Boy Scouts Must Bend Over

Robert Gates, as US Secretary of Defense under Bush and Obama, ended the ‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’ (DADT) policy of the military. This policy had enabled homosexuals and lesbians to serve provided they did not openly exhibit unnatural behavior. In its place, thanks to Robert Gates, homosexuals and lesbians are now permitted to be vocal about their unnatural sexual appetites and openly practice their perverted behaviors without fear of dismissal.

The average citizen and even the average conservative fails to look down the road when changes are promoted that do not have an immediate personal impact. Even when such changes are quite radical, even shocking, today’s average citizen remains passive unless there is an immediate personal consequence. Few take their eyes off the laptop, the TV sports channel, the dogs need for a bowel movement or the BBQ to consider what might happen to them later in the bigger scheme of things. This seems to be true of modern Christians who are now disengaged from this world, fatalistic about it and focused on entry into next world.

Never has this public disengagement and Christian fatalism been more pronounced than it is on today’s hot topic, same-sex marriage (SSM), which has been cunningly sold by the MSM as ‘marriage equality’. In reality, the legitimization of SSM and the military’s abandonment of DADT are merely two strategic objectives captured by our new Revolutionary Ruling Class on their march to an authoritarian, socialist, materialist and libertine Utopia.

As Robert Gates must have foreseen, once homosexuality was no longer officially discouraged it was but a short and predictable step to official approval of it, license for the fox to prowl among the chickens, and the designation of homosexuals as a protected class. As Gates and the homosexual strategists in the Ruling Class well knew, because Christians regard homosexuality as sinful, Christian Servicemen and Servicewomen would quickly find the position reversed. And so it was! In double-quick time Christian service personnel discovered that they themselves were serving under ‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’ regarding their beliefs.

This has now evolved into a policy whereby Christians are no longer welcome in an inclusive military and any mention of God is punishable. Since many Service people were Christian and few were homosexual, the Armed Services leaders have been purged and the purge-survivors are now purging the ranks. Military barracks will soon resemble San Francisco bathhouses.

Gates is one of those privileged insiders whose career has consisted of endless appointments to executive positions in major organizations. We might reasonably describe him as an elitist and a man willing to adapt to changing tastes. No doubt his work for the homosexual cause has opened even more doors for him and the bestowing of more honors. Any large organization that is looking to have the approval of Obama’s Revolutionary government, the benevolence of Big Business, and the generosity of the libertine rich will welcome Gates onto their Board. His presence is a passport to government approval, freedom from persecution, and a guarantor of Big Business largesse.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), like Boy Scouts all over the Western World, is a traditionalist, Christian-leaning and patriotic organization for boys. It exists to provide boys with adventure, Christian morals and the tools for good citizenship.  Since organizations for boys have always attracted homosexual predators, the BSA has had its share of bad experiences. In response to one particularly bad scandal, the BSA specifically banned homosexuals from membership, both as leaders and troopers. As senior scouts are as old as 18, it has always been possible for the sexually unaware to be exposed to the sexually (and corrupted) aware. Camping and other activities away from home has resulted in more parental involvement than in the past.

The decision of the inner cabal of the BSA to appoint Robert Gates as its President was likely the result of much secret planning by homosexual activists. Gates’ DADT credentials will have been his main qualification, plus his elitist ‘respectability’. No doubt some in the cabal had lost the stomach for resistance to the contemporary Ruling Class pressure of MSM, government, Big Business and homosexual activists. Others will have been attracted by the expectation of an end to tight budgets, and reo-opened doors to public facilities in Leftist Cities and States. It was inevitable and predictable that Gates would labor to lift the ban on homosexuals, and so he has!

The wealthy homosexual ‘community’ of America could have easily funded a national organization parallel to BSA. It could have been promoted as welcoming to homosexual boys and homosexual leaders and inclusive of all tastes and life-style choices, including every perversion imaginable. This would have solved the problem of those homosexuals and transvestites desperate to practice scouting whilst satisfying their sexual appetites. Some genuinely liberal parents would surely have enrolled their boys in order to parade their commitment to inclusiveness. Obama, if he had had sons, would surely have delivered them to the pleasures of sodomy, water sports and rimming in tents.


The reality is that the homosexuals and their Leftist allies in our new Ruling Class are not interested in the BSA except as a citadel of normalcy that needs to be captured and made submissive. It is immaterial to them if a new policy of ‘inclusiveness’ leads to a mass exodus of boys and their parents, for the MSM will ensure that such an outcome will be concealed from the public.

No worldly-wise and caring parent of a young boy is going to expose him to the risk of permanent corruption by peers or figures of authority. A good parent will have been exercising a close watch on the older boy scouts and leaders before placing his son with them. The recent decision by BSA to allow openly homosexual boys to take part has led to many responsible parents withdrawing from membership. The acceptance/recruitment of homosexual leaders will hasten the departure of many more and there is already a new Christian organization called ‘Trail Life’ which will work hard to be pervert-free.

However, we predict that the homosexual activists in our Ruling Class have already made plans to deal with this resistance in the near future. With the power of Government, control of the Media and enormous wealth at their disposal, no child will be left behind for long. It will not be long before Leftists will be calling for the rescue of children from bigoted parents so that they can be fully educated for a place in the Utopia.

Saida Grundy, a Black assistant professor of sociology and African-American Studies at Boston University has said that White males are a problem population. A website picture of this outstanding academic shows a young woman remarkably similar to Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Mayor of Baltimore, and Marilyn Mosby the State’s Attorney. It seems that straightened hair and other non-African beauty treatments are now in fashion among ‘educated’ Black activists.

Americans who are aware of the recent home invasion in Washington DC that led to the deaths and torture of Savvas Savopoulos (aged 46) his wife Amy (aged 47), their ten year old son Philip and housekeeper Veralicia Figuero (aged 57), may come to the more rational conclusion that it is Black males who are a problem population.

Daron Dylan Wint (34) and four associates have been arrested in connection with the torture, robbery and deaths. The MSM, in so far as it is willing to report this dreadful crime, has been describing the victims’ home as a ‘mansion’ and the victims as ‘wealthy’. No prizes for guessing the race of the alleged perpetrators. We are betting that they are Black.

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