Straws Not Lifeboats

Yes, we know that the opinion polls can be manipulated and that real voting is still many months away but the polling results released on Sunday suggest that the Trump deniers were a little too eager to grasp at Iowa’s straw. It seems that at best Carson has only drawn level with The Donald at 27% in Iowa. Hardly a surge and certainly not evidence of Trump‘s final catastrophic fall.

In New Hampshire and in South Carolina, the Trump-hostile polls are giving him massive leads over all others, including runner-up Ben Carson. It is certain that there was much pouting around the Bush 5% breakfast table and there are hints that Tippy-toes may be hosting a family meeting to reconsider his future.

His spiteful and bitter outburst (see the body language!) against Trump and his followers -little consideration about the greater good of the Party in 2016 apparent!- shows him to be a poor loser. For sure though, he is not alone, and the Republican Party’s rich Internationalist donors and their placemen in the bureaucracy and leadership, can be expected to be as ready to sacrifice the White House in 2016, rather than allow a man of the people to win it for the Party’s conservative and Nationalist base.

What we see emerging here is that the Conservatives and Nationalists in the base are always expected to swallow the Party’s rejection of their candidates and remain loyal to the Party at the ballot box, but the Party elite entertains no such loyalty. Partly this is due to the self-interest of global money-making but it is also that the elite has no stomach for marching alongside the people and risking the disapproval of the Ruling Media Class and its MSM. Those who sup and prosper with the Washington, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Hollywood Internationalists and perverts are embarrassed by their own base, its petty Nationalism, its gun culture, Bibles and moral judgmentalism. The Republican Party elite is welcomed into the Ruling Class social circles and money-making opportunities in return for constantly misleading and betraying its rank-and-file.

At Florida’s Jacksonville rally for Trump, the thousands once again showed up with energy, commitment and banners revealing they have an agenda. We have scoured the pictures of Trump’s recent rallies and we see White people of all ages and both sexes, and even a sizeable smattering of non-Whites. What a contrast to the cozy, dozy Bush get-togethers!

Highly significant is the muscular response of the Trump crowds to disrupters, whether they be Black Lives Matter or La Raza irredentists. The direct action taken to eject these ‘protesters’ reveals a welcome anger, intolerance and militancy that has for too long been absent on the Right. At last we see Americans asserting their birthright.


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