Trump Took Law And Order To Cleveland

Some time ago on this website we predicted street riots and civil chaos for the Republican Convention. So did every other political commentator, and we were all wrong. Last week the Cleveland Downtown streets were as safe as they are on any other weekday. Given the casual Black lawlessness that plagues every big city in Obama’s America, this is probably not saying an awful lot, but the presence of the Trump Convention did not condemn Cleveland to street rule by the misnamed ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) thuggery that everyone anticipated.

From George Soros’ point of view, Cleveland’s little BLM street protests were damp squibs. From the Mainstream Media’s (MSM) point of view the week was worse than a damp squib, for there were no violent protests inside the Quicknloans Convention Center and the proceedings were uninterrupted. As far as we know the Republican delegates made their way safely to the Convention each day, their vehicles were not vandalized and any Republican who stayed away fearing a bloodbath, miscalculated.

On this website we are certain that the Soros-funded Far Left alliance of BLM perverts, thieves and thugs; White Trotskyites; Public Service Union goons; College Anarchists, and Revolutionary Democrat activists, were planning enough daily and nightly mayhem in Cleveland to turn the Convention into a MSM-captured celebration of Trump disaster. So what went wrong with their plans?

The Far Left, the MSM propagandists, and some on our side, will say a massive police presence, well-organized and disciplined, squashed dissent (the Far Left explanation) or wanton violence (our side’s explanation).

We don’t want to take any credit away from the Cleveland Mayor and the police but we would point out that large police forces have failed to hold control of streets in many big cities this year when faced with BLM/Far Left forces. It has taken much less provocation than a Trump Republican Convention to set thousands of Revolutionaries, arsonists and looters on the warpath. If the ‘normal’ Obama-era script had unfolded, Cleveland’s Downtown would have been first a battlefield, shooting, followed by a police withdrawal, and then a bonfire of looted shops, restaurants and offices.

The postscript, composed by the MSM and Obama’s DOJ, would have been that Trump and his Nazi followers provoke violence with his racist, inflammatory oratory and their innate bigotry. And that the Second Amendment belongs on the scrapheap of history.

In our view the roots of the failure of the Revolutionaries’ violent plans for Cleveland date back to Trump’s determination to resist the protestors in several locations. Time after time he ordered his security staff to ‘Throw the bums out!’ Bernie ran from the stage, others handed over microphones, but The Donald made it clear that he was not going to give way or be silenced. Only once did he cancel a rally, and fortunately it was a mistake he never made again. A MSM-orchestrated campaign to tar him with a violence brush failed to make him soft-pedal his uncompromising aggressive stance to protestors. Bush and co would have surrendered.

Trump’s leadership example has aroused his supporters. Just as young Blacks have grown bolder in their violence, thanks to Obama’s encouragement, so Nationalists, encouraged by Trump’s example, have decided to resist. In Cleveland they let it be known that they would exercise their right to assemble and defend that right and safety by carrying. Groups of bikers also announced that they would assemble and protect the Trump Convention. These lawful declarations of intent will have deterred all but the most fanatical and foolish hardcore of the Revolutionaries. The result was small protests which the police were able to control. The lesson for the Broad Right is that determination, confidence and courage pay off. These attributes will be required many more times between now and next January 31st.

This morning after Church I talked with some Baptists who had traveled over from Missouri. I enquired about the Trump prospects in their State. Several revealed that they had been Cruz supporters early in the primary campaign, though no longer. They had doubted Trump’s commitment to defend Christians but were now reassured because a recent meeting between Trump and Evangelical leaders had resulted in Trump promising to free Christian Churches from the legal (tax) restrictions placed upon their political activities by President Johnson.

This Trump promise is hugely important to traditional Christians, for the Johnson law has been selectively applied by the IRS. Obama, the Clintons, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and numerous Black pastors have been ‘preaching’ naked Far Left politics from the pulpits of Black Churches with impunity, since at least 2007. Such Far Left political activism in Black Churches has often been shown on television news and celebrated by commentators. At the same time the pastors of traditional Christian Churches have been fearful even of touching on same-sex marriage and abortion in case the tax authorities impose tax liabilities.

My Missouri acquaintance also said he believed that Trump had expressed an interest in making a stronger personal Christian commitment. This, if accurate, is good news. Before our website visitors dismiss this as a cynical ploy, I would offer this.

Trump has arrived late in life to Nationalism, yet we do not doubt his sincerity. It may be that a combination of old age, life experience, family concerns and Obama’s shocking Revolutionary policies have opened his eyes. The responsibility of leading a movement will have hastened his education. Since – as we constantly maintain on this website – Nationalism, Conservatism and Christianity belong together, why would he not experience a genuine reappraisal of the Gospels?

One last word! Does anyone believe that politics are avoided in Mosques, or that Obama’s IRS is concerned?

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