Muslim Terrorists

On this website we say it like it is, ‘Muslim Terrorism’.

The Mainstream Medias (MSM) of Western Europe and the USA are propaganda organs for an Internationalist Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies, As such, their MSM’s peddle lies and disinformation disguised as News, and moral corruption disguised as Entertainment. Everything that emanates from them is debased to serve an agenda. We expose ourselves to their wares at great risk of being dangerously misled, kept in ignorance and morally seduced Those who operate the MSM are skilled, cunning, corrupt, and plausible. Their agenda is buried within their ‘News’ and their Entertainment. Generally, politicians and mainstream political Parties are their willing servants, or fearful collaborators in the advancement of the Ruling Class agenda.

Our longtime website visitors will be familiar with the Media Class/Leftist agenda which ranges from the normalization and popularization of sexual perversion, through Government confiscation and redistribution, to the destruction of Nation States, traditional Christian culture and racial identities.

The Muslim violence inflicted on Parisians yesterday can be attributed to those portions of the Ruling Class agenda that seek to destroy Western Nation States, Western Christian culture and racial identities. Western European political leaders who advance the European Union, America’s Democrat Party and its crypto/Muslim in the White House, and collaborators in the Republican leadership are all guilty men and women. They are responsible for masterminding the invasion of Muslims that has resulted in 9/11, the London and Glasgow bombings, countless smaller acts of Muslim terrorism and now the mass murder of the innocents of Paris.

It has been noted several times recently on America’s Conservative websites that the Republican elite harbors more hatred of its recalcitrant grass-roots base than it does for the Far Left Democrats. America’s secularists consistently reveal more hatred of their (harmless) Christian fellow-citizens than they do for Muslim killers.

Here is not the place to examine these bizarre and suicidal impulses that flourish in today‘s Western civilizations, but the impulses are real and we must recognize the Republican elite’s irrational hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters, the Far Left Democrat Party’s hatred of Christians and, going beyond America’s shores, Angela Merkel’s determination to open Europe’s doors to Islamic Imperialism.

Behind these irrational hatreds of their own political allies, kith and kin, traditions and cultures, lurk the Media Class/Far Leftists with their deeper moral and Internationalist agenda, only too willing to exploit irrationalism that coincides with it.

The Ruling Media Class/Far Left ideological agenda of erasing Western Nation States, erasing Christian morality, redistribution of wealth to Africa and ‘browning’ the West‘s population, can be advanced most quickly by opening the borders to the those races and cultures least fitted, or most hostile to the natives. Consequently, the politicians who are willingly owned or compromised by the Ruling Class use the power of Government and the MSM to embark on policies that seem suicidal. What else can explain the willingness and determination of mainstream politicians to open the doors to Islam’s homicidal hordes?

Obama’s enthusiasm for importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Arabia almost certainly arises from his racially-fueled resentment of America and its White natives, but the Far Left Party he leads is on board. Conservatives attribute this to a calculation that immigrants amount to Democrat votes. Whilst this may be true of Mexican immigrants, it does not explain the irrationality of importing Islamists who come to terrorize and violently colonize all – including Democrats, perverts and secularists.

One of the MSM propaganda techniques is to relentlessly compartmentalize things that belong together. Thus the news from Paris is all about ‘terrorists’ but never ‘Muslim terrorists’. Terrorism and Islam must be separated in the people’s minds, even though they are Siamese twins. NBC/AP News led with “Who was behind Paris terror attacks?” as though this was a mystery. Obama was much quoted declaring the Paris attack as “An attack on Humanity”. No, it was an attack on Europeans and Christians by Muslims with a mission. Merkel, she who has labored to swamp Europe with potential killers, declared “her thoughts were with the victims of the APPARENT terrorist attack”. She had the nerve to claim she was “deeply shocked”.

Rahm Emmanuel, a Far Leftist Obama adviser, famously said “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Our plea to Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Adam Walker, Clive Jefferson and all the Western Nationalists (politicians who are patriots, neither bought-and-paid for nor compromised by past indiscretions), is do not let the Paris crisis go to waste. The MSM will do all it can to prevent your responses reaching the people but find ways to remind the world that you have been right all along and the Internationalists are traitors.

We stand with Mark Levin and Michael Savage in condemning Trump’s attacks on Carson and especially his thoughtless remarks about child-molesting. However, the episode reveals a fatal flaw in Carson’s history. An autobiography is an albatross around the neck of any aspiring Conservative or Christian politician. It is predictable that the MSM will pick it apart to find a smear. Just because Far Left politicians can embroider, invent and lie with MSM impunity is no compensation. The MSM applies double standards at all times for ends justify means.

Carson, as a medical man should have known that the word ‘pathological’ refers to a disease and not a character blemish that is overcome by maturity or Religious conversion. Trump was correct in pointing out that an admission of pathology was an admission of being afflicted with a disease. As Trump unwisely but correctly commented, the compulsion to sexually abuse children is pathological.

I doubt Trump thinks Carson is either suffering from a pathological condition or is a child abuser and he should leave it to the MSM to attack Carson. They will! Trump can best spend all his time reinforcing his commitment to borders, defending America’s integrity and warning Obama’s Muslims that they will be sent back when he is in the White House.


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