Hogs and Farmers

George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ is one of the greatest political works of satire ever written and its greatness lies in its observational truthfulness about human nature and socialism. That Orwell chose to use a farm of animals to portray the greediness and humbug of those who claim to speak for the oppressed, may lead many to view the book and its message as light weight. What bestows weightiness on this short novel is its increasing relevancy with the passage of time. Never in history has Orwell’s 1940’s observation about the real motives of posturing egalitarians been more applicable than today.

On this website we often describe politicians- and especially Democrat politicians- as hogs feeding at the trough. When we do so we have in mind Orwell’s pigs who, at the end of his novel, are indistinguishable from the farmer they replaced in the supposed pursuit of a Socialist Nirvana. Animal Farm should be required reading in every school, along with Orwell’s ‘1984’, but no doubt both books will soon qualify for public burning, along with every book that portrays homosexuality as abnormal, perverse and unnatural.

It has always been the mission of this website to reveal the contemporary rise to power of a new and very revolutionary Ruling Class (the Media Class) and how it has acquired allies on the Left. Our task is challenging because the Media Class, having near total control over news and entertainment, is able to conceal its very existence as well as its awesome power, its wealth and its degenerate agenda. However it is impossible to understand current political struggles and the forces involved without recognizing that we live in revolutionary times and that all conservative forces are now unavoidably ‘counter-revolutionary’ and in wholesale retreat.

What we counter-revolutionaries face are a concealed Ruling Class that is pursuing a social/moral agenda and its more visible favored Leftist allies that are pursuing an ideological economic agenda of redistribution. The Ruling Class and its Leftist allies share enough goals to be comfortable bedfellows. Both wish to totally transform American society, which is what defines them as revolutionary.

Transformation requires the complete rooting out of the old society-America’s Christian Religion, its concept of family, its adherence to concepts of normality in the realms of sexuality and human reproduction, its attachment to territory, language and customs, its recorded history and its framework of laws as set out in the Constitution. America is experiencing this accelerating rooting-out process at this very time.

Achieving a (revolutionary) transformation initially requires stealth, for the American people are historically and naturally conservative and individualistic. An unpopular revolution has to begin with stealth but proceeds apace with the growth of a leviathan State. As the State’s oppressive machinery of government expands there is less need for stealth and the twin and overlapping agendas of the Ruling (Media) Class and its (Leftist) allies can emerge into the open. Since both Ruling Class and allies are impatient and intolerant by nature, the attacks on the old society and its counter-revolutionary resisters are becoming more brazen and more vicious. The current situation regarding Indiana‘s modest attempt to defend Christian family values, real marriage, free speech and freedom to practice Christianity in everyday life, is revealing the power and ruthless determination of the Revolutionaries.

Those who take on board this website’s understanding of the real forces at work behind the façade of the ‘old politics’ will also understand that the office-holders of the Left who masquerade as ‘Democrats’, are not masters, but servants and junior allies. Obama and his lovely wife Michelle, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and their underlings all across America’s political landscape-yes, even the Black rabble-rouser Al Sharpton- owe their positions to the hidden Media Class masters. Any one of them can be neutered, silenced and destroyed by these Media Class masters.

Those who are willing to become servants of a Master Ruling Class are unlikely to be dominated by principles. Down at the grass roots of Leftism, Socialism, Communism, egalitarianism or whatever name best fits, there are those who really do believe in a better world through redistribution and leveling down. In order to so believe however they have to be either ignorant of, or dismissive of, history. They will not have read and understood Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

Those who graduate out of the Leftist grass roots and climb up the various ladders of ‘Leftist’ organizations into the heady heights of a George Soros Foundation or the upper ranks of the modern Democrat Party, where they serve the Ruling Class and not ‘the little people’, are first and foremost self-seeking.

Like the hogs in ‘Animal Farm’ they may harbor and be somewhat motivated by hatred for the old traditional ways and the conservative people. Certainly they will employ their skills fanning resentments, appealing to the unsuccessful and preaching redistribution, but most of all they will be driven by envy, greed and the prospect of acquiring enough power as servants to be able to enrich themselves and ape their masters. Having become ‘representatives’ of the poor, the dispossessed and the unsuccessful, they invariably use their new offices to gorge themselves at the trough, only pausing to throw crumbs to their gullible followers. The icing on the cake for the most successful is to be not only close to the glitter and celebrity of the real masters but to be accepted into the Master Class. A Democrat politician who, after gorging at the trough of politics, is able to rub shoulders with Media celebrities, marry into the master Class or  have a son or daughter marry into it, has achieved the pinnacle of success.

Many years ago I worked in a post-1970’s government Social Services Department in the UK. Most of my newly-recruited colleagues were straight out of universities and came from relatively affluent backgrounds. They chose (government) Social Work as a career partly from the English class equivalent of today’s White Guilt, partly as a result of educational brainwashing but especially from an ignorance of the nature of what Marx called the ‘lumpen proletariet’. They wrongly assumed that the scroungers and riff-raff of the lumpen proletariat were one and the same as working class people and in need of help from trained ‘experts’. Few of these young do-gooders were equipped to deal effectively with the child-abusers, liars, petty criminals and welfare scroungers who were their ‘clients’.

Social workers, being government workers, were fully unionized. As Social workers they were never going to get rich but as they were all Leftist and very intertwined with the Labour Party, more than a few gravitated into full-time politics where they got snouts into the local troughs of taxpayers’ money. Socialism and Social work became one and the same at this time. Many Social Workers spent quite a lot of official time ‘politicking’ on the taxpayers’ dime. The election of Margaret Thatcher greatly enraged them and like all public service employees during the Thatcher years the Social work profession spent much time campaigning, demonstrating and demanding ‘justice’ for their ‘clients’.

At local government level and with Media help they demanded and often got bigger budgets for Social Services Departments. The extra money was intended to help their clients but mostly it was hi-jacked to pay for bigger hierarchies, better car allowances and salary increases. This was often boldly justified using the argument that ‘a society that truly cares for its underprivileged will pay decent salaries to those whose job it is to give help’.

From all of this one can see the link to Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. It is that those who get into government and public services, ostensibly to help the poor and underprivileged, invariably help themselves first and second. Obama and his lovely wife Michelle are certainly helping themselves and though on this website we avoid being offensive about the physical attributes of Leftists, we feel  justified in asserting that the Obama’s have put their snouts in the trough and will emerge from Leftist political life much, much richer than they entered. They have also reached the dizzy heights by rubbing shoulders with the billionaires and celebrities of the Ruling Media Class. The Clintons too have fed well at the taxpayer trough but are still hungry. They will not be spending their own money on the campaign trail but will be financed by the still-concealed Ruling Class.

In our next article we will be reviewing Carl F. Horowitz just-published book “Sharpton. A Demagogue’s Rise” and commenting on a recent visit to the Old South.

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