Nikki Haley Makes Her Move

Using the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union Speech, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took aim at Donald Trump and his supporters. That she did so directly and not obliquely is very significant for hers was a full-frontal attack.

On this website we always try to take a step back in how the ‘news’ originates. It is all too easy to accept it at face value and respond, thereby missing its formation. Here we need to ask why Haley was selected and by who. Clearly she was chosen by a group of Republicans who comprise the Party’s establishment and was selected as its authentic voice. We can assume that the establishment included the Party’s leaders in Congress.

Haley will not have attacked Donald Trump -the Party’s leading candidate – as an after-thought nor simply because she personally dislikes him. The Republican Establishment must have fished around to find a speaker who was willing to attack Trump and who is in a position to impede his progress. In other words Haley’s selection was an under-cover operation involving key people, forging an agreement on using the speech to harm Trump.

We must not see Haley as a courageous women of principle who simply and alone decided to say her piece. She is a mouthpiece for a group and a willing participant. There will have been much conspiring and planning behind the scenes and we say without reservation that the conspirators had no interest in using the opportunity to oppose Obama and every interest in using it to bring down Trump.

Haley was a good choice for she is a woman, is photogenic and relatively young. She is ambitious too but most importantly she is the Governor of South Carolina, a Republican State that is the first big test of the primaries. If she can use her considerable influence in South Carolina to halt Trump’s victory march through the primaries, she will have earned the gratitude of the Party’s elite, Internationalist Big Business and the Mainstream Media. It is though a gamble for her because if Trump wins handsomely, she will have ignited a Republican Party civil war in her own backyard.

Presumably her hope is that if neither Trump nor Cruz ultimately win, the elite will push for her to be the winner’s VP candidate. The reward here would be a short-cut to the Presidency in 8 years time. In any case, she can rely on good funding from now on, including from the rich homosexual cabal, for she has cast her lot in with those compromisers who are ready to ditch real marriage, real Christianity and the traditions that make a Nation strong. She is one of the ‘lets move on’ brigade and will soon take the next step and ‘evolve’. What we learn from this about her is that real marriage, Christian beliefs and a strong Nation were never more than face make-up in order to get elected in a conservative State.

This morning I caught the first half-hour of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. He was asserting that the Republican Party’s elite rejects Donald Trump because he is an outsider and has not worked his way up through the usual Party channels. Although Trump is pulling in working class Democrats, women and independents -the groups the elite has long said are vital to the Party if it is to win elections – his status as an outsider, says Limbaugh, over-rides his acceptability even at the cost of losing a large portion of the Republican base.

He is wrong! It is not Trump’s outsider status but the latent Nationalism motivating his campaign that has made him the most feared and smeared Republican candidate in modern history. Trump, unlike all other candidates is a loose canon, for he needs no money from big donors and cannot be controlled by vested interests.

As if that was not bad enough, he is the voice of common sense at a time when common sense is in direct conflict with a Revolution that has to stifle it, in order to break with the past. Worse still, Trump’s home-grown common sense is dangerously close to Nationalism (or as his enemies would say ‘nativism’), at a time when Internationalism (an ideological goal for Leftists and a rewarding goal for Big Business and Wall Street), is close to victory.

But it is not just loose-canon Trump who is dangerous. It is the growing army of American people who are rallying to his banner, some of whom are more earnestly Nationalist than he is and ready for the fight that has been too long postponed. As the war on Trump and his followers unfolds, and as Trump himself becomes radicalized by the campaign (for we are in a dynamic situation), America seems to be lurching towards a civil war rather than an election.

The Far Left Democrats, Big Business, the Ruling Media Class and the collaborationist Republican establishment will all sink their differences and stop at nothing in order to snuff out Nationalism and its loose-canon leader. Trump says that he has bodyguards and a new protected life-style yet he looks dangerously vulnerable and still not fully aware of the great forces building around him.

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