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Today’s 6-3 decision of the John Roberts Court to legitimize Obamacare should come as no surprise to long-time visitors to this website. Very soon this same Roberts Court and the same 6 Justices will grant permission to the homosexual/libertine core of our new Ruling Class to impose a Revolutionary moral agenda on the people by legitimizing the grotesque same-sex marriage.

The Court’s majority ruling on Obamacare will outrage many on the Right not only because it rescues a mammoth Socialist program from chaos but because it reveals beyond any further doubt that the SCOTUS is now a powerful arm of the Revolutionary Ruling Class and not an instrument of the Constitution’s separation of powers. We no longer live in the pre-Revolutionary America of competing Classes but in a post-Revolutionary America with a Ruling (Media) Class that is advancing its radical moral agenda in alliance with the Far (ideological) Left.

Obamacare was the Ruling Classes gift/reward to its Leftist allies, for it vastly extends the power of the State over the individual, grows government and significantly reduces the private sector of the economy. By growing government it will also restore Union power for it is only in the Public Sector that Union power can be imposed on workers.

It is the opinion of this website that the predictable ‘legal’ victory for Obamacare is in itself of relatively minor importance, for it is unlikely that enough members of the Republican Party in Congress would have the guts, or be free from MSM blackmail, to repeal it. Despite its advancement of the Socialization of America, Obamacare is not a vehicle for the Leftist criminalization of free speech and the suppression of traditional Christianity.

On the other hand, the legitimization of same-sex marriage, soon to be announced by the Roberts Court, will provide for the final assault on Christianity and on what is left of free speech. With SSM, and the perverted sexual practices inherent in it, recognized by the State as normal and equal to heterosexual marriage, perverts of every kind will search out all those individuals, businesses and organizations considered ‘judgmental’ and demand that the law inflict punishment.

This week Tylenol, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, has launched a massive publicity campaign for their product promoting same-sex relationships and the new (Revolutionary) definitions of ‘family’. Those who do not understand that America is now a post-revolutionary society and has a wealthy Ruling Class with a radical agenda, will continue to puzzle over the decisions of every big business to embrace and promote homosexual and other perverted lifestyles. Why, they will ask, are these companies taking such initiatives on behalf of a small minority and undermining the conventions and beliefs of the vast majority?

The answer rests in the power of a Ruling Class and especially this one. Its core members are extremely wealthy; they control not only the MSM and the News but also mass entertainment; as atheists they are unhampered by moral and honest standards; they have no investment in the long-term future of the Nation; their lawless use of government power and the rewards they can dispense have guaranteed that Big Business seeks Ruling Class approval, and their Leftist allies ruthlessly practice the philosophy that ‘ends justify means’.

It did not take the Ruling Class and its agents in Congress long to pack the Courts. It became clear some time ago that Roberts was vulnerable to pressure, some might say blackmail. Kennedy has never been much influenced by the Constitution and the two most recent appointments were chosen for their commitment to the Revolutionary agenda. The Supreme Court may from time to time uphold laws in favor of trade and property but on all issues important to the Ruling Class and its allies, the Court will ignore the Constitution. SSM and illegal immigration are two such issues and there will be many more on the road to totalitarianism. The Right must recognize that the Courts are now agents of the Revolution.

It is reported that more than 60% of Americans now support SSM, a tribute to the propaganda power of the MSM and its Entertainment arm. This is for those who have grown up in sane times an astonishing and shocking shift in the morals of the American people. Just as shocking is the abandonment of common sense by so many. Besides the effects of the Media Class propaganda we need to recognize that the American public school system has been turned into an indoctrination program far more extreme and thorough than most parents knew. Too many, distracted by work, sport and materialism, were not paying attention. Graduates of this process are brainwashed by Global Warming guilt, America’s selfish past, unfair White advantage and a bigoted morality that has excluded those with different sexual appetites.

Most of all, the incessant reporting on SSM and the enthusiasm of the corrupted Courts to set aside the people’s expressed wishes, have created a weariness. Most Americans now believe that granting the perverts their latest demand will put the whole issue to bed and life can once again be non-controversial. Few people know any perverts and have lived their lives without having to confront the truth about homosexuality. Seemingly no-one understands that the sexual revolution is just beginning and homosexuality and all other perversions are about to confront them and demand investigation and submission.

On this website we have long predicted the current situation and that it will end with the suppression of those Christian Churches and social organizations unwilling to abandon Christian morality. Last week the Pope gave his support and leadership to a march for marriage in Italy. Many hundreds of thousands of Italians marched and the Western World’s Media looked the other way. The Pope had previously unwisely ventured into the politics of global warming and redistribution, winning temporary approval of the Ruling Class, but this will not halt the persecution of the Catholic Church for when he returned to the subjects of morality, the family and sexual behavior he put his Church in America on the frontline for persecution.

Not too far back on this website we predicted that Greece would face down Merkel and Hollande.  Greece has spent other people’s money and expects more welfare, believing that the Euro politicians, anxious to protect the Euro State at all costs, will override the bureaucrats who want fiscal responsibility. The Greek people have been withdrawing their Euro money from Greek banks and sending it abroad or putting it under the mattress.

The bureaucrats have been replacing those withdrawals with more Euros, in effect prolonging the welfare payments. A crunch of sorts will come and if the Euro politicians have their way a phony and meaningless formula will be found to keep Greece in the EU. If the lenders have their way Greece will be forced out of the EU. The Greeks will still have their Euros and these will be spent and the Greek economy will benefit for a time. Eventually, Greece out of the EU will experience a civil conflict and a Venezuelan solution.

Our prediction that Hillary Clinton will not get the Democrat nomination is looking foolish, though there is still time for her replacement. Maybe she has mended her bridges with the Hollywood perverts and made atonement for Bill’s past sniggering at pansy boys. We watch with interest!

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