Trump Still Leads in Latest Fox News Poll

The latest FNP of registered Republican voters covering the period 20th-22nd September shows;

————-————- Donald Trump 26%

—————— Carson 18%

——— Marco Rubio 9%

——— Carly Fiorina 9%

——– Ted Cruz 8%

——- Jeb Bush 7%

—– Chris Christie 5%

—- John Kasich 4%

— Mike Huckabee 3%

— Rand Paul 2%

It appears that Trump’s persistent rise in the polls has stalled, though an 8% lead over Carson is solid enough and the rest of the field remains way behind. The most revealing result of this poll is Bush’s drop to 6th place with a meager 7%. This despite much favorable reporting in the WSJ and Fox News and yet another major Bush-written article in the Journal. It is hard to see Tippy-toes gaining traction anytime soon and his financial sponsors must be doubting the wisdom of their investment.

It is clear that the MSM has decided to stop giving The Donald free publicity. Although he is attending large and enthusiastic gatherings of supporters, these are no longer attracting MSM reporters and cameras. Inevitably his campaign has lost some momentum as the people’s attention is drawn to other candidates by the MSM. It may be that this loss of free MSM publicity can be attributed to the Media Class/Leftist MSM spending its time slobbering over the Revolutionary from Argentina, who is energetically promoting their agenda. However the MSM has the power to choose who and what receives its camera time. If this Pope had been using his visit to promote real marriage, the plight of Christians everywhere and their slaughter by Muslims, and the murder of babies in the womb, he would have received little Media attention, and most of it hostile. In pursuit of its Class agenda, the MSM never fails to march in lockstep. We think the MSM has collectively concluded that inviting The Donald to TV interviews and putting him ‘in the dock’, has failed to frame him as either a clown or a monster. Now they are avoiding him and suppressing the evidence of his crowd-pulling popularity.

On the face of it Trump’s own refusal to appear on Fox has been damaging to him, for taking on hostile interviewers and more than holding his own, has helped to make him a hero of the Counter-revolution, and has kept him in the Media’s spotlight without cost. Still, Trump acts on instinct and maybe less Media exposure at this time will pay off for him. We shall see!

A website visitor asked why we refer to Jeb Bush as ‘Tippy-toes’. After the last TV contest, a group picture was taken and Bush was standing next to Trump. The Donald is tall but Bush at 6’4” is taller. In pictures posted on the Internet Bush can be seen standing on tiptoes in order to dominate Trump.

We congratulate Radio Talk Show host Michael Savage for his comments on Pope Francis and his American visit. Savage has pulled no punches and will no doubt be under attack from those forces which lurk behind the scenes, fearing truth and outraged by opposition. On this website we have expressed personal dislike of the Roman Catholic Church, its organization and its practices. We often write things that are less than admiring about Jews in the Media and draw attention to Black crime and welfare dependency. We like to think we say it like it is and we have little good to say about the English and the French.

However we live in dangerous times for Western civilization, and here in the USA – the home of freedom and free speech – eight years of Obama will take us to one minute to midnight and the dawn of totalitarianism. It is our view that wherever good people can be found who value the Constitution, free speech, free markets, the traditional family, the Nation State and its borders and culture, we must unite as Counter-revolutionaries. There is so much truth in the old saying “United We Stand; Divided We Fall”.


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