Trump Goes Marching Through Georgia

Hot from his decisive victory in South Carolina, Donald Trump held a massive rally in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center yesterday afternoon. Long lines of supporters waited for the doors to open and ‘House Full’ signs were soon posted. America is surely witnessing a movement like no other in the postwar era. What other candidate can fill great auditoriums, day after day in State after State?

This unprecedented Republican primary contest of 2016 can only be explained when viewed in the context of a stealthy Government-imposed Leftist Revolution and an awakening Counter-revolutionary resistance by the Right. For sure, the leading contestant and his supporters are only dimly aware that their country is in the midst of a Revolution, but same-sex marriage, officially-sanctioned gender choice, urban rioting and looting sanctioned by a politicized Justice Department, unpunished Black on White street violence, borders open to receive millions of illegal immigrants, a President importing and cosseting tens of thousands of Islamic Imperialists, a Conservative Supreme Court Justice dying suddenly in a remote place and no autopsy, a Secretary of State conducting her secret work unofficially without consequences, the IRS persecuting regime opponents with impunity, a coordinated campaign to disarm the law abiding, a President who rips up the Constitution – and all this with scant opposition from an intimidated Congress – is this not a Revolution demanding resistance?

Thanks to the Revolution’s MSM propaganda arm and its ability to stifle, conceal and condemn dissent, and despite the growing anger of working Americans, the 2016 Republican primaries would undoubtedly have proceeded as a coronation for the man who boasted he would win without the support of the grass-roots Right.

Privileged Jeb Bush, cocooned from the realities of over-taxed working Americans and those rendered workless by Internationalist policies, did not know that those he dismissed as disgruntled, angry and irrelevant, were latent Counter-revolutionaries. How could he, when they themselves, their anger suppressed by the MSM, and only dimly aware that Obama has been implementing a Revolution, had no voice?


But the entry into the Republican primary contest last June of a maverick business-man and billionaire who was not a politician, but had evolved into an instinctive Nationalist, has liberated the angry and frustrated energies of American Nationalism. A patriotic people’s movement has been galvanized and the ideologically-ill-prepared representative of it is being propelled to the White House. Trump’s victory in South Carolina, only days after his victory in New Hampshire, and a narrow defeat in Iowa, saw him marching through Georgia yesterday on the way to another victory in Nevada. Only two weeks into the contest and he is looking like an unstoppable winner.

He is being educated and radicalized along the way, as is illustrated by his gloves-off attacks on the Mainstream Media (MSM) ‘covering‘ his rallies. These draw thunderous applause from his supporters as he calls out the MSM hacks and harlots sitting behind their cameras. Here we witness a candidate who is neither intimidated by the MSM nor afraid to brand them as liars. For his followers, and not a moment too soon, the MSM is being defined as the enemy of truth and enemy of the Nation.

As, on the Internet, we watched Trump address the Georgia multitude, berating the Wall Street Journal and NBC as propagandists, it was impossible not to see him as an instinctive Counter-revolutionary who is being driven forward by his radical followers. Despite many campaign mistakes, learning on the job, a ferociously hostile MSM, a shadowy back-stabbing Republican leadership and a united Internationalist Big Business clique, Trump and his followers are increasingly energized.

In South Carolina, as in New Hampshire, the dynamics of an awakened Counter-revolution are driving extra tens of thousands to the polls. As the numbers voting Republican increases, the numbers voting Democrat are falling. In SC on Saturday it is certain that many former Democrat voters switched to Republican and a third chose Trump. The growth of Republican enthusiasm at these polls is despite a well-documented grass-roots rejection of the Party’s Congressional representatives.

Bush‘s humiliating failure, despite a $120m campaign blitz, is evidence that the Republican establishment is being rejected by the grass-roots. With him gone, and Kasich struggling, the Internationalists and Republican collaborators have only Rubio, a candidate desperate to pose as a Conservative, but unable to bury his gang-of-eight past.

Cruz was seriously wounded in SC and has lost traction. Meanwhile, Trump gathers delegates. Between here and the Convention’s winning post, Trump (and the Nation-saving Nationalism he represents) can still falter, for he has great forces ranged against him and runs without an ideological compass. What he possesses in spades and all other candidates of both Parties totally lack, are American optimism and the earthy humor of a common man. The latter will protect him from his enemies’ false accusations of despotism. The more the American people see and hear The Donald communicating with audiences, the more they will be reassured.


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