Denver: Media Class Circling the Wagons Around Obama

On this website we argue that a powerful new Class now dominates the USA and several other Western Nations. We call it the Media Class and besides those directly owning and working in the Media, we include in this Class those in industries that have become inextricably linked with the Media such as professional sport, Fashion, Advertising, the Arts and Entertainment. We maintain that in the USA this Class has turned the Democrat Party into its political creature by bestowing its favors on some politicians and causes and demonizing others. We maintain that it was in Hollywood, the birthplace of this Class, that rich and powerful Media insiders decided to drop the Clintons and promote Obama for the Presidency. Eventually, the whole Class fell into line and Mrs. Clinton, once the anointed one was discarded. In past articles we point out why Obama appealed to the Hollywood activists and why their choice was so superficially made.

Now, in Denver, the Media Class is stuck with a candidate of very limited abilities. Never properly vetted about his past and assumed to be able to win by speaking the lines written for him, Obama finds himself trailing the pedestrian and underfunded John McCain in the opinion polls. His choice of a running mate, whilst pleasing to his masters in the Media for whom abortion and homosexual liberation are litmus test issues, has revealed his complete lack of imagination and insight into Presidential politics. We have long argued that the Media Class sponsors and controls Leftist politicians (and intimidates conservatives) and uses them to promote its own revolutionary social agenda. It is this process that has given rise to what many call the ‘culture war’.

On 20th August, Jim Meyers wrote an article on in which he drew attention to the fact that the Media had selected Obama and he quoted from Brent Bozell’s findings for a Media Research Center study. It seems that more and more conservative commentators are realizing that the mainstream media is controlling the Democrat Party and not vice-versa. Perhaps they should start asking how and why this is happening though they could save intellectual energy by reading our website, for all would be revealed!

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this week that there are about 4,000 Democrat delegates at Denver this week and some 20,000 media people. It seems to us very appropriate that the Media people are dominant at this event. The delegates cannot be relied upon to perform well and neither can the candidates. The Clinton supporters and their leader are understandably bitter about the way that she was abandoned despite a better showing than Obama in the primaries. Even the Clintons, long used to Media cosseting, now realize that they have been discarded and are expected to fall into line unless they wish to risk being ‘outed’ by their erstwhile sponsors. Will they do so? The massed Media is at Denver to make sure that no matter how events unfold in the Conference hall the public will be informed that Obama, his running mate and all the delegates are united and euphoric.

The Media Class often acts impulsively and shows poor judgment, as the selection of Obama demonstrates, but we have to admire its speed, skill and boldness when redressing a mistake. On this website, we mostly track the Wall Street Journal because although it has the reputation of being a conservative voice and providing authentic news, it is, like all MSM organs a propaganda machine for the Media Class agenda. Only in its opinion pages can any conservative views be found (already under the Murdoch influence more and more Leftist opinion writers are being featured) and the rest of its many pages are written by ‘reporters’ who believe that their job is to rewrite the news to advance a revolutionary social agenda. After the debacle this weekend of the Biden selection and its linkage to the unwelcome issue of abortion the WSJ had as its Monday top front-page news story a headline “Democrats Begin Their Final Assault” and beside it a picture of Biden with a young girl over his shoulder who was waving to the camera man. Underneath was the caption “Sen. Joe Biden with his granddaughter Natalie Biden following Catholic church services in Greenville, Del. Sunday”. This is the Joe Biden who completely rejects the Catholic teaching on abortion and has voted to ensure that babies who survive the grisly process of abortion are left to starve to death. One has to admire a Media that can move so quickly to mislead Catholic voters. Media people love abortion and are united on the issue with their Leftist foot-soldiers and Feminazi activists, but they know that it is not a vote-getter in (still-overwhelmingly) Christian America.

On Tuesday the same space was occupied with a photo of Michelle Obama and her daughter and the caption “ONSTAGE: Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha at the podium before the convention opened Monday”. We are being reminded that these people (who actually approve the killing of countless babies for the abstract right of a woman’s convenience) are really family people surrounded by children.

