Trump’s Race To Lose?

The election results from New York State last night were music to the ears of Donald Trump, Michael Savage and Nationalists (Counter-Revolutionaries) all across America. As one website visitor joyfully wrote “Trump can now reach the 1237 threshold with fewer than 39% of the remaining delegates. This is his race to lose. I think he’s in.”

The following facts, according to the Mainstream Media (MSM), are that the 845 delegates Trump has in the bag are 68% of the total needed to clinch the nomination on the first ballot. There are 733 delegates still available and he needs 392 according to our math. Whether our optimistic website visitor or the MSM is right, there is no doubt that last night’s result took The Donald a giant step nearer to the Republican nomination.

If this was not good enough news for American Nationalists (Counter-Revolutionaries), the next few primaries all look – according to the opinion polls – delegate-rich for Trump. They do not look good for Ted Cruz, who can only prosper if the Ohio Convention goes into a second ballot. The latest Quinnipiac University opinion poll for Connecticut shows Trump 48%, Kasich 28% and Cruz 19%. Voting takes place next Tuesday.

Rush Limbaugh this morning, trying hard to not expose himself as a Cruzite, avoided mentioning that the New York result was a humiliation for his preferred choice. Limbaugh, unlike the unpleasant Mark Levin, will be a genuinely robust radio voice for Trump after nomination. The future in politics is always impossible to predict with certainty, but it looks to us that Cruz’s Presidential aspirations ended last night, no matter how hard he works at getting delegate commitments for a second ballot. If the Convention has to choose an alternative to Trump, it will not be a candidate who polled only 14% last night.

There were two pieces of bad news last night. Clinton got her Democrat juggernaut back on the rails, and the Democrat base voted in large numbers. Previous State contests had revealed low Democrat turn-out despite Bernie’s ‘charisma’. It is tempting to attribute the Democrat high turn-out to New York city being Clinton’s political base and Bernie’s birth place, but it is also Trump home territory. The total Republican vote did not equal Clinton’s.

No doubt Black and Jewish voters, who never seem to care about trifles like crookedness and narcissism, turned out in droves and even voted from the grave, but we suspect that urban New Yorkers continue to move Left. It will be interesting to see if voters in the rest of the State – Americans who have to make an honest living – turned out in force for the Republicans.

If The Donald becomes President and does nothing else but restore the definitions of male and female, he will have contributed to the restoration of sanity. On this website, one of our contributions to sanity is the refusal to use the nu-speak of totalitarianism. When we write ‘gay’ we mean ‘full of mirth, light-hearted, cheerful and merry’. When we write about unnatural, masochistic and unhygienic sexual practices we use the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘perverted’. We believe that calling a spade a spade is inseparable from honest discussion. The words ‘transgender’ , ‘gender identity’ and ‘sexual orientation’ are inventions aimed at brainwashing and the denial of scientific fact.

global warming Global Warming Watch global warming

The MSM is making much of the heavy rain and flooding in Houston, Texas. 17 inches in 24 hours is being described as ‘historic’. On this website we prefer anecdotal evidence to the propaganda of the MSM and government agencies.

It so happens that I was in Houston back in the early 1990’s when 26 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. I watched from a 12th-story Downtown hotel room as the water rose up in the streets below where I had walked only hours earlier. Parked cars disappeared below the water and the skyline of surrounding city buildings resembled the mountains of Laos in a diabolical tropical storm.

The next morning I was able to drive to the airport and my plane left on time. Weather is often extreme, especially in Texas!

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