Extremism Dressed As Moderation

“Though 2016 isn’t going to usher in a new golden age, it may be the year when we grow up and take responsibility for our own societies – and the planet too. The outpouring of grass-roots support for Syrian refugees, the success of the Paris summit on climate change, the refusal of the people of Paris to give way to fear, the election of middle-of-the-road governments in several countries (including my own Canada): All these are encouraging signs…”.


“Even in stable democracies we have a worrying number of people who think that most politicians are self-seeking and corrupt – and who will give their allegiance to a motley crew of Pied Pipers who skip about with no clear road in sight”.

The above words were written by Prof. Margaret MacMillan in the WSJ of 2nd January, 2016. She is the Warden of St. Antony’s College, Oxford. Hers is the voice of extremism dressed as moderation, and thanks to the power of a morally and politically corrupt Ruling Class and its Mainstream Media, we live in an era when privileged people such as her control the public narrative and re-define ‘moderation’.

MacMillan is the product of privilege who strolled the entitled, easy path to Academia, comfort and security. She is the grand daughter of a British Prime Minister and daughter of affluent and well-connected parents. At Oxford University she has been well-protected from Islamic terrorism and never experienced the violent street-by-street invasion of Pakistani Muslims that the poor British working people of big cities have had inflicted upon them. During her ascent in Academia she never had to fear that her job would be taken by a cheap-labor immigrant or a Black recipient of race quotas. I doubt she is taking care of the planet by denying herself air travel to International history conferences, taxpayer-funded banquets and top-class hotels.

Somehow I missed the outpouring of grass-roots support for Syrian refugees. What I saw was another know-it-all Academic/politician in Berlin, an agent of Internationalism, opening Germany’s borders to a dangerous invasion of young Muslim men equipped with cell phones, Sharia Law and uncompromising demands. Grass-root Germans poured out hostility, were driven from the streets by police and made invisible by the MSM.

What was the success of the Paris summit on climate change? As I saw it the ‘summit’ used an unproven climate threat to redistribute by taxation, the earnings of working people to Government and the undeserving. Whilst the ‘great and good’ like MacMillan were focused on climate change they chose to do nothing to stop the Muslim invasion of Europe. And what behaviors illustrated that the people of Paris had not given way to fear of Islam and its emigrants? Surely the electoral successes of the French National Front, despite the efforts of a rich Ruling Class and its lying MSM, illustrated the fears of the grass-roots in France.

No doubt Professor MacMillan, looking down her superior nose, is alluding to Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and the Prime Ministers of Hungary and Poland when she refers to a motley crew of Pied Pipers. Those of us who support the Pipers, and who think that most politicians are self-seeking and corrupt (that is to say those working people who have not been brainwashed by the MSM and their elite rulers), are ‘worrying’ to the Professor and her ilk.

It is time we on the Right reclaimed the words ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’, for they have been turned on their heads.

Those who say we must stop the invasion of the Western World by Muslim hordes whose Koran instructs them to destroy us, are moderates. It is the open borders people who are extremist. Those who claim, despite the lack of evidence before our eyes, that the world is being submerged by rising seas and we must therefore begin to live like ants, are the extremists. We who monitor the seas around us, and seeing no change, resist alarmism, are the moderates. When we say that the alarmists are self-seeking and corrupt (Al Gore ) we are being moderate. And when we see the same people jetting around the world and living life-styles that guzzle carbon and luxury, we are right to accuse them of self-seeking and corruption.

Those who now say that men marrying men and women marrying women are normal, are the extremists. Those who insist that sodomy is not perverted or dirty, are extremists. Those who are saying that there is no such thing as gender and that anyone can choose a gender that suits their purpose, are extremists. Those who claim that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were innocent victims of racist police officers, are extremists. When they disrupt other people’s everyday lives with aggressive demonstrations, they are being extreme. Those who demand that their invasions be punished are moderates. Those who murder babies in the womb (and out of it!) and sell the parts are extremists. Those who set up organizations to encourage under-age children to have sex and who conspire to keep parents ignorant, are extremists.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marine Le Pen and the ordinary people of the UK, France, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Poland who resist cultural and racial swamping, resist the destruction of their Nation States and resist the onslaught of Islamic Imperialism, are the MODERATES. The extremists are in our White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the MSM, the EU and the UN. Let us keep these truths in mind at all times!


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