Trump Marches On

Trump’s refusal to walk back his dismissal of John McCain, war record and all, has been music to the ears of his admirers. At last a public figure on the Right who is not intimidated by a Media-orchestrated attack of outrage.

Is there anyone out there who seriously cares about McCain, his military sacrifices and his reputation- apart from McCain himself? Since the Vietnam War ended and McCain limped out of a plane on to American soil, thousands of America’s finest young men and even a few women have been stretchered out of planes. Many have disappeared into VA hospitals, some on to the streets and most back into civilian life without limbs, with burned skin and years of normal living taken out of their lives. Apart from family and a few organizations, America’s citizens have not given them a thought, distracted and corrupted as they are by the sick and superficial garbage pumped out by the Media Class on its TV, Cinema and Print. The truth is that the Media Class and its Leftist allies loathing of patriotism is only matched by a loathing of Christian morality and the real family.

Many of the returning military casualties have done truly heroic things on the battlefields. Even more forgotten along with their heroic actions are those who returned in body-bags. Our Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies not only never display any concern for military heroes but only last week revealed through its MSM that its definition of a real hero is a man who wants to pretend he is a woman, employs artifice to hide the reality and minces out on to the Media’s celebrity stage. This is heroism?

What conclusions can we draw from this transgender pantomime of ‘heroism’ other than that the Media furore over Trump’s comments were motivated only by a political agenda and that Trump represents something the Media Class fears and hates?

Trump to the delight of his growing army of ‘Trumpets’ then went to South Carolina and laid into Senator Lindsey Graham on his home turf. Graham, McCain’s fellow traveling Republican Senate renegade, had delighted the MSM by calling Trump a ‘jackass’. Trump, who apparently can get into the gutter with the best of them, revealed that at one time in the past Graham had sought his help to get access to Fox News. Flourishing a slip of paper, Trump theatrically added some detail to this incident of a backdoor favor-seeking Graham, by claiming that it was Graham’s phone number given at the time. Adding insult to injury, Trump fired up his audience by describing Graham as a ‘lightweight’ and ‘stiff’.

Clearly Trump has discarded the ‘old rules’ of gentlemanly political warfare. He appears to be as ready to dish out the dirt as has been the MSM and Left for the last decade and more. Since he has moved within the New York elite’s insider circles for years, no-one knows how much dirt he has on the great and the good. Until recently the ruling elite had assumed that this billionaire Class insider was not serious about leading an insurrection against their agenda of America’s erased borders, Third world standards for the natives and a covert slide into Internationalism.

Now the Ruling Class is realizing that Trump is for real and is providing a voice not only for Nationalists but for a larger army of conservatives desperate for a standard bearer of resistance. His raw Nationalism is in stark contrast to the gang of sell-out RINOS for whom Bush is the poster boy. If Trump continues his campaign and succeeds he will polarize the 2016 election into one focused on America’s survival as a Nation versus its surrender to the United Nations, the redistribution of its wealth to the World, and government by a privileged elite.

The Media Class and its Leftist allies are gearing up to destroy Trump before the Republican primaries begin so that the contest can be restricted to issues such as taxation, more efficient management of resources and short-term material prosperity for all. The emerging MSM tactic appears to be to dismiss Trump as a showman driven by self-interest and an uncontrolled appetite for publicity.

The WSJ whose editorial pages represent forces hostile to Nationalism and borders, led over the weekend with an editorial claiming that Trump is not a serious candidate, that he has “barely a passing acquaintance with America’s current policy debates”, is guilty of ‘hucksterism’ and is a demagogue willing to exploit public discontents. His only “discernible principle is the promotion of his personal brand”. The WSJ expresses fears that “too many on the Right seem willing to indulge any populist outburst no matter how divorced from reality or insulting to most Americans”.

We can assume that the feared populist outburst that Trump is indulging is about the absence of borders, the invasion of Third World masses and the crime and terrorism that illegal immigrants are inflicting on the natives. On Tuesday, Radio Talk Show host Mark Levin read out an address a mother had given to legislators concerning the abduction of her 15 year old son on his way home from school. His abductor was the child of illegal immigrants and also illegally in America. The  torture and cruel death he inflicted on this White American boy was almost too terrible for this writer (a parent of a similar, protected and harmless boy) to bear.

Levin revealed that in the last few years no fewer that 25,000 Americans had been murdered by illegal immigrants. Over 100,000 had been raped and untold numbers had been victims of other serious crimes. These figures were culled from the government’s own statistics yet as Levin pointed out the MSM and the politicians are suppressing this information for political purposes. These are victims whose numbers dwarf 9/11 and yet there is an official conspiracy of silence combined with a MSM black-out. No wonder Donald Trump is giving voice to “a popular outburst” which, despite the claims of the WSJ, is not divorced from reality. It is the WSJ’s editors, the open borders Bush and the RINOS, who are concealing reality from the American people.

Today’s WSJ has another attack on Trump by Holman W. Jenkins Jr. who labels him ‘boastful, self-obsessed and frequently vulgar’, offensive to “those who take their politics seriously” and who has only “a scintilla of a point” on illegal immigration.

Donald Trump may ultimately prove his detractors to be right by throwing in the towel. We hope he does not for he has taken up at least one of the great issues of our time and unapologetically given a voice to many who have been silenced. “His claim that Mexico is exporting its rapists” to quote Jenkin’s own words, is not only not “idiotic” but Jenkin’s has omitted mention of the murderers, torturers and other criminals who have destroyed so many American families.

Today NBC News announced that The Donald will visit the US/Mexican border, stopping in Laredo, Texas. He will tour with border patrol agents and is quoted as saying he “will be seeing some really brave people”. Clearly he intends to keep the illegal immigration issue at the forefront and continues to attract MSM attention. GOOD FOR HIM!

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