No ‘g’ Word Here When ‘Pervert’ is Appropriate

The Republican retreat in Indiana is shameful but not unexpected. It takes guts and a very spotless history to be a counter-revolutionary when the Media Class and its Leftist allies are in the ascendancy. Nevertheless the Republican retreat and implied groveling apology will not be sufficient to appease the homosexual and libertine factions that exist at the core of the Media Class. Neither is it possible to appease the Leftist allies of the Media Class who see a Christian-free totalitarian America within reach.

Many years ago when we started this website we frequently warned that support for the homosexual agenda (and for abortion) was a litmus test that the Media Class had applied to the Democrat Party and Union bureaucracies. Leaders were allowed to express commitment to real marriage when seeking elective office but only after promising in secret that they would ‘evolve’ once in office. All socially- conservative Democrats were purged and by the commencement of the new century the Democrat Party was monolithic and revolutionary on all moral issues.

Regularly over years we have written that the advancement of the homosexual agenda is a priority of the Media Class and that the achievement of same-sex marriage is merely a stepping stone to more sinister things. Until recently most of our website visitors assumed that we were overly preoccupied with homosexuality, perhaps even in a state of denial and ‘protesting too much’. In fact we knew from experiencing Media Class militancy in the UK that sodomy and other unnatural sexual practices were an obsession for their rich and ideologically powerful practitioners within the BBC and Hollywood.

We invite website visitors to go back in our archive to verify our prescience. Read our book review dated October 14th 2010 where we featured Stephen Green’s “The Sexual Dead End” Broadview books 1992. Then go back to our article of 28th October 2008 for further proof that we always understood that eventually, unless the Conservative Right came to understand the Media Class Revolution, homosexuality and all other perversions would be promoted by the State and opponents silenced. Our foresight was not luck but an understanding of the rise of a Ruling Class and the agenda its component parts would inevitably impose on America.

For the record and for the benefit of new website visitors, here is our stand on moral matters. It reflects our view that conservative moral values are time-tested, rooted in common sense and rational. Peoples and Nations remain strong when they adhere to them. The Ten Commandments are wise and need no modernization. Unaccompanied by conservative social values, conservative economic policies are doomed to failure.

Our opposition to ‘sexual liberation’ is not based on the Bible, though that Book contains 2000 years of accrued wisdom and underpins and inspires Western morality. We greatly respect common sense and objective observation (our lying eyes), especially in Revolutionary times when propaganda is concealed like a deadly virus inside news and entertainment.

Sodomy, both heterosexual and homosexual, is unhygienic and unnatural. A healthy society will always reject it as undesirable for those reasons alone. However, beyond its sheer physical foulness there lurks the more disturbing motivation of the sickness properly called ‘perversion’. The disgusting aspects of sodomy can only be attractive to those who seek to humiliate or be humiliated. These are dangerous appetites which should be discouraged both for the sake of individuals and for society. Furthermore, experience shows that people driven by perverted appetites are never satisfied but, like drug addicts, seek greater domination or degradation. Heterosexuals have a healthy and normal means of sexual expression but male homosexuals can only indulge their appetites in the perverted practices of domination and humiliation. Lesbian sexual relationships are not as dangerous to society but are artificial and equally sterile.

The revolutionary immoral agenda that is now being successfully promoted and imposed by our new Ruling Class will continue forward step by rotten step. The contrived normalization and promotion of homosexuality and the imposition of same-sex marriage will be followed by the State suppression of common-sense and Christian opposition. Abnormal and dangerous appetites will be legitimized and encouraged in schools and sick and bizarre behaviors encouraged. Not far down the road of revolutionary sexual liberation lurks the official approval of Sado-masochism, sex with animals and with children. The legalization of same-sex marriage is not a small step toward ‘equality’ as its advocates disingenuously claim but a Trojan Horse that will open the gates to the criminalization of Christianity, the suppression of free speech, the consignment of the Constitution to the garbage bin of history and a totalitarian America.

Counter-revolutionaries must work to ensure that the Republican Party selects a social conservative Presidential candidate. The homosexual SSM agenda must be actively resisted. This can begin by revealing that sodomy is inextricably linked to male homosexuality and by the rejection of the dishonest language employed by the propagandists of the MSM.

Finally, three cheers for the six Republican Senators who stood up for free speech, Religious freedom and (by implication) opposition to SSM! They were Ted Cruz, Steve Daines (Montana), James Langford (Ok), James Inhofe (Ok), Mitch McConnell (Kansas), and Tim Scott (SC). 51 House members joined them but not Boehner.

On this website we do use the ‘n’ and we take its meaning from the New English Dictionary that was printed in the 1920’s, a time before the English language was corrupted by the arrival of the Media Class and its crass Pop culture.

‘Gay’. Full of mirth; light-hearted; lively; cheerful; merry; (and) given to pleasure; wanton; immoral; licentious; showy.

In all uses it is an adjective and not a noun! We never use the word when ‘homosexual’ and ‘pervert’ are appropriate. We ask our website visitors to follow our lead when speaking to friends, neighbors and work colleagues. In this way a small but important blow is struck for the counter-revolution.

Global Warming Watch

Spring is late arriving all across America and for most a harsh winter is slowly departing. Hardly evidence of global warming! In the UK where winter weather has been much as usual, our contact in the small estuary village of Starcross reports that there is still no evidence of a rise in sea levels. When Starcross is inundated we will report it here and concede that this is evidence of climate change.

Music Choice

Waldir Azevedo (1923-1980) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was a prolific composer of great melodies. One of his compositions was a Brazilian dance tune that America’s orchestra leader and arranger Percy Faith recorded in 1952.  ‘Delicado’ became popular in the UK and around the world that year. It is a romantic and atmospheric recording and would certainly not appeal to the cultural morons of modern Pop and Rock. Perez Prado also recorded a more brassy version. Both are highly recommended!

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