Scottish Independence -a Leftist Scam

It now seems likely that a slim majority of the citizens of Scotland will vote next week for ‘independence’ from the United Kingdom. If this happens, Scotland and the rump that was once the United Kingdom will be greatly changed and the unintended consequences may be catastrophic for both.

This website always advocates a coalition of Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists for they have much in common as well as sharing common enemies. This is true in both the USA and the UK, though the Christian Church in the UK is too weak to be a major ally on the Right. The common enemies are the debauched Ruling Media Class and those organizations that support and serve its natural ally, International Socialism.

Rush Limbaugh is absolutely correct when he maintains that Leftists always conceal their true goals. He claims that this is because their goals are generally unpopular. He is right in so far as he goes but the reasons for the concealment of goals run deeper. Socialism (even Hitler’s National Socialism) is innately internationalist, is fundamentally revolutionary and must inevitably descend to totalitarianism. Although this latter characteristic is rarely understood, even by many Leftist activists, the other two are near enough to the surface to alienate most people, for people are naturally conservative and suspicious of anything bar evolutionary change. The popular resistance to revolutionary change (which almost always is driven by ideologists and attracts those drawn to violence) is probably in the human gene but in any case can be attributed to ‘common sense’. On this website we like ‘common sense’ for it is rooted in life experience (hence the ‘radical’ in our website title!), daily observation, reasoning, free speech, traditional family life, ownership (land, property and useful skills) and some knowledge of history.

Concealing goals, in order to deceive the people by circumventing their common sense, is the stock-in-trade of the Media Class and its Leftist allies. An honest MSM and an honest education system would quickly render such deception futile, but sadly the USA and the UK have neither. Consequently Media Class/Leftist blatant deceptions mostly succeed. There is evidence of this all around us and here are a few examples. The self-styled Environmental Movement is seen as protecting and preserving the countryside, nature, open spaces and a Nation’s history (old buildings, market squares, ancient Churches) yet it surreptitiously supports Government- sponsored mass immigration that swallows land, pollutes by over-population, and by promoting alien cultures destroys that of the native people. The Environmental Movement really advances Socialism by dishonesty as does the Leftist movement to end the capital punishment of killers, on the grounds that it is barbaric, whilst simultaneously fighting for unrestricted abortion and the killing of innocent babies. The Leftist Feminist Movement that is brazenly selective when condemning the exploitation of women and has failed to even notice, let alone condemn, the activities of Leftist misogynists Bill Clinton and the Kennedy family. It also has nothing to say about Islam’s oppression of women. What we see in these and many more Leftist ‘Front’ organizations is sheer hypocrisy at work on a massive scale and only practicable because of a MSM that is orchestrating a hidden agenda. This brings us to the Scottish National Party and its leader Alex Salmond.

There is nothing wrong with Nationalism and the National independence of a distinct people with a historic claim to the land on which they have lived and worked for centuries. So why does this website not support Scottish independence from the UK?

To begin with, the people of Scotland have not been independent for two centuries and have not exhibited a wish for it. Until very recently, the SNP has had a tiny membership. Its existence only goes back some 80 years and in many free elections it has miserably failed to get votes. Most importantly, the SNP is now a Far Left Socialist Party and has been since Alex Salmond began to exert influence within it. As we said earlier in this article, Socialism is inevitably internationalist and therefore its aims must be in direct conflict with territorial integrity and the preservation of a people and their culture. That the SNP is a Socialist Party is beyond dispute and the most glaring evidence is its support for large-scale Third World immigration into Scotland. Salmond has also insisted his Party will seek Scotland’s membership of the EU- a Supra-national State in the making. The only Nationalist plank in his platform is separation from the UK. Salmond’s SNP has outflanked the Labour Party on the Left. In short, the SNP is not a genuine Nationalist Party but a Far Left Socialist Party that is persuading many discontented Scotsmen that mere separation from England (and absorption into the EU and UN) will create an independent Nation and revive Scottish culture. Salmond is a Leftist opportunist and demagogue. To bolster the separatist vote he has enfranchised 16 and 17 year-olds for they are fresh from the brain-washing of Scotland’s Leftist education system. The BBC, the agenda—setter of the UK’s Media Class, is ecstatic about the UK’s break-up and the possibility of a Far Left independent Scotland. This should surprise no-one for the SNP has embraced the homosexual agenda and actively promotes the Media Class social agenda. A break from the UK will produce a small and militarily insignificant Socialist State. It will certainly risk economic and financial chaos both North and South of the border. It may trigger a further break-up of the rump UK by encouraging Wales also to seek independence. This would not bother Leftists who always welcome the Balkenization (and weakening) of European States. We note here that the BNP has consistently opposed the break-up of the UK for genuine Nationalists never encourage the emergence of weak and vulnerable States.

