BNP Election Results

The Henley Parliamentary By-election in the UK which took place last Thursday was caused by the resignation of Boris Johnson its former Conservative MP. He had resigned in order to compete for the Mayor of London job and was successful in defeating the pervert-pandering ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone. Given Johnson’s success and the huge publicity he and his Tory Party had received as a consequence, it was not surprising that the Tory Party easily retained the Henley seat.

By-election results in the UK are always seen as a snapshot of the contemporary fortunes of the main parties and as such receive much publicity from the Media. The Henley election got extra attention from the Media this time for a couple of reasons. One reason was that the UK’s Main Stream Media has turned against the Labour Party leadership (this has been covered in previous articles on this website) and is now much more favorably disposed to David Cameron (Mr. Hug a Hoody) the leader of the Tories. Cameron is the British equivalent of a Republican RINO and is busy marching his Party Leftward, especially on the all-important (for the Media Class) social issues like same-sex marriage, multi-culturalism and immigration. Many Media people sensed a drubbing for the Labour Party.

Another reason for heightened Media interest in Henley was that the BNP belatedly and hurriedly entered the fray. The Media Class in the UK is currently rather divided between remaining supportive of the Socialist Labour Party (The BBC, Guardian Newspaper, Daily Mirror, Reuters) and the new ‘moderate’ Tories (Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Times, ITV). All are united however in total opposition to the nationalist BNP. The National Union of Journalists has specific instructions for all members (which means all journalists) to report negatively or not at all on the BNP. ‘Negatively’ includes frequent quotations from mainstream politicians, celebrities, academics and Church Leaders that describe the BNP and its members as ‘odious’, ‘disgusting’, ‘Neo-Nazi’ and ‘slime’. The most common MSM tactic is to pretend that the BNP does not exist at all, though at a local level this is not always possible.

When the BNP puts up candidates at local level, there are Leftist Front organizations, sponsored and financed by Unions and rich Leftists that enter the campaign with lurid anti-BNP leafleting and thug tactics. This interference in the electoral process is probably illegal, but the Media has naturally chosen to ignore such law-breaking and the Authorities have so far never taken action. As US conservatives and non-union citizens will know, when Government and other public organizations ignore Leftist law-breaking, and the Media connives, there is not much to be done by the victims except grin and bear it.

The BNP intervention in Henley could not be ignored and the Media Class and its supporters were apprehensive about the voters’ intentions. The BNP is the elephant in the room and the ruling class will remain terrified of it until it can be silenced by more laws restricting free both speech and political activity. The result in Henley was that Cameron’s new Tory Party won a decisive victory with some 19,000 votes. The Liberal Democrat Party (another socially ‘progressive’ Party) came a distant second. Henley is a very prosperous, semi-rural constituency and traditionally safe Tory territory, so Labour did not expect to get near winning. However, the shock for the Media Class and its friends was that the Labour Party candidate came fifth behind the Green Party and the BNP. The BNP got almost 1,300 votes. Two other ‘Far Right’ parties got insignificant results but did succeed in depriving the BNP of third place above the Greens.

What to make of it? The BNP has presented the result as a great victory because it beat the Labour Party and on this website we will not blame its leaders for making the best of it. The result was certainly not a disaster for a Party that has all the odds stacked against it. However, it is pretty pathetic that the vast majority of voters on the outskirts of London are willing to vote for two Parties that will pursue policies no different from those of the traitorous Labour Party. It is even more pathetic that the Green Party could edge out the BNP, for it is surely the most hypocritical of all Parties (lamenting the loss of green fields whilst supporting mass immigration).

The result suggests that Cameron has, with Media help, conned UK voters into believing that he is a real alternative to Gordon Brown’s government. A resurgent Tory Party, posing as a nationalist party, is bad news for the BNP and bad news for a nation that is rapidly being colonized and its native people marginalized. The Media Class may well have been frightened by the Henley result, but I think it is a tribute to the power of the Media Class that so many voters can be passively led to their extinction. No doubt these brainless Tory voters will get back to their golf, their TV soccer matches and other sporting diversions and bemoan high taxation, encroaching racial crime, the loss of sovereignty and the continued decline of their nation, consoling themselves that by voting for Cameron’s Tories they have started putting things right.

On the same night as the Henley result was announced, the BNP suffered disappointment in two ward elections. In Blackpool Park ward the Tory candidate got 977 votes Labour 448 and the BNP 218. In both wards the Party got about 13% of the total vote. In each case most residents did not bother to vote at all. On this website we salute the brave ordinary activists of the BNP who work so hard to restore the fortunes of their people and Nation but one has to ask whether the British people are savable. Most, I think, are happy to watch the TV garbage they have become addicted to.


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