The UK…Grey and Green


As our plane circled Heathrow, London was obscured by thick cloud. I assumed we would soon be through it as we descended but the cloud reached almost to the runway. My three-year-old son, looking out the window, asked, “Is this England?” When told it was, he said “it’s very colorful”. My wife asked him what colors he saw. “Grey and green” he replied.

Grey and green continued to be the prominent colors of our 9-day visit to dear old England. Most English people remain optimistic about the country’s dismal weather. The cold and cloudy conditions that persisted throughout our visit were always explained away with references to how warm and sunny it had been prior to our arrival. This English trait, like the UK weather, is not new and I have to say that the weather during our visit was much as I always remembered it and nothing much has changed despite Al Gore. The green owes everything to rainfall and not a lot of heat in the fleeting periods of sunshine. As we had left a California that was baking from yellow to brown in 100+temperatures, the cold English weather caught us by surprise.

One day, we drove from Nottingham to a Leicestershire hamlet to see Thomas the Tank Engine. The English villages remain neat and pleasing to the eye and the countryside, even under grey cloud, has its own unique beauty. I cannot remember seeing so many blossom-laden May trees as there are this year and I wondered if a cold wet winter has been responsible.

The English countryside, away from London and the big conurbations, has retained its identity, in stark contrast to London.  My impression of London was that the multi-racial mix is now irreversible, no matter what the BNP might wish. Does it matter?  Many of the Asian people who now fill the streets in the suburbs and who own the restaurants and run so many of the businesses and government services speak good English and are surely not a threat to the Nation’s prosperity or public safety. If they are allowed to assimilate through inter-marriage and to acquire Britain’s historical culture through public education, they may even be an asset in the long run. Some other racial and religious minorities are unlikely to ever integrate and the future looks bleak for the country because of them.

No-one can see the future, but surely this great tsunami of immigrants from outside of Europe that has, and continues, to swamp the already over –populated British Isles, is a reckless experiment foisted on the native people by a collusion of Big Business, Leftists and of course, the ruling Media Class. An economic recession that would exacerbate racial tensions will have to be navigated by ruthless political suppression and a destruction of the UK’s historical freedoms. I suppose that process has already begun with political correctness and the recent laws criminalizing free speech. It can only get worse.

A hapless UK academic poked his head above the parapet whilst I was in the UK. He wrote in an academic paper that the children of the prosperous middle classes do well in education and jobs because they are more intelligent and not because they are better fed or unfairly advantaged by external circumstances. His obscure article was quickly magnified by the Media and he was duly hung, drawn and quartered by all the usual Leftist bodies. Personally, I am not sure he is correct about innate intelligence being inherited, though he might be. It is an idea that is worth years of serious debate and research, for if he is correct then the consequences are far-reaching. My own view is that ignorance, as distinct from intelligence, is a malignant factor. Many poor people are poor because they are ignorant and ignorance often is entwined with sub-cultures. It is possible to have a good brain and still be ignorant. I have known quite clever people who continue to smoke and say things like “my father smoked until he was 99”. Such ignorance, often reinforced by a third-rate sub-culture, has much to do with life-long immaturity. People who reach true maturity are able to learn from mistakes, make wise decisions and postpone short-term wants for long term gain. This is the path to prosperity for any individual in any social class in a modern democracy. Many Asian people from certain countries including India, Vietnam, China, Korea and the Philippines over come all obstacles in the US, including language and poverty. The evidence is there for all to see. Some racial and religious minorities remain at the bottom of the economic ladder, no matter what material resources are channeled to them.

What marks out these successful Asian people is that their culture emphasizes many things that lead to maturity. Unfortunately the new ruling Media Class is busy dumbing down the masses and with its Leftist allies doing all it can to encourage dependency and gross immaturity. This is not surprising, given that a large segment of the Class, especially those in the entertainment world, are people who will never mature. As they create a world in their own image, so the lumpen proletariat that Marx identified will grow and grow. Addicted to puerile TV soaps and chat shows, Rock, Pop and Rap music, TV-orchestrated sport, cannabis, cocaine and TV pornography and restricted to learning history from Hollywood’s propaganda output, what hope is there? Already it is possible to see that the English are sleep-walking to destruction. Many have fled from the big cities and moved to the fringes of the country such as Devon. If they believe that they have escaped the problems of immigration, this week they had a rude awakening when a Muslim convert, armed with bombs that had been supplied to him tried to blow up an Exeter café. The TV and other Media outlets might provide escapism and doctored news but reality has a way of reasserting itself.  As we have written before on this website, the Media Class prefers make belief to reality, lies to truth, fiction to facts and perversion to religion.

The decision by the Californian Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage on society is an example of the Media Class preference for make-belief. We should not be surprised that the Hollywood State is the first to over-rule the people’s vote in favor of elevating sodomy to normalcy. The Media world is ecstatic and the New York Times was in the forefront of applauding the Court’s decision. As someone in the know commented, this was hardly surprising given that much of its news staff is homosexual.

On this website we do not normally take satisfaction from anyone’s ill health and the news about Ted Kennedy’s malignant brain tumor is bad news. Cancer is a terrible disease that haunts us all, Left or Right, normal or perverted, rich or poor. Kennedy, who left a girl friend to drown and as far as I know never expressed responsibility or regret, is hard to sympathize about, but we hope his remaining life is painless. He will be portrayed in the Media as a warrior for the poor and underprivileged and a man of great principle, another example of the Media’s ability to rewrite history and say that Black is White. On the other hand we do take satisfaction in the death last week of Brian Keenan. This IRA Marxist from Ulster was responsible for many cold-blooded murders, including the execution of a group of 10 innocent Protestant workers at Kingsmill in 1975. He was also instrumental in the spread of terrorism throughout the world and we now pay the price for his not being executed when he was caught in 1979. He was sentenced to a mere 18 years in prison and emerged to continue to promote terrorism. Keenan was the best argument for capital punishment that I can think of and his terrorist activity up to the time of his death was proof that we should execute all terrorists. Keenan was a serial killer who cloaked himself and his crimes in the Communist ideology. It will not be long before some Hollywood Leftist is making a film that will portray Keenan as a hero and idealist and the dumbed-down young of the Western World who get their history lessons from movies will be further indoctrinated with lying propaganda. It is worth comparing the respectful obituaries of him already appearing in serious newspapers with the Media treatment of Joe McCarthy. McCarthy remains portrayed as a dangerous lunatic who destroyed many innocent lives and threatened democracy, yet he killed no-one, fought for his country in war and revealed Soviet penetration of the US government. The Media Class world we now inhabit is one in which Black is White and fiction triumphs over truth.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Finally, back to the weather! The 100+ Californian temperatures of last week have not persisted, instead it is nearly as chilly and grey here as it was in the UK. Much of North America is the same as we near the longest day. Europe too, remains cool, yet despite all this evidence the global warming juggernaut seems unstoppable and the Media has no problem peddling it every day. I suppose the Media- addicted lumpen proletariat and the ignorant of the affluent classes are too brainwashed to notice the weather beyond the front door.

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