WSJ Seeks Trump’s Jugular

It seems that all the opinion polls out this week are celebrating Trump’s pending defeat at the hands of Ted Cruz. Yesterday on this website we claimed that Trump is our first choice because he is the most Nationalistic of the many Republican contestants. We think the defense of America, its political institutions and its economy can be achieved only by sealing our borders, ejecting potentially dangerous foreigners, restoring the military and replacing a ‘world’ view with an ‘America First’ view in all matters of Government. We believe that Trump will set about these priorities with vigor and determination.

We have our doubts that a President Trump will care enough about the Constitution, about placing true Conservatives on the Supreme Court, will energetically purge the Federal Courts of Leftists and perverts, will restore real marriage, will end abortion-on-demand and fully restore law and order in our big cities.

But Congress exists to provide a counter-weight to the Presidency. A Conservative-dominated Congress, elected by the same voters who would put Trump in the White House, can supplement his instinctive Nationalism with the Conservatism that restores a strong Nation from within. There will never be a Conservative-dominated Congress if America is flooded with new, footloose citizens. There will not be an America if dangerous Muslim enemies are admitted and their presence tolerated.

Cruz may be closing in the polls but yesterday in Western Michigan a record-setting Trump crowd at the DeltaPlex, Grand Junction, once again provided an opportunity for Nationalists to show their strength and energy. We must march with these Americans. Cruz, so far, has failed to capture and mobilize such people who have the energy to make a counter-revolution.

Meanwhile the Leftist Mainstream Media, fearing the rise of American Nationalism that Trump has ignited, is ramping up its attacks on him and his army. The WSJ, a bastion of Internationalism and social liberalism, has another anti-Trump, anti-Nationalist opinion piece by Bret Stephens, a man for whom the defense of Israel should be America’s priority. This time he is fear-mongering that a Trump or Cruz nomination will ensure a Clinton victory. For him it is right that Israel should control its borders and restrict citizenship, but not America.

On another page Dave Shiflett has a long article smearing Trump’s character. Shiflett once eagerly took Trump’s money to help write his autobiography. Now he takes money to attack his character and his motives. Shiflett reveals himself to be a literary whore and a Judas.

This would be a damaging article, except that Rush Limbaugh, who we consider to be a man of principle, has said several times that he knows Trump personally and can vouch that he has held these Nationalist views for many years. He also says that Trump is a truly generous man who gives without publicity, who is decent and clean-living, and has made few enemies. We will take Limbaugh’s recommendation over that of Judas.

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We can all resist the Revolution in our daily lives. Take every opportunity to say “Merry Christmas” at the supermarket checkout, at the school gate, at the bank, the barbers, the bar and at work. And say it in a loud, clear, fearless voice!


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