Leftists, Moral Principles and Hillary Clinton

Thanks to the website ‘American Thinker’ and its article by Colin Flaherty – and no thanks to the MSM – we can learn the truth about a ‘racial’ incident that occurred on Thursday 3rd September in Oakland, California. The incident and the initial reporting of it reveal much about Leftists and the MSM. Regular visitors to our website will already be aware that the MSM is full of lying propaganda but this article also reveals everything we need to know about Leftists and their shamelessness.

Dr. Zoe Marks is a Leftist academic. An Internet search reveals that she has built a career around African/Black, gender/women and victim issues. From her posted pictures she appears to be White and her name suggests she may be Jewish. Since she considers ‘identity’ to be important, noting her color and speculating about her race seem relevant. Her academic bio suggests that she has never had a real job in her life but has moved from one University sinecure to another, often funded by Leftist Charities and all the while burnishing her reputation as a champion of the downtrodden and an expert on everything Black.

Mr. Flaherty reports that Dr. Marks claimed to be present in an Oakland, Ca. Whole Foods store when she witnessed a Black male shopper being attacked by an armed security guard and beaten to the ground, where he laid in a pool of blood. According to her, the attack was unprovoked and the MSM was quickly summoned to the scene to report her version of events. CBS News and Dr. Marks reported this incident as an example of how a Black person in the USA cannot shop for food, even in a Whole Foods store, without being beaten by armed guards. The story, courtesy of the MSM, went around the world.

Yahoo News and the San Francisco Weekly carry reports from two people who claim to have been witnesses just like Dr. Marks. Both are Black. Each reports that Dr. Marks’ ‘victim’ entered the store near closing time and one claims that he was drunk and aggressive to staff. At the check-out the shopper was told that he could not use his EBT card for certain items in his basket since EBT cards are for food only. Not covered were his cat food, beers and soap for which he would have to pay with cash.

One witness reports that the man spat in the face of the employee and became aggressive. The manager was called. Like the check out employee, he was Black. Both witnesses report that the man then began throwing the glass cat food jars on the floor where they smashed. The security guard was called to escort the man from the store and since the man resisted a struggle ensued. Since the guard, who was also Black, got the better of the struggle the man ended up on the floor and bleeding. This was the part of the incident Dr. Marks saw fit to record and report to the MSM and the World. The CBS News headline was “Black Man suffers Another Racist Beating”.

Now it is possible that the two Black witnesses have lied and that Dr. Marks version is partially accurate, even though the report omits mentioning that all involved were Black. On this website we prefer to believe the two witnesses, since modern day Leftists, especially Academics, have no more interest in truth than the MSM. The Leftist and MSM view is that the ends justify the means and that if a higher purpose is served by lies, then so be it!

This brings us to Hillary Clinton and her current problems over email. As our regular website visitors will know, we have long predicted that Hillary Clinton will not get the Democrat nomination. Our prediction is based on the belief that long ago Bill Clinton, and his disgusting buddy Ted Kennedy, were frequently and publicly contemptuous of homosexuals. Both were heterosexual predators who were proud of their conquests and their ‘manliness’. Such men, even when they indulged in sodomy with women, used to constantly and loudly make jokes about ‘pansy boys’, ‘faggots’ and ‘Nancy boys’. No man in that era foresaw a time coming in their lives when ‘pansy boys’ and their male counterparts would rule America.


The ‘pansy boy’ billionaires in Hollywood, thanks to the Media Class assumption of power, were, in 2007, in a position to pick the Democrat Party nominee. After all they have become the most significant funders of the Party. Furthermore their influence within the Media Class has given them the power to veto or promote candidates employing negative or positive MSM reporting.

Hillary Clinton in the White House inevitably means Bill Clinton in the White House, and the homosexual billionaires will never forgive him his past sins against them. Hillary can parrot the pro-homosexual agenda until the cows come home but she has the albatross of over-heterosexual Bill around her neck. In 2007 the billionaires promoted Obama and vetoed Hillary.

Today, key elements of the MSM are again vetoing Hillary. The steady MSM reporting of Hillary’s email scandal has nothing to do with ethical standards and honesty and everything to do with homosexual revenge.

The MSM has the power to bury Hillary’s email issue or any other of her many issues if it so wishes. A MSM that can establish for posterity Trayvon Martin as an innocent schoolboy, Michael Brown as a gentle giant, can bury the Lois Lerner IRS scandal and avoid asking where Obama was on the night of Benghazi, can invent and enshrine Hillary’s email innocence. It is choosing not to do so, even though there is a lack of alternative viable candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s brazen lies about the emails, indeed her brazen lies about almost everything, like Obama’s daily lies, do not bother the MSM, the Media Class, its Leftist allies, the Democrat rank-and-file and probably most Democrat voters. It is a sad fact that the modern (purged) Democrat Party and its voter base celebrate liars and hypocrites. They are that growing part of the American population that despises honor, dignity and patriotism, is discomforted by traditional morality and hates Christians. Hillary Clinton will be brought down, not by her scandals, but by her husband’s past indiscreet talk about homosexuals.

It now looks like Biden will be recruited and repackaged to provide an alternative, but we still don’t rule out Elizabeth Warren (another Dr. Marks!) or Michelle Obama. Biden will be a formidable TV Debate candidate unless pitted against Trump.

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