Trump. Time To Unite Behind Him

This evening we shall discover whether the unprecedented attacks on a popular Republican and leading candidate in the primaries, has taken its toll. If Trump is defeated by Kasich in Michigan and by Cruz in Idaho and Mississippi, the Republican collaborators and their new-found allies in the MSM and Ruling Class will be ecstatic. They will be relieved to learn that the vast sums they are spending to frustrate Trump and his followers is money well spent. A dismal showing by their chosen one, Marco Rubio, will not dampen their spirits. For we have learned in this last week that even a Ted Cruz victory over Trump is preferable to the continued advance of Trump and his legions.

Many of our website visitors may wonder why Cruz, so long the villain of the Republican Party’s establishment and the MSM, is now welcome in the official corral. Some will explain this as the elite’s conclusion that as a career politician who is extremely politically ambitious, Cruz will be available for purchase when the time comes. Others say he has been an establishment politician all along, having worked for Bush, and dependent on a wife who has worked for everyone who is anyone in the Republican establishment. A few might speculate that as Cruz has nailed his colors to the Constitution, the establishment believes that once in the White House he will easily be tied down and neutered in procedures.

On this website we believe Cruz is, in the last resort, tolerable to the Ruling Class, because he mistakenly views the current political situation as a continuation of the old Republican/Democrat Congressional competition that can be fought within Congress and its rules. He has failed to see -or is choosing not to see – that this election is taking place amidst the turmoil of a Revolution whose servant in the White House and its Courts have rendered Congress irrelevant. The Ruling Class and its allies, stealthily advancing the Revolution, seek to keep all opposition confined to this irrelevant Congress and its tortuous procedures. It has been reduced to a talking shop and they understand that a President who cannot see and act beyond the procedures will be powerless.

We wrote ‘chooses not to see’ in the previous paragraph because Cruz is not equipped to lead a Counter-Revolution. His training, experience and life-time commitment, is to legal procedures. He is incapable of being the ‘Man of the People’ required in Revolutionary times. Even if he recognized that these are Revolutionary times and that his Constitutional banner is inadequate to turn back the clock, he has too much invested in his career plan.

This career plan and his preoccupation with rebellious virtuoso exhibitions of knowledge of the arcane rules of the Senate, is what has caused him to lag behind the issues. He has been seeing America’s problems through Senate eyes and failed to see an emerging uprising of the people who he thought he represented.

He is not alone, of course. All the career Republican candidates who started out, with the exception of Carson, in one way or another had no place on the people’s boat. It was the politically inexperienced but therefore untainted Donald Trump, who saw most clearly what are the working people’s big issues.

Cruz has increasingly aspired to be radical, but molded and handicapped by his professional political life in Washington, he proved to be insufficiently radical when the big moment arrived. It was Trump the businessman, more in touch with the working people despite his wealth, who immediately tapped into their Counter-Revolutionary energy with his blunt, simple but perceptive identification of the real battle-ground issues. It is Trump who cut to the chase on jobs for Americans and how to retrieve them, whilst Cruz and Mark Levin were pre-occupied with Obama’s un-Constitutional disregard for Congress. It is Trump who saw that many ordinary (conservative) Americans have given up on an ineffectual Congress dominated by Republican collaborators.

Cruz’s public meetings may have been larger and more lively than Rubio’s, Bush’s and the others, but they have been eclipsed by Trump’s massive rallies. Trump is appealing beyond those Republican activists who, like Cruz, are blinkered by Constitutionalism and knee-jerk Party loyalty. He has drawn in those Americans who have detached themselves from the two Parties in frustration and disgust and are ready to resist – ready to match the Left and take back their America with force.

It is these mobilized people who the Internationalists fear. The WSJ’s scribblers have never been busier or more fearful. For various reasons they are afraid of the American people. None more so than Bret Stephens. Several times we have drawn attention to his poisonous and hysterical attacks on Trump and claimed that he is most motivated by hostility to the ordinary (Christian) American people. Like other scribblers on that newspaper, his deepest loyalty is to Israel and thus unable to empathize with any degree of American Nationalism.

Today his gloves are right off as he harks back to Europe in the 1930’s and smears Trump and his followers with Mussolini. “In breaking the taboos of civility and civilization, a Trump speech and rally resembles the rallies of fascist leaders who pantomimed the wishes of their followers and let them fill in the text” “Thanks to Donald, the Trumpkins at last have a license to be as ugly as they want to be”.

Stephens has no grounds for these charges against the Americans who rally for Trump and he writes this during a period when Blacks have been rioting, burning and looting cities with impunity. When a Black sport has been attacking lone Whites and Asians on the streets. When almost every college and University has been taken over by Far Left agitators and Christians, patriots and Conservatives have been banished. When free speech has led to Court-directed re-education punishments.

Yes Mr. Stephens we know history as well as you and we know how civilizations are undermined from within and betrayed by those given sanctuary. Yes, Democracy has been rigged since the Media Class assumed power. And yes the illegal immigrants are plundering the medical services, exhausting the education system, filling prisons and bringing crime. And yes, plain speaking is refreshing and authentic.

It is time for all those who wish to turn back the clock to pre-Revolutionary times, restore free speech, retrieve jobs for working class Americans and make America great again to unite behind Donald Trump and swell the ranks of the Nationalist movement he has ignited.


  1. Last week was shaky for Trump but he doesn’t do well in caucus states and I think we’re done with those now.

    I’m fairly confident about Florida, but not so sure about Ohio. Kasich is benefiting a little bit from people dropping out and Rubio imploding, and Ohio might have a state pride thing going on.

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