Bernie Sanders. Deranged But Not Dishonest

Bernie Sanders is on a roll. In Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State he has just humiliated Hillary Clinton. Percentages of 70’s and 80’s to 10’s and 20’s in all three primaries will be bad news this morning for those working for Hillary. Her bad temper is well known and she is not a young woman. A look in the mirror first thing and three Far West defeats by an old Far, Far Left Trotskyite. We can be sure that Hillary is not a happy camper.

But if Hillary is in a foul mood this morning, the Democrat Party leadership and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, must be regretting that they allowed the Clinton machine to lay claim to the crown back in the Spring. Mrs. Clinton’s heavy baggage was well-known and there were influential members of the Ruling Media Class who did not want her or Bill anywhere near the White House. But when Squaw Elizabeth Warren refused to run and then Joe ‘The Gaffe’ Biden dithered, the moment to pick a respectable candidate had passed.

No doubt the Democrat leadership assumed that Hillary would sail through the opening primaries and then proceed to an untroubled Convention and MSM coronation. No-one took Bernie Sanders seriously and quite likely he did not take himself too seriously either. So what happened to upset the old Democrat applecart?

First off, Hillary’s baggage got heavier when the email scandal revealed she had broken every single rule regarding security. To make matters worse her record as Secretary of State proved to be one long catalogue of disasters. Not only did she inexplicably abandon to a Muslim mob an Ambassador and three Americans in Benghazi, but the Ambassador was a celebrated homosexual. We can be sure that that did not go down well with the sodomy-sensitive Hollywood billionaires.

Furthermore, the Clinton greed, far from taking a backseat in the interests of public relations during an election year, expanded with opportunity. Hillary’s position as Secretary of State was brazenly exploited to the full to ensure that the Clinton Foundation became a private bank with overflowing coffers.

Not even the MSM at full propaganda stretch, has been able to disperse the stench of greed, dishonesty and hypocrisy that surrounds the Clintons. Although Big City Democrats, and most Black Democrats, view dishonesty as a qualification for public office, small-town Democrats and idealistic young White Leftists are showing that they value honesty and integrity. Bernie is, without doubt, honest and sincere, and presumably derangement is not a disqualification.

The puzzle in all this, is Obama. We can assume that his contempt for, and hostility to, the Clintons, dates back to the 2007-08 campaign and Bill Clinton‘s racism. Like all grand psychopaths, he will not have the ability to forgive anyone who has challenged him and questioned his intellectual superiority. The ‘gift’ of Secretary of State was, as we wrote at the time, a poisoned chalice, and intended to be. No doubt, Obama was always aware that Hillary was recklessly breaking all Departmental Security rules, yet he let her continue.

Obama, a crypto Muslim and a man with no love for America and its people, will not have been bothered by the harmfulness of security breaches. Perhaps he enjoyed watching Hillary sail into deep and dangerous waters. There may have been many jolly moments in the White House among his clique, as they discussed her foolishness. But why did he not move, on behalf of his Party, to stop her candidacy? Why has he not allowed his DOJ to charge her?

Some commentators suggest he wants her in the White House to cover his tracks – assuming that he has tracks to cover – or to protect his ‘legacy’. The best suggestion we can make is that he is both lazy and disinterested in the Party’s future problems. He is busy enjoying the rewards of Office in this last year, whilst squeezing in the completion of his racial agenda and satisfying the expectations of the Hollywood moral Revolutionaries who funded his career.

Some Conservative pundits are greatly alarmed by Sanders’ support, believing it means that Americans are impatient for Socialism. Our view is that that may be true of the products of College education, but that many Sanders’ voters are simply choosing honesty and idealism over cynicism, greed and criminality.

The MSM is making sure we all know the Republican Party has problems, but the Democrat Party is no better off.

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  1. Amen to that. The Democrats around me are going to be in a serious quandary should Bernie win the nomination. They keep assuring everyone they are not fans of socialism while proclaiming they believe we need to pay even HIGHER taxes. If there are any blue dog Democrats left, I want to know where they are. Trump is essentially destroying any reasons left for conservative Democrats to stay with that party. The left is running out of ways to divide the electorate.

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