Death Penalty Will Be Next To Fall

It is the core purpose of this website to reveal the existence of America’s new Ruling Class, its Allies and their joint Revolutionary agenda.

It is our contention that a new Ruling Class is inherently revolutionary, driven to create a society that reflects its Class interests and compelled to sweep away everything of the old pre-revolutionary society that stands in the way of its revolutionary agenda.

The Media Class is numerically small and its own moral-social agenda initially unpopular, so there have been and still are huge benefits to be gained (unsuspected control over news and entertainment for propaganda) by remaining concealed. In order to acquire a visible political framework, foot-soldiers and sheer numbers, the Media Class acquired the Democrat Party by purging it of social conservatives and has forged a mutually rewarding alliance with the Far Left of Academia, the Public Service Unions, Government employees and America’s non-integrated and radicalized minorities.

Prior to the stealthy revolutionary take-over that culminated in the election of Barack Obama and the Democrat capture of Congress in 2008, the USA had no Ruling Class. It had instead many competing Classes, the rival geographical and cultural populations of a Nation that developed piece-meal, and powerful State legislatures, all of which were able to survive and compete into the 21st Century under a unique written Constitution and a separation of powers between Presidency, Congress, Supreme Courts and State Legislatures. Prior to 2008, the Federal Government was not all-powerful.

Ruling Classes are not conspiracies though they may indulge in them. They are almost always created by a combination of blind forces of technology that favor certain groups and bring them together to form a Class. If the blind forces are powerful enough, create a sufficiently wealth Class and have enough other advantages, Class consciousness develops, leading to a compulsion to remake the host society in its own image. The expression of this compulsion, no matter how non-violent it may be pursued, is Revolutionary for it requires the eradication of the old pre-revolutionary society. A revolution is not necessarily fought over street barricades though they may come to American cities.

It is not accidental that the Media Class junior partner of choice was the Far Left, for the Far Left also wishes to sweep away the old (conservative/traditional) society and create an entirely new one. We might say that the Media Class seeks a sexual Utopia and the Far Left seeks an egalitarian Utopia, but this would be to confer on both an idealism that they do not deserve. For under the idealism and Utopianism there lurk the driving forces of self-interest, manifested in carnal lust, greed, privilege and the desire for power over others. Nevertheless, a combination of idealism and self-interest can generate a powerful and impatient force.

The Revolution in America has proceeded far enough for the smartest on the Right to perceive that something more than ‘the old politics’ is transforming society. Unfortunately none see clearly enough the sources of the Revolution, its depth, its width and its goals. Failure to recognize the Ruling Class, its source and exercise of power through the MSM (news and entertainment), its alliances, its revolutionary nature, its preoccupation with creating a new morality, and its roots in fantasy and decadence, will result in defeat for the Right and degeneracy for the ordinary American people.

At the same time as the Media Class advances its immoral agenda, its allies on the Far Left, camouflaged by the MSM, and sharing control of the White House and the Federal Judiciary, are marching rapidly toward a centralized America, unchained from the Constitution and governing a disarmed, silenced racially submerged people. Totalitarianism is their ultimate goal.

Even the best of the Republican candidates for 2016 fail to grasp that they are being called upon to lead a counter-revolution and nothing less than militant leadership will do.

As the Obama-fronted Revolution advances, marriage has fallen and now the ground is prepared for the suppression of the traditional Christian Churches. The capture of the Boy Scouts prepares the ground for increased official moral corruption of the Nation’s youth. Marriage and a compliant Boy Scouts of America are not complete goals in themselves but merely another advance to a shocking goal.

Next to be revolutionized are crime and punishment. We have already witnessed the elevation of mob rule in Ferguson, Baltimore and other big cities with Black populations. The camouflage for change has been provided by the MSM with its serial tales of police brutality and Black victimization. Every MSM newspaper article and TV discussion stresses the numerical inequality of Black arrests, convictions and deaths – all deliberately detached from relevant statistics of Black crime. Already, the Nation’s Big City police forces are in retreat from Black mob rule of the streets and redistribution of wealth through sporadic looting. A national police force, guided by a Leftist political agenda and intent on subduing productive citizens is surely a DOJ and Obama goal.

Ending the death penalty is now emerging as the next major Leftist priority. This is not because the Left values life for one of its litmus tests is enthusiasm for the killing of innocent babies. The Left’s emotional and practical opposition to the Death Penalty is four-fold.

Capital Punishment is a clear symbol of the people’s unwillingness to tolerate serious crime. It is the back-stop of law and order and reassures the law-abiding that there is justice. It is an expression of the Old Order.

Capital punishment is society’s recognition of the Christian belief in Right and Wrong. Christianity’s absolutes stand in contrast to moral relevancy.

The ideological Left secretly despises lawful and industrious people who are the backbone of the Old Order. The Left, and especially those in Academia’s gated communities and Hallowed Halls, secretly admire the underclass, the riff-raff, the spongers, the work-shy and criminals. They see them as soul brothers who have rejected Christianity, morality, productive work and conscience.

Since urban Blacks commit most murders and therefore are executed in greater numbers than Whites, Asians, Orientals and Latinos, and since urban Blacks are the major un-integrated minority in the Alliance, Capital Punishment has become a symbol of ‘race oppression.’

The Nebraska legislators’ decision this week to abolish the Death Penalty was a landmark victory for the forces of Revolution. It was as significant as the first decision by a State legislature to legalize same-sex marriage, thus opening the way for the MSM to manufacture a momentum myth that eventually became a reality.

Reporter Ashby Jones in the WSJ jubilantly noted that Nebraska was not only “the seventh State since 2007 to scrap the death penalty and the latest sign of weakening support for capital punishment in statehouses across the country.” Ashby joins Jess Bravin as a WSJ opponent of law and order.

What excited Ashby was “the move was driven by a bi-partisan group of legislators”. In other words, a sufficient minority of Republicans was bought, intimidated or flattered into betraying their supporters and voters. Capital punishment is clearly an issue that should be decided by referendum, but, like SSM, a wealthy, powerful and ruthless Ruling Class with a MSM can find renegades on the Right at crucial times.

It is the claim of this website that powerful, wealthy Leftist forces (think George Soros), in tandem with the MSM, have been planning, plotting and building a Nationwide campaign to identify potential Republican renegades and dupes and to roll out a momentum of States voting to abandon CP. Combined with this has been the choking off the supply of chemicals and equipment used for execution.

Today, right on cue, came an article in the WSJ by Phillip M. Thompson, executive director of Emory University’s Aquinas Center of Theology, calling for Christians to oppose the Death Penalty and citing Nebraska as a “tide building”. On this website we could take Thompson’s article to pieces, including his claim that many innocents are executed and that murderers will be severely punished for their crimes. After life imprisonment emerges the inevitable cry that incarceration is cruel and pointless.

Counter-revolutionaries must champion the victims of crime whether they be the murdered, their relatives or people who have had their buildings and businesses looted and burned by rioters. The MSM ensures that some groups of victims are quickly forgotten.


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