We Live in Revolutionary Times

Several years ago on this website we began identifying the emerging Media Class. We observed its growing power, wealth and political potential to remake America in its own image. We noted the innate character of its constituent parts and concluded that such character could only be expressed through a truly Revolutionary agenda. In order to remake America in its own image, we argued, this new Class would seek to destroy America’s existing Christian moral framework and with it the Constitutional government, for both were obstacles to the creation of a new (and untested) kind of society. With the election of the Obama/Democrat government of 2008, we claimed that the Revolution was upon us and that all those who consciously or instinctively resisted the agenda were, ipso facto, counter-revolutionaries. We also identified the natural allies that the Media Class had acquired to win power at the ballot box. Since then we have pointed out that the old politics that are maintained on the surface for the benefit of those who take comfort in familiarity, have actually been discarded by the Revolutionaries for a new politics of ruthless intolerant warfare without rules. Finally, we have predicted that the Revolutionaries are building a Totalitarian State.

When we first began using terms like ‘revolutionary’, ‘new Class’ ‘ stealthy agenda’, ‘Media Class’, ‘purging’, ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘counter-revolutionary’, we knew that website visitors would consider us extreme fear-mongers incapable of understanding America’s history of Constitutional government and the strength of America’s Christianity. We believed our lying eyes and remembered how relatively unpopular revolutionary movements in modern history have quickly demolished national frameworks that have existed for centuries. Given the Leftist alliance that slipped into power in 2008, we saw parallels with the Leninist/Trotskyite/Stalinist takeover of Russia in 1917 from the democratic Kerensky government and even more with the Paris revolution that led to the violent transformation of France and the destruction of French Catholicism. We saw that traditional institutions can be swept away remarkably quickly and armies, police, and judiciaries easily and quietly purged.

Most of all, we saw that the Media Class, with its near total control of news and entertainment, has a power of propaganda that Stalin and Hitler would have envied.

We believe that many of our website visitors, contemplating the latest official demands for acceptance of sodomy, gender-choice, SSM, Government by edict, the purging of the military and Federal Courts, open borders, citizenship and more for unlimited numbers of aliens, Black mob rule on the streets and Court-ordered brainwashing for Christians, will no longer consider us extreme or alarmist.

This last week, two more Churches in the South were extensively vandalized by militant homosexuals. This will go unmentioned by the MSM and most of America’s Christians will sleep on, unaware that soon they will be criminalized.

We live in Revolutionary times!


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  1. For the current predicament of Western civilization to be grasped in its entirety, it must be understood and acknowledged that this revolution has been in action, quietly and incrementally, for the past 60 years. This is the new Bolshevist Revolution, brought about by generational psychological and social conditioning.

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