Osama and Ahmed- “They’re as British as You or I!”

Some thirty years ago, back in the UK, those words were said to me by a relative during a discussion about immigration and Enoch Powell. My relative was about ten years younger than I but had been a sturdy working man and considered himself a patriot. One of his problems, though he didn’t know it, was that he had a daughter in college, and because he had left school at 16 he assumed that she was better educated than he was.

During our conversation around the fireplace we had moved into the subject of mass immigration into the UK and I had said that I thought Powell was proving to be right in his predictions about the unhappy consequences of the growth of the West Indian and Asian communities in our cities. I remarked that racial and cultural integration was not taking place and that Britain was being changed, and not for the better.

‘You had better not let my daughter hear you saying that!” He warned. “She’ll tell you they’re as British as you or I!”

As it was a family gathering I left the subject alone but later I recognized that things really were changing in our country, and not just because of immigration. First, and most disastrously, there was his belief that the younger generation knew more about life than his and previous generations. This was a new phenomenon fostered by the newly- dominant Media. Pimply teenage guitar-strumming boys with girly voices had replaced adult singers. ‘Edgy’, foul-mouthed youngsters had replaced older comics and their talent was simply to be shocking. And young people, especially those who had spent longer ‘in education/college’ knew more about the world and human nature than older generations.

My relative was sure that his daughter had superior knowledge as a result of having been away to college for a couple of years. Despite his father having served an apprenticeship, held a job, lived with 1930’s hardship, joined the Armed Forces, taken a troopship to India and returned after the war to austerity and raised a family, he considered his father to be ‘small-minded’ and irrelevant in the modern world and he, himself, to be little better when confronted by his ‘college-opinionated daughter. His daughter, in her wisdom, had pointed out that Black people in London and Liverpool spoke with local accents, ate fish and chips and played soccer. In other words, as she frequently terminated any conversation about alien races and culture ‘they are as British as you and I.’

No doubt his daughter got her ‘wisdom’, opinions and confidence about massive transfers of Third World peoples, from college professors, whose own experience was also of college. It is an amazing thing, and one that mostly flies under our radar, that modern society has come to accept without question that a college professor with no raw experience of life is better qualified to pontificate and legislate about great matters than the humble people who merely live it and grapple with it day by day. It is as if the latter, having been corrupted with prejudice and the grimy detail, deserve disqualification and that only those who have avoided them are pure enough to make detached judgments. It is almost like the modern-day jury test where the defender sifts out all those who might have a view based on experiences. “You were once robbed on the street? We can’t have you on the jury because you will be prejudiced against robbery and robbers!” In my old common sense world a man who has experienced being robbed is best qualified to sit in judgment of an accused robber.

It is this kind of nonsense that accounts for Marie Harf being a State Department Deputy Spokesman at aged 33 and lecturing (with nuance) us dumb fools about the way to defeat terrorism with jobs programs. And it is how my relative set aside his common sense about the mass Third World immigration disaster that was before his eyes and parroting on about how the immigrants were as British as he was.

This nonsense is everywhere in our MSM today. ’Jihadi John is the way the MSM sets about de-emphasizing the foreign-ness of Mohammed Emwazi, the 26 year old who is alleged to have been sadistically sawing off the heads of helpless prisoners of Islam. Mostly, Emwazi is referred to as ‘British’ just as the three latest would-be ‘Johns’ are described as ‘New Yorkers’. A closer reading of the MSM reveals that Emwazi was born in Kuwait and his family is Arab. The New York based three are from Muslim countries beyond Russia. Often, these alien people are not even eligible for the title ‘citizen’, for many are illegally in the West.

I am sure my relative’s daughter, now a college graduate and wholly brainwashed with Leftist multi-racial, multi-cultural claptrap, is insisting that Emwazi is as British as anyone else. Not in my book he isn’t but he is proof that Enoch Powell was right. He is proof that our lying eyes and common sense are right too! And when Obama asserts that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of America since its founding” I assume that he has either been brainwashed at the same college as my relative or is a lying toad who thinks we are all stupid enough to believe anything.

A few more comments about the Marie Harf/White House/ John Kerry attribution of Muslim terrorism to poverty and unemployment! Emwazi went to the UK when he was 6 and grew up amidst affluence and opportunity. He became a computer program graduate and was in a position to be able to plan a vacation trip to Tanzania. I know many young English working-class men who are trapped in dead-end jobs and who can only afford a cheap trip to Spain. They are not turning to Islam and not sawing through the heads of bound and helpless prisoners. But then they truly are as British as my relative.

I am outraged about the treatment of a Policeman in Salt Lake City. Mr. Moutsos had been a motor-cycle cop in the city for many years when he was instructed to take part in the annual celebration of perversion known as a ‘Pride March’. As a normal man he felt repulsed by the idea of taking part in a celebration of sodomy and other unnatural and disgusting practices. He attempted to find a colleague who was willing to substitute. This was not good enough for Utah Police Chief Chris Burbank who dismissed him from the force for disobeying instructions. Apparently Burbank, a homophone or homosexual, takes the view that anyone who disapproves of homosexual behavior enough to balk at parading with gyrating perverts is too prejudiced to be a cop. Mr. Moutsos would not have objected to protecting a perverts’ parade but objected only to being a participant.

I suppose we must assume that the Mormons have caved on sodomy. Utah was once a citadel of heterosexual normality, yet now its capital city has become a new Sodom. What has America come to when firemen, cops and other tax-payer funded public servants are allowed to march in uniform in parades, let alone be instructed to or face dismissal? Guarding any parade of tax-payers, even perverted tax-payers, is a legitimate duty for the police, but taking part?? What if the NOM holds a parade in Salt Lake City? Will cops be allowed to take part, uniformed or otherwise clad? We know the answer that Burbank will give. Only certain groups are to be given special status and official approval- and this edict runs all the way from Hollywood to the White House to Salt Lake City. We are truly in revolutionary times.

Pat Buchanan recently wrote “Democrats and their Media Allies”’ He has it the wrong way around! It is ‘The Media (Class) and its Democrat Allies’. This may seem like a small adjustment of the order of the words but is a mountain of difference in accuracy.

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