Paris Will Impact 2016

Those Internationalists who are dedicated to the ‘browning’ of Western Europe and the USA, have grasped a tiger by the tail. The Muslim hordes of North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, whilst more than willing to accept the invitation to invade and occupy morally-degenerating former Christian Nations, have an agenda of their own, and it is Islamic Imperialism. Its rulers are uncompromising, as befits their religion.

The Paris attacks are more than inconvenient for Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, our own crypto-Muslim in the White House, their Leftist allies and their hidden masters. The traitorous politicians of the EU, our traitor in the White House, and the Mainstream Media which ‘manages’ the news, have been caught off guard–at least for the moment. They will be struggling to regroup and regain control of the propagandist narrative that Islam is a religion of peace, and that humanitarianism demands open borders and an open wallet.

There is no hiding the horrors of Paris, and for the moment there is no hiding the religion of the perpetrators and their goal. The politicians and the MSM are doing their best to deny the one-ness of Islam and terror, but are losing all credibility in the process. Obama’s empty talk of “an attack on humanity” (what the Hell does the windbag mean?) and Holland’s talk of tough reprisals, will only impress their Leftist ideologues and mindless supporters.

Defending Muslim immigration, for the moment, is a politically tough rap. Indeed defending any immigration will be wildly unpopular for a time, though we must never under-estimate the relentless determination of the Internationalists, or the power of the MSM to repackage news and distract attention with corrupting entertainment, given time.

The Paris attack is a gift to Nationalists in Europe and to Donald Trump here in the USA. Surely the French National Front and the Le Pens will now receive the support and votes of millions of patriots and working French natives. How Hollande and his Far Leftists must be regretting her imminent prosecution for ‘racist’ remarks back in 2010! The Hungarians must be celebrating their leaders who ignored Merkel and her EU gang. In Poland, Nationalists and Christians who have been taking to the streets in defense of their religion and culture, will gain renewed energy. Perhaps even the UK’s BNP will finally re-emerge as the voice of the British people’s survival.

Obama and the MSM will do all they can to conceal the inconvenient arrival of thousands of Muslim Syrians in New Orleans. The Paris bloodbath is, or should be, a great setback for him, the Media Class and Hillary Clinton. At this time, the Syrians’ arrival is publicly indefensible, even for his smooth tongue, reporter packaging and her brazen deceits. They will do all they can to hide it from the American people.

Donald Trump, as the less-than-perfect voice of American Nationalism, must relentlessly publicize the arrival of the Syrians and pin it to Obama, his administration and the Democrat Party. The details of their recruitment and arrival will reveal much. How were they chosen and who did the choosing? Were they vetted, by who and how? How were they transported and who paid? What legalities were ignored and what Constitutional controls were set aside? What Government departments were and still are involved? Where are they going and are more being recruited? If so, where and by who?

Trump is the only Republican who has the ability, the means and the fearlessness to by-pass the MSM and speak directly to the American people. He must continually ask these questions and demand answers at his rallies and at Press conferences! This is not to dismiss the courage, patriotism and steadfastness of Ted Cruz, but he has poor Media skills. Trump is equal to the fight with the traitors and degenerates of the MSM.

There are those on our side who snipe at the European Nationalist parties because they promote some Socialist economic policies and are comfortable with big government. This is no time to expect Europeans to share all historical American values of economic freedom, individuality, and small government. It is enough that they are resisting their countries being ‘browned’, their Nation States being dismantled and their traditional cultures being criminalized. After Paris they can bring the downfall of the Internationalist EU and the redistribution plans that lurk behind their Global Warming propaganda.

Ann Coulter has tweeted (so I am told) that Paris has ensured Donald Trump’s Presidential victory. She is underestimating the powerful enemies ranged against him, the skills and reach of the MSM, and the time between now and the final election campaign. Sure, the Muslim attacks in Paris present an opportunity for Trump and a huge setback for Bush, Rubio et al, but Trump must not sit back. He must keep the Paris tragedy at the forefront of his campaign, name and nail the traitors responsible, stuff Obama’s claims (Isis is defeated/ Islam is a religion of peace) back in his mouth and ruthlessly publicize and exploit the backdoor admission of Syrians to America.

The Paris horrors, revealing the vulnerability of unarmed citizens, has also been a propaganda gift to the intrepid National Rifle Association (NRA) and a reminder of the wisdoms contained in the Constitution. It is clear that Americans need to be armed, not only to defend their lives and property from envious predators and rapacious government, but also from Muslim fanatics. Trump should also be constantly outspoken on the right to bear arms so that this is an election issue.

The MSM, before it was able to get its act together, revealed that one of the Paris attackers was a Syrian refugee. Trump must make much of this in relation to the New Orleans invasion, but just as significant was the MSM report that one of the suicide bombers was a ‘French citizen’. Needless to say, the man had an Arab name. Here is proof that the Muslim population residing in America harbors fanatics and their communities provide the water in which terrorists swim.

I must apologize for an error in a previous article. Melissa Click, the screaming UM professor who called for muscle to suppress freedom on campus, is not a lesbian spinster. It appears that she is married to another college professor. The poor man is said to be ‘employed’ in the Religion Department and is deserving of our prayers.

This reminded me of many years ago in the UK, I came to know a Far Left professor who taught religion in a college. He used to gloat over his position, which enabled him to ridicule Christianity to his students and be paid for it. He was one of many Red moles burrowing in subterranean channels and taking advantage of the tolerant and other-worldly Christians who then still held some positions in Academia. I doubt Mr. Click (poor man and husband of Melissa) is burrowing. He, and those Leftists like him, now have the colleges and powers of indoctrination to themselves. The ‘turn the-other-cheek’ Christians (love the sinner but hate the sin with the accent on the first three words!) have long been driven from colleges and are now being driven from all employment. Such is the price of an unhinged tolerance!


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