Good News and Bad News

The bad news comes first. The election victory of Justin Trudeau in Canada is a reminder that even when there is ample evidence of the disadvantages and burdens that Leftists and Far Leftists in power place upon ordinary people, the Mainstream Media can fool too many of those ordinary people.

Trudeau is the son of a former Canadian Prime Minister and playboy, Pierre Trudeau, who was Canada’s version of John Kennedy. With a wife considered to be glamorous and Pierre considered a man-about-town, the MSM presented them as Canada’s Camelot. Justin is a chip off the old block and promotes the same incremental Leftist agenda of man-made global warming being the greatest threat to mankind, creating an emasculated military, redistribution of wealth and an open Canadian door to the Third World.

On this website we do not keep close tabs on Canada’s politics but we are confident that the Canadian Mainstream Media (MSM) is no different than ours in that it has a Leftist, Internationalist, Revolutionary social/moral agenda, is heavily influenced by a homosexual/ pervert core and controls and manipulates the News and mass Entertainment. Over the last 9 years it will have worked to undermine the Harper Government and will have worked even harder to ensure the election of Trudeau. Trudeau, like his father, has cultivated the celebrity image that is so important to the Media Class for it implies ‘openness’, ‘toleration’, ‘inclusiveness’ and a rejection of traditional, time-tested moral values and National identity.

One Media explanation for Harper’s defeat is that after 9 years of his leadership, despite mostly sound government, the voters are bored and crave change. Regrettably there is some truth in this. Modern generations, brainwashed by the Media Class through its MSM, have become morally, spiritually and intellectually shallow. Rejecting traditional values and the wisdom of history properly understood, too many of today’s citizens are addicted to music that is empty and quickly discarded for the next new thing, clothes and hairstyles that change with fashion and are dictated by degenerate celebrities, written materials that cater to a short attention span and anything that is a distraction. Not surprisingly, such rootless voters get bored with workmanlike good government.

Since too many Western people share the weaknesses of Canadians, it is bad news when a Trudeau gets elected next door to the USA, for moral weakness is contagious for those who have not been inoculated by real knowledge, traditional religion and true history.

More bad news is the Biden decision to ‘not run’, announced since I began this article. We always calculated that he would not run until Hillary Clinton was forced out of the running. As we have repeatedly maintained, the modern Democrat Party was deliberately unshackled from the Democrat Party of the past and is now a Revolutionary Party of the Far Left. It finds it advantageous to wear the old clothes of democracy, and with MSM help, is able to convince gullible Republicans and voters that the USA enjoys the ‘politics as usual’ of compromise, when in fact it pursues a Revolutionary and uncompromising agenda. It is a Party hungry for totalitarianism and an end to free speech and diversity of ideas.

It is certain that Biden wanted to run. His sudden decision, bizarrely taken in the Rose Garden with Obama in attendance, suggests that either plans have gone wrong or Obama has changed his mind. Biden was never going to run AGAINST Clinton for the Party is totalitarian from top to bottom and would not tolerate a display of public division. Perhaps Biden’s campaigning speech today is a preparation for an eventual rescuing entry when Clinton is forced to withdraw because of criminal prosecution. We believe that an FBI prosecution is in the hands of Obama. It may be that Obama and his masters in the Media Class assumed that the covert MSM campaign of drip, drip on Clinton’s email scandal would have undermined rank-and-file support for Clinton. Instead, it is clear that the Party activists, like their leaders, care nothing for honesty and integrity and admire a brazen liar with no shame.

The good news for we Counter-revolutionaries is never revealed in the MSM. In Switzerland, the patriotic Right has made substantial gains in a recent election. Opposition to Third World immigration has grown and the Swiss clearly value their unique identity and independence. Remember, the Swiss, like Americans, are an armed people. The Hungarian leadership has stood firm and resisted Merkel’s calls for an EU open door. Now more Balkan governments are exerting control over their borders and their identity. This is good news for America’s Counter-Revolutionaries.

Merkel and her German comrades are the culprits most responsible for the Muslim invasion of Europe, for it is Germany’s immigration policy that has been the magnet pulling young, rootless, angry hordes from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Although America’s MSM deliberately misreports the situation, there is ample evidence that ordinary German people are mobilizing to resist.

The MSM here and across Europe will label resisters as ‘Far Right’, ‘Neo-Nazis’, ‘Xenophobes’, ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘extremists’. It is not the Right that is extremist and we must resist at all times these slanders. What is extreme in wanting to preserve one’s culture, language, religion, time-tested traditions, living standards and breathing space? What is extreme about resisting invaders when a land is already adequately populated and when the invaders are culturally and religiously hostile and carry a religion that is intolerant and homicidally violent? What is extreme or ‘Far’ about opposing sexual behavior that is unhygienic, unnatural and has been rejected by all civilizations and great religions? What is extreme about demanding that Governments and Courts honor the Constitution they have sworn to uphold? What is extreme about demanding the right to defend with weapons one’s home and family?

More good news! On Monday, 19th October, almost 8,000 people packed the Civic Center in Anderson, South Carolina to see and hear Donald Trump. It was the biggest crowd this center had ever hosted and the people stood shoulder to shoulder, waving Trump flags. What a plateau he is experiencing!

There is now a move by the Republican establishment to elect Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Conservatives in the Nation are rightly unenthusiastic, for Ryan is a ‘moderate’ and therefore fails to recognize that ‘politics as usual’ is a recipe for surrender to the Democrats and Obama.

We can add another objection to Ryan. The Speaker of the House is the nearest thing the Republicans have to a National Party leader when the White House is in Democrat hands. Does anyone remember when Ryan was Romney’s pick for Vice Presidential candidate? We watched him debate the ignorant, bullying Biden on TV. Biden walked all over the wonkish Ryan. Irrespective of Ryan’s lack of conservative credentials, he is not the man to seize the bully pulpit. Even a Christie or a Fiorina would be more effective but we need a House Speaker with the personality, Nationalism and backbone of a Donald Trump.


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