The Constitution Has Been Shredded

As expected the Roberts Court paved the way for the next official assault on Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. With the issue of ‘marriage’ out of the way, and homosexuality officially recognized as normal, the perverts will now move to outlaw all organizations that fail to embrace their sexual practices.

All those passive dopes who thought that ‘equality of marriage’ would end the public bickering will discover the agitation has only just begun. There is no end to a descent into debauchery and licentiousness. The debauched, by definition, will never be satisfied. The next step of the Revolutionaries will be an attack on those Churches unwilling to acknowledge and indulge sodomy, cross-dressing and sado-masochism.

The Supreme Court’s majority is now a rubber stamp for all ‘progressive’ legislation and all but three of the Justices are eager to shred the Constitution they swore to uphold. Roberts is a suborned turncoat and the vainglorious Kennedy has long preened himself in the limelight as the ’swing’ vote. Roberts’ vote against SSM was engineered to restore his credibility as a conservative after his blatant betrayal of his oath when legislating Obamacare. It is our claim that he knew his vote would not save real marriage.

It is surely apparent to everyone on the Constitutional Right that America is now a truly lawless society, one in which arbitrary lawmaking by the Media Class, its puppet in the White House and its Leftist allies, is the reality. America’s Supreme Court, always unique among Nations, was only an independent body able to protect the Constitution from Government, when America had no Ruling Class. As long as America (uniquely among Nations) was a Republic of competing Classes with no Ruling Class, the Court was the guardian against Government lawlessness. That era has now finally ended with the rise of the Media Class.

What are conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to do? Numerically each group outnumbers perverts and Leftists combined and united could still be a formidable force but where is a ‘uniter’ with enough charisma and wisdom to overcome the power of the MSM and reach the people with a call-to-arms to restore Constitutional government and morality?

There are Republican candidates for 2016 who honor the Constitution, defend morality and free speech – Cruz and Jindal come to mind – but where is the charisma? An old saying is ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’. Well, the hour has come!

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