa Tonight

Donald Trump continues to rip up the Rule Book of American politics with his campaign across the Nation. His appearance tonight at the Grand River Center, Dubuque, Iowa is expected once again to draw a stark contrast to all the other primary campaigns, including Hillary Clinton’s.

All the candidates who began with serious aspirations created at least a semblance of a national network before announcing, seeking out big donors and employing boots on the ground. They have employed staff to reserve TV space and generate enthusiasm. There is little evidence that Trump spent much time or money preparing for his campaign. Tonight in Dubuque, he is expected to draw a huge crowd where his skeleton staff will recruit local volunteers in droves. The other candidates have to go find the people but the people find Donald.

There is nothing innately superior about his lack of preparation and his dependence on momentum and innovation along the way. Indeed they were evidence to many experts that his campaign was not a serious one and proof that he would soon throw in the towel. Lack of advance preparation may yet prove his undoing but with each passing day, each overflowing public meeting and each batch of latest polling numbers, he seems to be trashing the experts’ predictions.

Some experts are now attributing this initial success to the celebrity status he has long enjoyed as an entrepreneur, property developer and larger-than-life character. The thinking here is that people are flocking to his meetings merely to see a celebrity in the flesh and that he is benefiting from the name-recognition that only makes a difference in the earliest days of a long campaign. Behind this contemptuous dismissal of his performance is the belief that he lacks substance and his supporters are either politically naïve, mindlessly angry with Washington politics, or just plain moronic.

On this website we always examine contemporary politics from the standpoint that America is in the throes of a Revolution that has been advanced by stealth and imposed by a Ruling Class whose power is rooted in the Mainstream Media. Since their MSM promotes only propaganda (cleverly dressed up as news and entertainment), we endeavor to set aside the opinions of their experts and the orthodoxies they have created. We try to fall back on observation, personal experience, facts and old-fashioned time-tested wisdoms.

Applying these methods to Donald Trump and his campaign thus far we conclude that his success has little to do with his previous celebrity, any mindlessness of his supporters, their political naivity or their ignorance. All the people we know who are enthused by his campaign are people who in the past were unimpressed by his celebrity. They are people who are never much impressed by celebrity of any kind and are now closely examining for the first time the trademarks of his celebrity, his flamboyant hairstyle and his off-the-cuff, unscripted public appearances. For them, his hairstyle is merely evidence that he does not take himself too seriously and his unscripted public appearances are evidence of his honesty.

His new supporters are not at all mindless, politically naïve or moronic. Indeed they are people who have been paying very close attention to politics, are appalled at the Revolution’s progress under Obama and enraged by the ineffectiveness of the Republican Party leadership. Some see the ineffectiveness as gutlessness and many see it as a sinister and deliberate betrayal. Rightly or wrongly they see Jeb Bush as the representative of the betrayers.

Those who are flocking to Trump’s banner are united in their rejection of the Republican Party leadership. Many have run out of patience over the growth and waste of the Government Leviathan under both Party’s rule. Others are fearful of the loss of free speech, the abandonment of lawful government and the deliberate suppression of Christian morality. All share in common the awareness that it will take a very determined and independent President to turn back the clock that is now at five minutes before midnight.

We may assume that all were more than uneasy about mass immigration, the abandonment of borders, cultural and racial swamping, the privileges granted to illegal immigrants and criminals, and the unwillingness of Republicans -including almost all of the current crop of Presidential candidates – to fully confront the issues of immigration.

Donald Trump’s initial confrontational statements concerning immigrant crimes against American citizens, his refusal to retreat when the predictable MSM-orchestrated storm burst and then his comprehensive opposition to the bigger issue of loss of National sovereignty, has been the key to his emergence as a Nationalist leader. We repeat ‘Nationalist leader’ for that is what he has become.

His willingness to embrace the role thrust upon him, speaking in words long deemed dangerous, uncivilized and unacceptable by the Ruling elite and thus becoming a pariah of the Establishment, has not only endeared him to ordinary Americans but has emboldened them. His followers are aware of his apolitical and colorful past and they don’t care. They perceive that what he now stands for, with great courage and energy, is a restoration of National sovereignty before it is too late. All the other issues that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists hold dear must wait. We can expect that a man willing to restore sovereignty and stand up for Americans will get it mostly right on free speech, the Constitution, marriage, balanced budgets, a limited Federal government, humble judges, abortion and much else.

We hope the people of Iowa will flock to his meeting tonight and confound those experts and vested interests whose fervent wish is an America sacrificed to Internationalism.


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