Casebolt, Iber and now Loehmann

In our previous article we called for the re-instatement of Cpl. David Casebolt, the police officer who was called to a pool party in McKinney, Texas, where he, unlike his 11 fellow-officers, was unwilling to pussy—foot around with young Black thugs. In the video of the incident, which immediately ignited the now routine and orchestrated Black outrage and condemnation, everyone can see Casebolt behaving with speed, energy and uncompromising authority. Obviously the video, shot by a by-stander or participant in the inter-racial riot, shows only a small segment of what took place but it was enough for this writer to speculate about what the MSM reporting was suppressing.

A website visitor with local police insider information and access to more video confirms that our speculation was not far off the mark. Casebolt was doing his job without fear or favor and getting into the thick of things, unlike his wiser colleagues. Quite properly, he treated a young Black 14 year-old who was embroiled in the inter-racial fighting, as a law-breaker and a threat. He treated her male associates as a lethal threat and chased them off. Casebolt would not have known the age of the girl when acting. In any case many Black 14 year-old girls, despite racial oppression, material deprivation and welfare dependency are remarkably tall, heavy and strong.

Casebolt’s colleagues, perhaps aware of their chief’s gutlessness and fear of political repercussions, must have seen him going in where angels now fear to tread. Poor Casebolt foolishly doing his job! In the new Revolutionary America of Black supremacy on the streets, a MSM bent on propaganda and the DOJ as an arm of oppression, Casebolt may be the last cop to do his duty when Blacks are law-breaking.

Alberto Iber may have been the last man in employment to venture an honest opinion based on truth. Ibor was the Principal of North Miami Senior High School, a school with 100% Black pupils.

Ibor saw the same video that we saw and concluded that Casebolt had merely been doing a good job. Unlike McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley, who also saw the video and suspended Casebolt for doing too good a job, Ibor wrote three short honest sentences on the Internet in Casebolt’s defense. One of the Revolutionary snoops that now infest America, identified and ‘outed’ Ibor. His school district immediately dismissed him from his job.

The reasons given for this Soviet-style action was that Ibor was not representing the District’s core values. “Insensitivity – intentional or perceived – is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies, but more importantly with our expectation of common sense behavior that elevates dignity and humanity of all, beginning with children”

We will speculate that Ibor, as Principal of an all-Black school, has seen more than enough of the new, post-2008, empowered, ignorant and unbridled Black youth to know what he was talking about, but truth on race issues (homosexuality, immigration, climate change and almost everything else) is now ‘unacceptable and inconsistent’ with the Revolution.

Ibor’s disappearance into the Gulag, where he will join Cpl. Casebolt, will bring not a hint of a protest from Republican candidates for 2016 or members of Congress. They are all grandly preoccupied with Obama’s Fast Track and looking the other way as two decent men –and thus all decent men- are forever silenced. We call this ’fiddling while Rome burns’. The official language used to condemn Casebolt, Ibor and others before them could not have been better written by George Orwell.

It is worth noting here that in a tiny number of instances, a White police officer deserves dismissal and more, for violence to a Black suspect. This weekend I saw a video clip on the Internet of a Black man being repeatedly and viciously kicked whilst on the ground. This took place in Orlando and we hope the Officer finds himself in Court and Prison.

The latest racial Revolutionary ‘justice’ is about to unfold in Cleveland, Ohio, where Officer Loehmann is about to be lynched by an official enquiry.

Officers Loehmann and Garmback were unlucky to be responding to a call from the public that a Black youth was waving and pointing a gun. When they raced to the scene, and remember that this was for them potentially a life and death situation, they found Tamir Rice, a Black 12 year old, with a gun stuck in his belt. Rice reached to pull the gun out and Loehmann shot him dead with one bullet.

The Leftist propaganda pictures on the Internet show the unfortunate Rice as a cherubic boy/child, but by now we counter-revolutionaries know how carefully selected and misleading these pictures are. We think of the pictures of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and are on guard.

It transpired, after the shooting, that Rice had a pellet gun. Media and official reports merely say that “a friend had just given it to him with the advice to be careful because it looked real” A proper enquiry would want to know why a ‘friend’ would be giving a realistic-looking gun to a 12 year old in a dangerous neighborhood and where were Mr. and Mrs. Rice.  We predict that Loehmann is headed for the Gulag to join Casebolt and Ibor.

A website visitor has reminded us of an insightful comment by Voltaire and we have inserted only the word ‘new’. “To learn who makes the (new) rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

A navy pastor also on the way to the Gulag has been found guilty of being “unable to function in a diverse and pluralistic navy”. What this means in pre-revolutionary English is that his Christian beliefs make sodomites feel judged. That will never do!

Revolutionary words and phrases much in vogue in MSM propaganda during this crackdown on free speech include ‘under-served neighborhoods’. This translates into pre-Revolutionary language as urban Black areas where businesses fear to tread or all stores have been fully looted and burned.

‘Racially charged’ translates into areas or situations where Blacks are about to erupt into violence.

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