Oregon Shooter and the Media Class

There are now enough reports on the Internet to ascertain that Chris Harper Mercer, the 26 year old who killed and wounded many unarmed college students yesterday had a similar profile to most other mass killers.

The product of a broken home and living with his mother, he is described by those who had acquaintance with him as an unsuccessful loner. He was active on the Internet and ultimately motivated by both bitterness and a need for celebrity. It is not clear why he had once attended a special school. The school catered for mental handicap, mental illness and social/emotional problems and it is possible he had a combination of all three, each mildly but in combination amounting to a serious problem.

The British Media has been much more informative than the American MSM, and on this website we suggest the US MSM’s coyness is because Mercer was not White, not a Confederate Flag owner and not related in any way to a born-again Christian. It is interesting that our MSM is using the description ‘mixed-race’, presumably because all pictures of Mercer reveal beyond dispute that he is not White. I had long understood that political correctness insists that Black parentage takes precedence. After all, our President is celebrated not as the first ‘mixed-race’ President but the first Black President.

The British Media has many pictures and interviews with his White father in California, and even with his grandfather in Lancashire, England. Yet so far his mother has not been pictured or interviewed. His step-sister, who also looks (dare we use the term?) mixed-race and prettier, has been interviewed but is likely too young to be able to cast much light on Mercer’s motivation.

It is clear that the MSM and its Far Left political allies, led by their leader in the White House, will march in lockstep to demand that law-abiding citizens be disarmed. The MSM, in ‘exploring’ this tragedy will only poke around those corners of it that help the Leftist agenda. Unless the parents are practicing Christians, they will not be held to account in any way, indeed if Mercer’s mother is Black she will be treated as another victim.

Three things cry out for discussion but will be ignored by the MSM.

  1. The first is the effect on young males of an absent father and the presence of marital strife during formative years. This topic is off the table because ‘judgementalism’ offends Leftists, homosexuals, Feminists, anti-Christians and the Pope.
  2. The second is Society’s failure to identify and properly treat mental illness. The reasons for this are complex but include the legacy of 1960’s radical Academic Sociologists, who convinced too many that mental illness was merely a social construct. They glibly argued that ‘mental illness’ was either the product of wrongful incarceration in hospital or the diagnosis used by a sick (capitalist) system to marginalize those who were too rebellious to ‘fit in’. (One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest). In Nation States that operated National Health Services, as in the UK, much money was saved and made by embracing this seductive reasoning and closing all Mental Hospitals in order to sell off prime land for development.
  3. The third and most obvious topic for discussion is the contemporary quest for, and worship of ‘celebrity‘. On this website we have always asserted that the rise and dominance of the Media Class inevitably has created a sick culture in which we all now live and breathe. The Entertainment world of Hollywood, TV, Pop music, Theatre, Advertising, Pro-Sports and Fashion is populated by narcissists, self-absorbed perverts, show-offs, fantasists and money-hungry exploiters. People who make their wealth by hard work, inventing useful things, and running great businesses are condemned for their success but members of the Media Class -actors, TV personalities, pro-Sports people, Pop singers and musicians, movie producers, decadent fashion designers – are lauded for their wealth, amoral lifestyles, opulent homes, ignorance, coarse speech and reckless consumption of the Earths resources, for they are deemed by the MSM and its politicians to be ‘celebrities’.

In the absence of a Christian education and traditional Christian values -now driven from public schools and colleges – several decades of young people have no beliefs, no spiritual values and no humility. Mark Zuckerburg’s ‘Facebook’ has provided each empty mind with an opportunity to seek instant, undeserved momentary celebrity and ultimate disillusion, whilst enabling him to join the mega-rich Leftist celebrities.

Yesterday we accused the Far Left Democrat Party of building a totalitarian society. This needs to be said again. Can anyone deny that Leftists seek to forcibly prevent free speech, genuine intellectual discussion and opinions based on facts? They demand that there should be no more debate about man-made climate change, that Christianity be removed from all public places, that college campuses tolerate no mention of topics that offend Leftists, that Conservatives and Christians be denied a platform anywhere and dissenting bakers and photographers be put out of business. Now their judges sentence Christians to re-education camps. Is this not a march to totalitarianism?



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