The main reasons for the upsurge in Scottish enthusiasm for separation are ones which should concern American conservatives. The UK has ceased to be a proud and self-confident Nation. Its abandonment of independence through membership of the EU, its willingness to accept huge numbers of alien people, its eagerness to elevate the aliens’ culture over that of its own people, its subservience to the corrupt UN and World Courts and its embrace of the grotesque same-sex marriage and other perverted symbols of decadence, inevitably lead to the question “who would want to belong to such a union?”

The Ray Rice Media-made crisis that is now inundating professional American football illustrates something we have long maintained on this website. Pro-Sports, in the search for celebrity, constant Media exposure and to make participants obscenely rich, have long sold out their genuine sporting ethos and independence to TV and the Media Class. Once a sport is dependent on the Media for income and publicity, all those involved become, ipso facto, members of the Media Class and are required to adhere to the Media Class agenda. Any individual within the sport who believes he can speak freely or hold traditional views on Religion, marriage, race etc soon discovers that great sporting abilities and talents count for nothing. The fame, adulation, celebrity status and sudden wealth conferred by the Media Class are gifts that can just as easily be removed by the Media Class. Anyone who strays from the Media Class’ revolutionary agenda is swiftly deprived of a livelihood and speedily becomes, not history, but erased from history. The Media Class’ reporters and commentators possess the power, not team owners, managers or fans. The Rice domestic incident (never let a crisis go to waste!!) has quickly been turned into a vehicle for a purge. Revolutionary Ruling Classes pant for purges for they offer recurring opportunities to demonstrate absolute control and instill fear.

Rice punched his girlfriend in the head and knocked her unconscious during a hotel elevator ride. He could have been prosecuted for this irrespective of whether the victim wanted to prefer charges. A video of the fight between the couple inside the elevator existed but was not handed to the police. Perhaps the hotel management was unwilling to offend a celebrity and his celebrity Sport promoters whose business is profitable to the hotel. In any event the video has now surfaced and in the meantime Rice and the victim have married and she has forgiven him.

Rice (and the alleged victim) is African American, as are most playing members of Pro-Football and Basket Ball, and the participants of these sports are not known for their dignity, education, respectability and sophistication. They are celebrated for their sporting prowess and sudden wealth. Like many celebrities they often seem to be able to act above the law but in this case the Feminists within the Media Class have found a cause, for the victim is also Black and Football (like boxing, a violent masculine sport with little opportunity for women) is not in favor with this powerful element. Rice is now an invisible has-been and will wish he had saved every cent of the big pay-packets he once received. His wife may soon regret she has married a has-been and if so will turn on him. Perhaps I am being too cynical but on this website we do not shed tears over celebrities who fall on hard times. The purge now threatens the top ranks of the Sport and has moved beyond Rice to the Sport’s alleged toleration of a war on women. If the NFL’s top brass can be tied to the Republican Party it may well be used as an election issue. Conservatives should care less about any of them.

Obama continues to insist that the vast armies spreading Islamic Imperialism are not Muslim. Perhaps he will tell us for what religion they are fighting, murdering and dying?

Global Warming Climate Change Check

The Special: Climate Change Week! 

The UK has been enjoying what some call an ‘Indian’ summer, which is to say a brief spell of dry, warm weather in September that is an improvement on the disappointments of July and August. Surely some Leftist will detect racism in this description.

Here in middle California it has become hot but so far no triple digits. In the Mid West the arrival of snow in September is breaking records.

Music Choice

My son, who is a budding piano player and jazz enthusiast has picked a track from the Dick Morrisey Album “After Dark” which was recorded in 1983. Morrisey was Britain’s best tenor sax player after the early death of Tubby Hayes. Self taught (like most of the greats of jazz), he began playing in New Orleans revivalist bands before discovering the work of Charlie Parker, when he switched to bebop. I was fortunate to hear Morrissey twice in a small and intimate Bristol jazz club in 1970 when he was in his prime. He was superb and his playing direct and from the heart. “The Lou Grant“ theme tune was my son’s pick from the album. The accompanying musicians are the excellent Jim Mullen (gtr), John Critchinson (pno), Ron Mathewson (b) and Martin Drew (d).

Morrisey was an early cancer victim and played from a wheelchair for several years before his death. Born in 1940, sadly he died in 2000.

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