Trump’s Mexican Visit was Presidential

Trump’s snap visit to Mexico City caught the Mainstream Media enemy by surprise and it is still struggling to report it negatively. It was too big to ignore without greatly offending Mexicans in the USA and the Mexican President. Given how Trump’s past remarks about the porous border and its invaders have been misrepresented by the MSM, and how Mexico’s politicians have responded with attacks on Trump, this trip was Daniel entering the lion’s den.

There is no evidence as to when the Mexican President made the invitation, or when Trump accepted, but the short notice to the world was a master stroke, for it gave no time for Soros’s Far Left protesters to organize and obstruct, and no opportunity for the MSM to manufacture a diversionary news story.

Other than those on the Revolutionary Far Left and the Republican collaborators in Washington and Wall Street, the man-in-the-street will surely conclude that Trump has guts. He will also conclude that Trump is one smart operator and remarkably cool and confident – in short a leader of men. The plane trip to Mexico City and then the helicopter trip to the Presidential Palace not only smacked of slick organization but- captured on newsreel film – also looked impressively Presidential.

Trump’s short speech, standing next to the Mexican President and in front of the Mexican flag, was never belligerent but it was uncompromising on the immigration principles he has campaigned on. It will have wholly reassured his supporters and the Broad Right doubters that he has not wavered.

We can be sure that if Hillary is panicked, Obama is enraged and planning revenge. This is the second time in just over a week (Baton Rouge) that Trump has looked like the American people’s real President. No wonder Obama is plotting to control the coming election!

The swift and very workmanlike trip will have reinforced Trump’s claim that the White House needs a businessman, and one who seizes opportunities, even takes a few calculated risks. And if anyone still doubted that Trump is campaigning to win the Presidency, this initiative will put an end to all the snide innuendo from Bret (Israel First) Stephens and the Wall Street Gang about Trump pulling out once he has salvaged his business empire. It is certain that Trump paid his own fare to Mexico and Stephens should be made to eat every copy of every WSJ in which he attacked Trump’s motives.

Which brings me to motive! It is tempting to write of this Trump initiative as a master stroke of tactics, especially as he has grabbed the spotlight, caught the opposition by surprise, reassured his followers, looked and acted like the real President, and prepared a situational context for his speech tonight.

It was all that but more importantly – and we must not miss this – he was acting in America’s best interests, which is why he has given up a safe and comfortable life to lead a dangerous Counter-revolution. He is being a patriot.

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