Rose Hamid, Marty Rosenbluth and Donald Trump

Predictably the Mainstream Media is working flat out to take down Donald Trump. It is not just his lead in the polls, infuriating though that is to editors and reporters. Most of all, the great march of energized ordinary people who are flocking to his support is striking fear into the hearts of those who thought they could control the agenda and outcome of the looming election. For the moment, the MSM is willing to promote the chances of any of his Republican rivals – other than Ted Cruz – in order to drive Trump to the fringes of the Republican contest.

This is no surprise to this website for as we have long pointed out, the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Ruling Media Class. No part of the MSM, most of all NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, Associated Press, ABC and the major newspapers, have any interest or intention of reporting truthfully. Magazines, the cable networks and most local newspapers, are equally committed to concealing, distorting and inventing news. All they do is pump out propaganda in support of a hidden Far Left revolutionary agenda.

Their hidden agenda is most threatened by Trump and the Movement he has inspired. Trump now confronts, in the most direct language, the Media’s propagandists as liars – and his audiences are thrilled. They have longed for a candidate with backbone. Trump is willing to call out the Media enemies as they lurk behind their cameras waiting for an incident that they can inflate, twist and use to smear him and his followers. By calling them out he is turning the tables.

In his South Carolina rally last night, again attended by thousands who came to hear, enjoy and support some plain-speaking Nationalism, a handful of Leftists infiltrated, intent on creating for the cameras a distraction and a provocation. It is almost certain that if the cameras of the MSM were not present, the Leftist would not bother to show up. Leftist agitators and the MSM always share the same agenda at public events and work together. So closely entwined are they that they do not have to formally plan beforehand.

Nevertheless, it seems that in South Carolina last night, Rose Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth, a pair of Leftist agitators, did link up with Media people beforehand. Well we all know the old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”. Hamid, aged 56 and a Muslim, is said to be employed as a flight attendant and to have campaigned to force Airlines to permit Muslim attendants to wear full Muslim garb.

There are few jobs requiring mobility that can efficiently be performed by a woman in Muslim garb or any part of it. Certainly flight attendants need to be fit, very mobile and suitably attired to carry out normal duties. In an emergency, for example when Muslim terrorists attempt to take over a plane, or Muslim sabotage causes an emergency landing, flight attendants need to be extremely unhindered by religious clothing. However, now that commonsense can not be allowed to hinder the march of Islam, Miss Hamid and the ACLU will probably succeed in intimidating the airlines. In any case, Hamid is not interested in common sense but in advancing Islam.

During Trump’s South Carolina rally Hamid and her comrade Marty Rosenbluth, a Far Left New York lawyer who “fights for the rights of undocumented immigrants” stood up displaying protest signs. Donald Trump, unlike his timid rivals, was vocal in ordering security personnel to remove them. Trump has no hesitation in taking responsibility for the removal of Far Left agitators. Hamid and comrade Rosenbluth were obstructing the view of other members of the audience, deliberately distracting attention from Trump and performing for the benefit of the MSM.

The audience at Trump’s rallies (God Bless Them!) get angry and voice their anger. I have no doubt that many, frustrated by years of official Leftist propaganda, are itching to be more physical but follow Trump’s plea to always let the security people deal with the disruptors. Trump, supremely confident in his rallies, has learned to use the disruptions to entertain his audiences. He knows that if just one supporter does anything physical, the MSM will hysterically smear him and his followers as ‘Nazis’, ‘Fascists’ ‘extremists’ ‘red-necks’ and ‘White supremacists’ in the next day’s headlines.

Trump continues to surprise everyone. When he entered the contest it seemed that he, most of all the contenders, lacked a network of workers and the experience necessary for the long run. Instead he has the largest venues reserved, very efficient workers on the ground who ensure his rallies are perfectly staged and massively attended, are covered by an unwilling MSM and well-protected. Despite his age, he appears energetic, polished, enthusiastic, relaxed, up-beat and in good spirits. He is a master at connecting with his audience. He also exudes the right kind of menace, that of a man who means business and enemies had better watch out. When he says he looks forward to taking on Hillary, we believe that he will not pull his punches.

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