Nationalists Advance In France (Nationalistes Advance En France)

It was always likely that France’s Far Left and ‘Moderate Right’ would combine in today’s elections to block the National Front getting control of Regional governments. In the UK, when the BNP was on the verge of capturing local government seats, the fake ‘Conservative ‘ Party was always ready to join with the Socialists, LibDems and Greens to fight what they all regarded as the ‘common enemy’ of Nationalism.

We can be sure that prior to today’s election, the French Mainstream Media (MSM) has been in overdrive to prevent a Nationalist victory. As in America, the Media Class, its Far Leftist allies, and the collaborators of the ’Moderate Right’, know that the real political divide is between Conservatism in the form of Nationalism; and the forces of social and economic Revolution properly described as Internationalism.

The MSM headlines and commentaries will seek to present the election as a massive defeat for French Nationalism. The reality, when detailed results emerge, will be that the National Front increased its vote all across France and captured many seats. The unprincipled pact between Far Left and ‘Moderate Right’ has revealed the emerging divide in French politics.

On one side is the Party that seeks to preserve borders, language, culture, national independence, Christianity, traditional morals and French identity. On the other side are Parties that may disagree on the details of monetary policy, taxation and the pace of the march to no borders, a one-world culture, the destruction of Christianity and traditional morals, but are agreed on the direction and the ultimate goal. They are all prepared to open the Nation’s borders to Muslim masses in order to destroy the French people’s identity, swamp the natives, suppress Christianity and sow disunity.

No doubt the French MSM in the last week promoted fear mongering about the rise of Nazism, had Pop Stars, Media celebrities, pro-sports and other Show-biz perverts parading on the TV screens with appeals to the brainwashed young for ‘toleration’, and re-assured the people that Islam was a religion of peace and the terrorists now contained.

If the USA and the UK are any guide, we can be sure that the Muslims and other un-integrated racial minorities were taken to the polls to vote over and over again. Despite all this, the French National Front has made huge inroads and now stands clearly as the biggest Party of the native people. We are especially pleased that Marine Le Pen’s niece, the most socially conservative NF leader, came so close to getting 50% of the vote in her Region. Let us hope that she will soon take the Party’s reins and un-equivocally unite French Nationalism and social conservatism.

Here in the USA, the latest MSM propaganda features commentators proclaiming that domestic terrorism can only be defeated if we enlist the aid of our Muslim population. This seductive argument claims that if we avoid alienating and offending Muslims with bigoted Donald Trump policies, they will turn over the ‘extremists’ in their midst. Of course, such a strategy requires silencing Donald Trump, keeping the doors open to Obama’s alien Islamic hordes, never mentioning that terrorists are Muslims and a cessation of profiling.

There is no evidence that this strategy would work, and since Trump exercises no power and Obama does, we can truly say that this strategy is in place now and it is not working. A large minority of America’s immigrant Muslims, devoted to the Koran and the Immams, seek domination by any means. Many more are at best neutral. Buried in this submissive strategy is the belief that Americans must do the adapting and make concessions and that those who come here are entitled to retain their way of life and beliefs. It is only a short step from this, to blaming Muslim terror on American failure to submit to never-ending Islamic demands.

On this website we take the view that Americans are entitled to take ANY steps necessary to protect themselves, whether or not it offends Muslims. If their Faith, as written in the Koran, is important to them, then they have come to the wrong country. Islam is incompatible with both Western religion and Western secularism.

America possesses the power to defeat any internal enemy and need not be held hostage by any minority. As it happens there are immigrants in America from countries like Iran, who came here to escape Islam.

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