Cruz Ducks Savage Interview

Today Michael Savage invited Donald Trump onto his radio program to comment on the Cruz accusation that Trump was responsible for masterminding the weekend’s National Enquirer scandal story. Trump came on the program and stated that he had no connection with it and had not been aware of the story prior to its publication. Savage reported that he had also invited Cruz onto the program but that the Cruz camp had not even acknowledged the invitation. Our website visitors will draw their own conclusions from this lack of response.

For our part, we were persuaded that Trump was telling the truth and reinforced our belief that Trump is not a liar. To be more specific, having watched many Trump rallies and listened to his MSM interviews, one reason we favor his candidacy is because he is an open book. What you see is what you get. Trump, thank goodness, is not a politician and not a lawyer. He does not weigh his words, does not parse them, does not indulge in double-talk. He is a very plain – and at times unsophisticated- speaker.

The Cruz refusal to speak with Savage, is not reassuring, especially with regard to the National Enquirer story. Website visitor Jim Orr has accused us of leaning toward calumny in our recent article. This is strong language, since calumny is defined as, “a malicious misrepresentation of the words or actions of another; slander; a false charge”. We re-read the article and believe we were careful in our words and balanced when commenting on the NE charges.

No doubt many Cruz supporters feel that we should either not have commented on the NE article or simply dismissed it, since giving it publicity gave it some credence. Their view is that the NE is a scandal magazine and thus not to be recognized by reputable commentators.

It is our view, based on past experience, that when the NE writes about politicians, all should take notice. We live in a Media-dominated era. The MSM has an agenda, issues only propaganda, controls and suppresses the news. Only around the Media fringes can truth sometimes be found. The NE is an occasional source of real news, just as Private Eye in the UK was once a source of the news Britons were not supposed to read about.

NE has broken scandal about politicians and powerful figures several times, and been right. Unlike the MSM, it has not been one-sided. Leading Democrats have been hit hard by its headlines. In the case of Ted Cruz, he has chosen to employ his Christianity as a shibboleth in State contests where winning the Christian vote has been crucial. Only a fool would deny that he has sought to gain the Christian vote by contrasting himself with Trump the adulterer.

He moved quickly to blame Trump for the NE story -in the absence of any evidence and much evidence to the contrary – yet did nothing to distance himself from the Utah pre-election campaign about Trump’s wife’s nudity of years ago. We think Cruz is a slippery and calculating politician before he is a Christian.

Jim Orr claims that the NE has endorsed Trump, that its owner is a Trump buddy and therefore Trump must be guilty as charged by Cruz. Both of these statements about Trump’s connection to NE are news to us and we welcome his evidence.

When the primary contests first commenced we shared Mark Levin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s enthusiasm for Cruz. All we knew of Cruz was that he was a defender of the Constitution, was a fiscal Conservative rebel in the Senate, and was a defender of social Conservatism. That was good enough for us and compared favorably to the other Republican contestants, several of who sought to occupy similar positions. That is, until Trump erupted on to the electoral stage and put the Nationalist cause front and center.

We were prejudiced against Trump at the beginning for we only knew about him from the MSM and his connection with TV shows. Since we have not watched any TV for more than 20 years and still have no idea what his show contests are about, we assumed that he was a superficial MSM celebrity.

Trump’s blunt speech about the border and Mexican illegals was a trail-blazer. When he refused to back down in the face of the predictable MSM-orchestrated storm we decided to take him seriously. His follow-up attacks on the one-sided version of free trade that has been promoted by fiscal Conservatives as well as the White House, were a revelation.

His common-sense stance opposing Muslim immigration, both courageous and wholly politically incorrect, drew us to the Internet to follow his rallies. There we saw, time and time again, that he is the voice of an American Nationalism that must take precedence in this election over ideological Conservatism. As we have written, Cruz has proved to be a Johnny-come lately to Nationalism.

Trump’s rallies also revealed that he has reached beyond the ranks of ideological Conservatives to America’s White working class. As Counter-revolutionaries, we must march with them. A devout Baptist Chinese American remarked to me yesterday that the enemies that Trump has made in this contest confirm his credentials as our standard-bearer, no matter his blemishes.

In contrast to our growing affection for, and trust in, Trump, a man who speaks off the cuff at all times, will take on any interviewer, and has a sense of humor. Cruz has struck us as shifty, humorless, opportunistic and calculating in his use of Christianity. Trump has nothing to gain and much to lose by his campaign for the White House. Cruz is, first and second an ambitious politician and a lawyer. We can assure Jim Orr that if Cruz wins the nomination we will vote for him, whether or not he is a hypocritical adulterer. Too much is at stake to allow another Democrat to occupy the White House.

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