Christmas Farewell

Tomorrow may be the last Christmas day American Christians will enjoy in relative freedom. The forces of Leftist, atheistic, Totalitarianism have been advancing across the Nation with breathtaking speed as Obama, his perverted and libertine masters, and their Leftist allies, have captured the Supreme Court, the Federal Judiciary, Public Education and Big Business while Hollywood has captured the souls of too many Americans.

This has been a year in which Christians have been ferreted out and driven from employment as a consequence of token support for traditional (authentic) marriage. It has been a year during which Christians owning small businesses have been sought out and victimized by perverts, bankrupted by Judges and sentenced to re-education. It has been a year in which the Boy Scouts of America have been bludgeoned into welcoming sodomy into their tents. It has been a year in which the President has taken every opportunity to celebrate the perverted lifestyle on the White House lawns whilst using all his powers to ridicule and suppress the Christian lifestyle that celebrates family life, good parenting and industrious, law-abiding citizens.

It has also been a year of arbitrary law and the brazen misuse of Government machinery to persecute conservative opponents. The year has seen the removal of all public symbols deemed offensive to the Godless, provocative to alien primitive believers and enraging to those who despise America’s past and would re-write its history.

Next November, as a result of relentless MSM propaganda and lies, intimidation, massive fear-mongering, racism, billionaire funding of Leftist politicians and activists, fraudulent voting, and the treachery of Republican turn-coats, Hillary Clinton will inherit the Presidency, promising to complete the Revolution that was announced eight years before. The complete suppression of Bible-based Christianity will surely follow. Nothing has impeded the advance of militant atheism and moral corruption so far, so electoral defeat for a divided and betrayed Right will surely sound the death-knell for Christians.

Clinton, a totally-unprincipled career politician who believes in nothing except power and the accumulation of personal wealth, has demonstrated her willingness to pander to the Far Left and the Media perverts. She will, just like Obama, use the Presidency to eliminate all Christian institutions that refuse to ‘move with the times’. Pastors and Priests who adhere to the Bible’s teachings will find themselves persecuted and prosecuted for resisting new laws, and their Churches and schools denied tax relief, planning permissions and protection from mob violence.

Christians in the Western World, in an effort to appease the Revolutionary Media Class and its Leftist allies, have retreated from politics and abandoned the muscular Christianity that was exemplified by such hymns as ‘Soldiers Of Christ Arise And Put Your Armor On’, ‘Fight The Good Fight’, and the line ‘No Foe Shall Stay His Might, He Will With Lions Fight’.

Their submissiveness to the New Order contained in that weasel phrase ‘Love the sinner, not the sin!’ – as though the two can be separated – has only enraged the sodomite and the abortionist. Today’s Christians, whose symbolic marches for ‘Life’ have been made invisible by a MSM that celebrates a dozen protesting perverts, have lost the will to resist. Like the German Jews of the 1930’s, the Christian retreat from hostile political forces will pave the way for their forcible dispatch to the next world.


  1. Very well put! I can hardly say that I disagree in terms of most “Christians” rolling over and playing dead. In a time when we as Christians must stand for that which is right, it does look grim…but God has always had a remnant who is not willing to sell their birthright for a “bowl of pottage”. Christians must take a stand for the Word of love yes, but take a stand we must!

  2. Another good article, though I believe that our demise was planned and instigated at least as far back as the 19th century. Barack Obama has simply been the one to put the nails in our coffin. Hillary Clinton will be the one to lower the coffin into the grave. And someone will come along behind her to fill the remainder of that grave with dirt.

    Nevertheless, God is on His throne. I know who wins in the end, because I skipped to the back of the book.

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