Immigration Madness

It is almost certain that the visitors to this website are people who get their real news from counter-revolutionary sources on the Internet and Talk Radio. As such they will be aware of the recent deadly incident off the coast of Italy. It is reliably reported from many sources that the Muslim passengers on a boat load of ‘refugees’ from North Africa threw a dozen or more Christian fellow passengers into the sea to drown.

Unfortunately most Americans will be briefly shocked by this incident and then the sense of shock will be buried amidst the daily horror stories that emanate from the Middle East and Africa. Not a day passes but that Christians are tortured and brutally murdered at the hands of the people who belong to the religion of peace. We know it is a religion of peace because our very own President repeatedly informs us of this, just in case it was not obvious. As he reminds us, it is Christianity in America that is the real threat to our security and our lives because of its violent followers and the history of Crusades, Slavery and Colonialism.

America’s MSM will not give prominence to this Mediterranean horror story because it does not help advance the twin agenda items of the revolutionary Ruling Media Class. The twin agenda items I refer to are open borders for Third World immigrants and the criminalization of Christianity.

The real story behind the murderous and pitiless drowning of Christians is what it reveals about the Muslim immigrants to Europe and America. We ask our website visitors to note how this episode undermines the MSM narrative about Muslim immigrants. The constant MSM and Obama propaganda is that the Muslims who leave the Middle East and North Africa are ‘refugees’ fleeing to the West for a better and more civilized life. The picture officially painted both here in the USA and in the EU is that the immigrants are escaping militant Islam and, by implication, are eager to embrace the Western life and its Christian framework.

The reality is that few Muslim immigrants are seeking to escape their religion. They are devotedly bringing it with them to the Western World. The murder of Christians at sea is further proof that on arrival they and their off-spring will be warriors for a bloodthirsty Islamic Imperialism. At this point in history with all the evidence that is accumulating, there is a madness that is gripping the Media Class Rulers of Europe and America. Their hunger for a Western World ’liberated’ from the Christian culture they fear and despise, freed from heterosexuality and procreation and their desire for a world of brown-skinned, promiscuous, confused transgenders, is sheer madness. What we see is a disastrous Ruling Class and its allies, irrationally driven by a deadly combination of sordid appetites and Leftist ideology.


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