Trump Nails Illegal Immigration Toleration As Lunacy

Yesterday in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Trump addressed a crowd estimated at 13,000. It seems that wherever he appears thousands turn up to show support. As we remarked previously, it is obvious from video that they do not come out of curiosity. They are like an army on the march and ready for a fight.

The most impressive part of his speech was his commitment to sealing the Border. As he recited the border controls that are exercised by Mexico and Canada, North Korea and China, and then compared America’s lunatic invitation to all and sundry and the financial rewards that illegal entrants immediately receive, he showed why he is the only candidate worthy of the White House.

Today in Paris, France, the Muslim attacks on unarmed  French citizens, with possibly a death toll of 100 or more, will surely convince sane voters in the USA that all politicians who are soft on immigration control and those who insist that Islam is a religion of peace, have no credibility. Paris is yet another wake-up call to Americans, since 9/11 was not sufficient.

It is time for Donald Trump to step up to the plate and call for a halt on all immigration, to denounce Obama’s invitation to tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims, and to call for a campaign against Islam in America. Trump, no matter what his other shortcomings, is responsible for making immigration and border control the most important national issue in this election campaign. He deserves the Presidency!

It is horribly clear that Muslim terrorists are bred and nourished in established Muslim communities and are able to swim and plot in their protective waters. On this website we would like to see all Mosques closed, a ban on Halal meat and Conservative politicians united in denunciation of CARE. It is also time for every Conservative Republican to speak clearly in defense of the right to bear arms.


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