Trump. Would He Survive Election Victory?

We ask this question seriously. On this website in 2007 we defined the approaching 2008 contest for the Presidency as a Revolution disguised as a routine election. We had long before identified the formation of a new Class (The Media Class) and described its capture of the Democrat Party and alliance with the Far Left. We early on predicted that like all powerful new Classes in history, it would seek by stealth to remake society in its own image (a Revolution).

Obama was plucked by the new and extremely wealthy emerging Ruling Class from relative obscurity, and promoted as the Democrat Presidential candidate. From the beginning, he was in constant contact with the billionaires of Hollywood, and by them he was groomed, packaged, provided with a fictional history and sold to the American voters by the source of the Media Class’s power – the awesome propaganda machine known as the Mainstream Media.

From January 2008 he and the Democrat Party in Congress embarked by incremental steps on an increasingly Revolutionary agenda. In order to advance the Revolution without a violent confrontation – which in America with its armed citizens, conservative, Christian population, and patriotic military, it might lose – stealth and the preservation of the appearance of ‘politics as usual’ was, and still is, vital.

As we have always insisted to our Counter-revolutionary comrades in this time of stealthy Revolution by increments, the modern (purged) Democrat Party is merely a tool of the Media Class and its primary weapon – the MSM. Indeed, since the Democrat Party lost control of Congress and most State Congresses in 2012, the Ruling Class has discovered it can rule by edict from the White House by edict without Congress, such is the power it has accumulated.

How has this been possible in a Nation State that prided itself on its Constitution and Separation of Powers? The easy answer is that the stealthy Revolution, concealed from the consciousness of the people by the MSM, has achieved the purging of the Federal Judiciary and Supreme Court, the purging of the Armed Forces leadership, the conversion of the DOJ, IRS and almost all other Federal Government Departments into weapons of Revolutionary intimidation, and exploited and suborned by rewards and MSM blackmail, the Republican Party in Congress.

This is what Revolutionaries do in order to transform a society, remake it in their own image, and destroy for ever the old order. Here is not the place to go over yet again, the Media Class Revolutionaries’ moral agenda or the political/economic agenda of their Far Left allies. We have laid them out many times before.

The new Ruling Class and their Far Left Allies have not yet finished their stealthy transformation of America, and the destruction of all opposition. One more term in the White House is required, and Obama, who has grown in Office from a bumbling, script-reading actor to a consummate, confident liar with his own Islamic agenda, is intent, along with his Ruling Class masters, on placing Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Under the surface of ‘politics as usual’, this November election is a deadly contest, with a Revolutionary transformation of America at stake. The unexpected appearance of the political loose cannon Donald Trump, his speedy development of a Nationalist agenda that ignited the support of a slumbering, socially conservative and patriotic White working class, and his defeat of the compromisers of the Republican Party, has upset the calculations of the Ruling Class and its man in the White House. The Ruling Class was caught unawares by the redefinition of the election into a Nationalist versus Internationalist contest. But it is now regaining its footing, and it has new allies from a united Big Business.

A Trump victory would set back the Revolution, perhaps even reverse it, just as it is poised to become irreversible. Because Trump and his Nationalist army look capable of winning, the Ruling Class will do whatever is necessary to preserve and complete its transformation of America. Trump is to be destroyed as quickly as possible and the MSM is now engaged in the most ruthless propaganda war of its existence. Stealth is being abandoned and Obama has thrown off all the niceties of past Presidential restraint.

He is now making it clear in his own words that a Trump Presidency cannot be permitted. He, the MSM and everyone who can be rounded up – including Republican renegades – are out to define Trump as so unfitted for the Presidency that any means can be employed to destroy him.

If the MSM and the renegades do not succeed in eliminating his chances at the ballot box, and voter fraud is insufficient, we believe that there will be an attempt on Trump’s life. There are several sources of assassins who can do the job without implicating the Ruling Class and its Government – Islamists, Mexican cartels and Far Left Trotskyites.

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  1. The prime suspects for a Trump assassination will be the Mossad. They will, of course, do it in such a way as to make it look like the Muslims did it.

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