Trump Supporters ‘Appalling’

“If by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling”. This is the opening sentence of WSJ Opinion writer Bret Stephens in his Global View column in today’s Wall Street Journal.

According to Mr. Stephens “if you have reached physical maturity and still chuckle at Mr. Trump’s pubescent jokes about Rosie O’Donnell or Heidi Klum, you will never reach mental maturity. If you watched Mr. Trump mock fellow candidate Lindsey Graham’s low poll numbers and didn’t cringe at the lack of class, you are incapable of class.”

There are 4 columns of this diatribe against The Donald and me. I write ‘me’ because as a supporter of Trump I am one of the “‘significant percentage of the GOP base” that Stephens is raging about. We members of the “significant percentage” are “vulgarians”, “paranoid” and deserve to be sent to do forced labor in the Persian Gulf. Trump, according to Stephens, is a ‘loudmouth vulgarian” and there is a “stench” to his candidacy. However, writes Stephens, Trump isn’t the problem, we, the people are, as it takes the demos to make the demagogue.

Since Mr. Stephens feels free to insult me, impugn my integrity, condemn my lack of class, and smear my motives for wanting to vote out the collaborators and traitors in the Republican Party’s ranks, I feel free to attack his motives.

Occasionally, in the years he has written the ‘Global View’ Opinion column, I have read something insightful about America’s internal political scene. But a weekly reading of it soon raised my suspicions about his agenda. It became clear that it is foremost one of persuading Americans to put Israel’s best interests above America’s. Despite his Anglicized name, Mr. Stephens is Jewish. Although born in the USA he went to work as editor of the Jerusalem Post. This would seem to be an unusual job for a non-Israeli. I cannot imagine that the Jerusalem Post would employ as editor a Pakistani, a Turk or an Englishman, so why employ an American? We must assume that the Post was aware that his identity as a Jew, and his loyalties to Israel, were paramount.

In 2005, according to Wikipedia, Mr. Stephens was named a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum. I think, in the light of this it is justifiable to claim that Mr. Stephens is one of those ‘internationalists’ who is working to undermine the Nation State in the West. Americans opposed to open borders, he writes, are indulging in “the paranoid (and losing) identity politics of a dwindling white majority”. Presumably the White majority cannot dwindle fast enough for Mr. Stephens though I doubt he wants to see a ‘dwindling majority’ of Jews in Israel. Perhaps he is in favor of all the Muslim and Christian Arabs now escaping Syria, Libya and Iraq finding refuge across an Israeli open border. Somehow I doubt it!

Behind all the snarky, elitist distaste for Trump’s style lies Stephen’s fear that Trump is arousing America’s ordinary, long-suffering working people and reminding them of their identity, their exceptional history, inviting them to take pride in it and offering to lead the resistance to an invasion of their homeland. Mr. Stephens represents the WSJ’s fear of Nationalism and its inevitable opposition to the Nation State. Stephens and his WSJ comrades are globalists.

Like all migrants to the USA, Jews have to decide if they are primarily Americans or Jews. The same holds true for those from China, India, Vietnam, Ireland, the UK and anywhere else. It is not an easy choice and it is likely that many of the Founding Fathers found it painful to reject England. There is a case for advocating a special relationship between the USA and the currently threatened Israel but we never doubt that Michael Savage and Mark Levin are Americans first and Jews second. Stephens appears to owe his loyalty to Israel and to object to Americans and Donald Trump seeking to preserve an American national identity.

For the record this website missed Trump’s jokes about the obnoxious and pubescent Rosie O’Donnell. And who is Heidi Klum? If we had heard the jokes about O’Donnell we probably would have laughed. As for Lindsey Graham, he deserves much worse than mockery for he is a collaborator with a hidden agenda. And again for the record it is not in the Constitution that America (or the West) should forever invite the tired and poor of the world. America has its own tired and poor and their condition is made worse by open borders.

Donald Trump, his policies and his supporters have many enemies within America. Intolerant Leftists of all colors who seek both totalitarianism and Global redistribution; perverts who lust for a secular America without traditional morals and an anarchic society full of vulnerable young boys; and those for whom the Nation State is a barrier to unlimited profits. There are those who have obtained political and Judicial office as conservatives but who live in fear that the MSM will reveal how they have been corrupted and compromised in Washington. And there is the Media Class whose MSM can manipulate the American masses if they are left to slumber. They fear that The Donald is waking the slumbering masses.

Finally, we salute Kim Davis, the Christian Kentucky County Clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She might as well resist now, for down the road will be the inevitable group marriages and man/dog marriages for only cruel bigots would deny ‘love’ and individual choice. Miss Davis will lose because the Federal Courts have been stealthily packed with perverts and revolutionary Leftists. At least Bret Stephens will be pleased by the defeat of the demos.


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