American Nationalism on the Rise

We surely are living in exciting and unpredictable times. Today, the world’s Stock Markets are in turmoil, the Democrat Party is in turmoil and so is the Republican Party. The cause in each case is quite different but there is no doubt that the turmoils will, at least for a time, come together.

On this website we are not going to predict anything about the US Stock Market other than to say that it has long been grossly over-valued thanks to nearly 7 years of money-printing detached from the real economy. Since Governments all across the world have been doing the same thing there has been a kind of international equilibrium and a semblance of world-wide economic stability. It looks likely that the Chinese Government has upset the equilibrium and who knows where the chips will fall? Certainly not the experts who failed to predict this.

If – a big ‘if’ this Monday morning here in middle California – the US market suffers a pro-longed (in time) fall in value, the primary contests in our two political parties will be significantly impacted. The first effect will be that Media attention will switch back to Obama and Janet Yellen and away from the primary contests. Any fall in business confidence will soon be reflected in rising unemployment numbers, making immigration an even hotter topic.

The Democrat Party’s internal problems could not have come at a worse time for it. A Party that is essentially totalitarian in character is least able to handle a transition of leadership, or in-fighting and disunity at the top. The Biden/Warren ‘court-ship of convenience’ at the weekend has to be evidence of a plot to challenge the Clintons. We describe it as a ‘courtship of convenience’ for what do Biden and Warren have in common other than naked ambition? Nevertheless it is a partnership that the MSM could spin in social/political terms (man/woman; White man/Red Indian; Horny handed son of toil/delicate Intellectual; Political Experience/Idealism) but not a combination fitted to deal with a recession or depression. Perhaps Biden should tap Michelle and have not only the first female President-in-waiting but also the first Black woman.

We have always predicted that Hillary and Bill will not be tolerated in the White House by the Hollywood billionaires and now we are even more certain. However, we cannot see Hillary exiting gracefully. Graceful she is not and many rank-and-file Democrat wimmen are identified with her. Let the fighting commence!

On the Republican side, a pronounced economic recession and especially a depression, would surely favor Trump. Who can credibly argue for the admission of immigrants of any status when large numbers of Americans are joining the unemployment lines? Either way, slump or continued anemic recovery, Trump, in demanding a wall, deportation of all illegals, the end of tax credits and sanctuary cities, and no anchor-baby loopholes, has blown a hole in the Internationalist’s dam. He has un-corked American Nationalism. As long as he continues, without compromise, to hammer this one theme of halting all immigration and reversing illegal immigration, he will find himself at the head of the Counter-revolution.

All those who work, surreptitiously or openly, for Internationalism, an end to Nation States, open borders, a holocaust of Whiteness and global redistribution, are busy pointing out Trump’s inconsistent political past, his ‘simplistic’ solutions and his lack of comprehensive and detailed programs on health-care, education, fiscal policy, foreign policy et al. They are failing to see the big Nationalist picture that is re-emerging not only in the USA but in Europe.

Trump, here in the USA, has spoken out in defense of Nationhood and just in time. In Europe and many other Western Nations such speech has been criminalized so that no legitimate leadership can arise. In Greece, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Canada free speech on race, language, borders, culture and normal sexuality has been effectively proscribed. Resistance has been suppressed and only now is emerging in violent street demonstrations.

Here in the USA, given another 16 months of Obama in the White House; collaborators Boehner and McConnell in Congress, and the defeatists in conservative ranks like George Will, it might have been possible to outlaw opposition to immigration as hate-speech. Trump has breached the dam and energized supporters are pouring through it. They do not care about his dilettante past, his lack of a sophisticated program for education reform or his three marriages. What they see is that his candidacy offers the last hope to save their Nation State, its people, what is left of their culture and their free speech.

There are those on the Nationalist Right who dismiss Trump as an imposter or as falling short on Race/Blood. Let us hope they are a small minority and for the rest of us, let us not look a gift-horse in the mouth! Trump is a gift-horse with a unique gift and this last weekend provided an example of it. Across America tens of thousands demonstrated against Planned Parenthood. The MSM has effectively suppressed this news. In contrast, if 10 perverts had demonstrated for SSM in Moscow, the MSM would have head-lined them.

Donald Trump has been forcing an unwilling and hostile MSM to report him and so far he has turned their hostility to his advantage. No other Republican candidate with a Nationalist or conservative message has that gift.

Here is a suggestion for The Donald. So far you have targeted Latino immigrants. What about Muslim immigrants, surely the most dangerous of all groups.

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