Trump’s Character Attacked – Not His Policies

On this website our great mission is to reveal the presence and the power of the Media Class, identify its awesome propaganda/false news weapon (the Mainstream Media), clarify the Media Class alliance with the Far Left Democrat Party, and alert the Broad Right to the Revolution that has brought the alliance to power in the USA.

When our articles focus on the Media Class, we are never in danger of repeating what other websites are saying for unfortunately, we are a lone voice in identifying the Ruling Media Class and the Revolution it is completing. We wish it were otherwise.

When we digress from our mission and instead draw attention to what others have missed on political, cultural and social issues, we hope to be original. There is no point in duplicating what other Broad Right websites with much bigger followings, professional writers and inside information have stated. If others have already said it, we don’t waste your time by saying it again.

Here is an observation on the MSM’s anti-Trump election coverage we think others have missed, and until now so had we!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, (the paper is now the voice of the traitorous Republican Internationalist elite), Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. one of the gang-of-four led by Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens, has a long article titled “Trump Wins Even If He Loses”. We don’t recommend reading his drivel, for it is more of the same drivel that the WSJ Opinion Page spews every day in its attempt to hive off Republican voters from Donald Trump.

The article makes no attempt to mention, assess, or criticize Trump’s policy statements, most of which are in line with long-time conservative policies. Instead, it repeats attacks on Trump’s character, insinuating that he is only in the Presidential contest for pecuniary gain. It places him on the same ethical and moral level as Hillary Clinton. Like all previous articles by the WSJ gang-of-four, it more than hints that Trump is contesting for the Presidency solely to either rescue his businesses from bankruptcy, or to raise their profile, or both.

Jenkins writes that it matters not to Trump if he wins or loses the election for on “Nov 9 the video offers and business proposals will pour in. Prepare to be amazed at how readily the aspirational aspects of the traditional Trump brand mix with his new outre political populist brand.”

The charge that Trump has embarked on a (self-funding) Presidential campaign to rescue himself from bankruptcy or to grow an already big business bigger, is clearly ludicrous. That he would expose himself and his family to assassination from Muslim fanatics, Mexican gangsters and unhinged Leftists, not just for the campaign period but for ever, makes no sense – and the gang-of-four knows it. Trump is motivated by the belief that he can make America great again and he is taking great risks to be patriotic.

These are smear tactics of the lowest kind. But the attacks on Trump that are the daily fare of the whole MSM are never on his policies. They have a narrow range from misreporting what he has said, to quoting him out of context, to defaming his supporters, to predicting an election rout based on crooked opinion polls, to malicious attacks on his character and motives.

Enraged by the MSM’s breathtaking evil propaganda, and the shameless betrayal of Republican elitists, we on the Broad Right are in danger of not noticing that Trump’s policies have been taken off the public discussion table. It is amazing that in the place of policy, the contest has been focused on Trump’s alleged poor character at a time when the Democrat candidate – and her husband- are known world-wide as low-lifes.

The truth is that the Internationalists of all stripes know they cannot sell ‘globalism’ to the American voters and so Trump‘s Nationalist policies cannot be allowed to surface.

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