Today (Wednesday) in the same spot is a picture of Hillary Clinton prior to her speech and a caption forecasting that she will be urging Party unity. The whole news MSM is currently doing everything it can to promote Democrat unity, to advise Obama on how to win and to portray the Party as united behind Obama and in buoyant mood. We can forecast that in stark contrast the MSM will be doing the exact opposite at the Republican conference.

For those who swallow the MSM propaganda, the Presidential contest is partly about personality and partly about issues like taxation, foreign policy, trade, health care and jobs. Whilst all these things do matter to many American voters, they are secondary to the underlying struggle which the Media Class would prefer to camouflage, and that is the culture war. For this new dominant Class, the election is seen as the opportunity to gain sufficient political power to impose legislation that will consign old-fashioned morality to the dustbin of history. In California, Prop 8 will be on the ballot, thanks to those old-fashioned religious people that the Media Class and its Leftist foot-soldiers hate with a ferocity that can only be appeased with complete victory. Prop 8, if passed will restore marriage to its traditional definition as being between a man and a woman. I think Prop 8 will lose this time because all the big money is pouring in to defeat it and thus open the floodgates of same-sex marriage in every other State. Business people and individuals who donate money to support Prop 8 are being ‘outed’ by the militant homosexuals and subjected to threats of boycott. Meanwhile, big companies are donating large sums of stockholders money to the homosexual campaign to defeat the Proposition and added to their contributions are the millions from the rich and famous of Hollywood and San Francisco. Here is the real frontline of the culture war and I am afraid that the masses are being kept in the dark by the Media.

I wrote in my previous article that a reader was forwarding newspaper clippings of the Media-orchestrated furore in the UK’s tiny village of Broadclyst, Devon. Here are the headlines from the local rag. “Residents left furious after secret BNP rally is held in village hall”. “Residents angered by secret party meeting”. “Police called by pair who felt threatened by BNP canvassers”. “Mum takes kids out of village youth club led by BNP member”. All the outraged complainers are anonymous and one is led to assume that the intrepid reporter, Miss Liz Taverner, had to search diligently to find a handful of them and that they were not likely to be very credible with their neighbors, hence the anonymity. Still, this is the way that the Media in the UK always reports on the BNP. The event in the village hall was a meeting and not a rally and it was not advertised by the BNP because Leftist thugs, usually with a nod and wink from the police hierarchy, ensure that BNP meetings are disrupted or prevented. The reporter knows this, of course, but the meeting secrecy is portrayed as sinister. What was surprising was the printed response from the newspaper’s website, for many local people who unashamedly revealed their names, complained that they would have attended the meeting if they had known about it, for they liked the BNP’s message. Others defended free speech and free association.

One writer drew attention to the BNP’s reality behind its appealing public message. Sadly, he has a point for the Party’s organization and core beliefs are rooted not just in economic Socialism and the notion of racial purity but also in the Leninist doctrine of ‘democratic centralism’. This latter means that the Party leadership promotes Party members to Party posts instead of allowing them to be elected by the rank-and-file membership. The rationale for this is that as a Party that is heavily persecuted it cannot allow infiltrators to gain control. It is an argument that has validity but the consequence is a Party that is ruled by a clique that has to carry out frequent purges of any who show independent thought. It seems that the Party is now having another purge and I suspect that Nick Griffin is ensuring that no-one takes advantage of the Party’s claim to allow an annual challenge to his leadership. The Party never reveals the policy disagreements that result in expulsions. Is Griffin a reformer battling veteran racial extremists or is he battling reformers? There is no way of knowing for all internal disputes seem to be about personalities and alleged plots. Since the BNP is the UK’s natives’ only hope of survival, it is disastrous if its activists are continually being purged and no impressive independent-minded personalities are allowed to emerge. Worse still is that Party dogmas cannot be challenged. If Nick Griffin or one of his close supporters would like to deny our conclusions, we would welcome their contribution on this website.

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